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On Fire by Penny Flame

Penny Flame Blog

Penny Flame

Penny Flame Retires From Performing
5 months late, and right on time....
My Very Own Blog
Excerpt from "Diary of An American Pornstar (working title of my book)
No More Waiting
Penny Flame throws french computer at wall
My First Vivid-Ed Realease, and the Hunt for Penny Flame
When in doubt, make your own fucking sandwich.
Frat Boys, Grease Trucks, and the harmonic melodies of Ron Jeremy
when a bitch eats all your pot food
On Dealing
At stake, a flake and a little heartbreak.
Every Day Turns Out Good
My last and final comment on a dead subject.
A blog to a friend.
Your life sucks!!! Let me buy you a shot.
Schwagg and Pizza induced weird dreams
My favorite iphone application
Try to be a better whore. This goes for the both of you.
Summer Forum, and the stuff that makes up great weekends
On Holding Sand
Fuck Me In The Goat Ass
Now that we've douched every thing we can....
Cigarettes are not my friends.
Workers Comp and Lawyer Secretary Shoes
The red plug can definitely go into the yellow hole. You don't need the manual.
Is time travel safe?
Am I the only one who stays home Friday night to masturbate?
So I'm holding an open casting call for my next Vivid Ed movie....anybody interested???
Sun Shiny Bitch go fuck yourself
Today is the day.....
Content! I Need More Content!!!
Penny Flame gets plastered, naked at the bar, and hilarity ensues
I have superpowers
Force quit: Word not responding.
And on the seventh day, they rested.
Wait for it.....Wait for it......
100mph on the freeway? 110mph through life....
The funny thing about boobs is.....
Thank you for sharing
The Phoenix Forum, my favorite Dutchmen, and some good OCD (off camera dick)
That's it. The Phoenix Forum was terrible. I quit porn. I'm never sucking dick again.
Finally, all this cock sucking pays off
Sex in Public Places, a pot store that was more like a "not store" and getting hyped for this weekends Paid Dues
A night to remember,
Due to a lack of internet connection, todays blog actually occurred on Wednesday,
to the man in the gym I couldn't keep my eyes off....
back in SD, to enjoy a moment of sunshine....
Why is it that people who don't know me love my blogs, and people who do refuse to read it? :)
A Whale of a Tale, and a new friend...
A walk, a run, a swim, and a dream....
It all leads up to this....
The aftermath of a long day.....
If February gets any prettier I just may barf rainbows and shit sunshine
a great day, a fantastic dinner, and a little bit o pussy
Another beautiful day in sunny San Diego

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