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My Reply to " Choke or Not to Choke"


Since Den and I last emailed the other, I  will admit to not  correcting the review but  will by the  time  I finish this  blog posting .Let me  go into detail about what  set Den  off in the  first place. Den and I have both reviewed the  title from Vivid " Cry Wolf". Half way through the  first  scene Monique is teasing and  belittling him . Marcos goes on the  offensive at  first. Monique thinks that  he is just  role playing  and  goes along with it at  first then realizes that he isn't playing. There is a quick choking scene  in the  bathroom with Monique  being  sexually assaulted by Marco. I chose to use the  politically correct terminology for those that might be offended by the  word "Rape".


Den did not mention in his  first review that there is a mock  rape scene but  goes  on the  defensive because I didn't mention the  choking and he is  totally against  choking and  drug use in porn  citing a  few cases of  death from choking . I can fully  understand his  point of view and  respect it. After the  few  emails  back and forth he  did  correct  his review and  I graciously  Thanked him for  doing so. Den did not  agree with my rating of the  movie  which  is what  caused  this  ruckus.


Ratings  set  aside , choking  was his main issue with the  movie . I have  been reviewing porn for  2 years now and I know that there is a  nitch  for everyone from different  kinds of  fetishes to senior porn . Granted not everyone will watch the  same kind of porn. If there wasn't  something  for everyone in porn would there be  such a demand  for it? Everyone has a  different taste to what they  enjoy. Today there are  more  women  watching porn and  giving their  input to what they want to watch. Not everyone  finds  couple friendly titles  enjoyable  or can get off watching Gonzo. I'm not saying that one is  better than the other or telling you what to watch.


But it seems that with  Den  which again I humbly respect his  views he should  stay clear of titles that  offend him and his own personal  views. But as a reviewer I wouldn't say that because one doesn't know what is in that  title  he or she is  choosing to review.  I may not know much  about the  adult  industry as  Den  or how much they go into asking the  female  performers  if  they are willing to be   apart of  breathe play during the shoot. I am  sure that Monique was asking  about  it beforehand. I'm  curious though  would so much of a fuss be made if the roles  were reversed and it was a  guy  being choked?



Rape Scene From Vivid's Cry Wolf



Let's me get  back the  "rape scene".. Granted I am not a fan of any woman or man for that matter being  abused  in that  way  especially since I was  raped  by my best friends  brother when  I was 14. Does that make it  easy for me to watch scenes like that.. No but  I  watched intently as   Monique  character  brought forth all the emotions  and  fears I had  as a teen. I don't consider myself a  "victim" nor will I ever.  I  overcame all those fears and  constant  nightmares and  became a much  stronger person.  Do I advocate  rape in porn.. No..  But there are many that  enjoy the  fantasy of it  and its  the way I see it  it's the thrill  behind it that  increases the  stimulation sexually as with  anything we  do in life. 


Again  please don't take this  wrong on how  I see things.  In my review I stated that  Paul Thomas had a very  strong and intertwining plot in which  each of the  performers brought to the table more than he  asked for.

The bottom line is that there is something  for everyone in porn and if you  like something that  gets you  off then enjoy it! As  for me.. I will stay in my little  nitch of  enjoying  features , couple  friendly titles and  my favorites of  all.. Fetish titles i.e... Bondage Thoughts and  of  course my love of Vampyres.. " The Wicked" !


Darkest of Greetings to All



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