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In Depth Interview With Tyler Knight




I have had the pleasure of watching the very  handsome and sensual Tyler Knight in many of the PlayGirl' titles that  I have had the pleasure to review. Tyler Knight  appears on the  cover of PlayGirl's most  recent  release, Steamy Seductions. His most recent  work is  Vivid's Monique is  been BlackMaled with  Monique Alexander and  Mr. Marcus and  Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare . He took the  time to answer a few  question via his  MySpace page

1-Can you tell us who "Tyler" the person really is?


I'm someone who is living life on his own terms, and is trying to cram as much life experience in as possible with the finite time I've been given.


2-What do you do in your free time?


Whenever I am not on set, I'm usually training martial arts 4-6 hrs a day...mixed martial arts, JKD, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai kickboxing, Silat, kali, and boxing. I shuttle around town, to train at 3 different places. I also spend time at the gun range shooting a 1911 .45 or at the skate park. I'm also a voracious reader. Important to balance mind and body development.


3-As a man, do you find that it's harder to perform if the girl you are paired up with isn't into you?


Sure, however, Its a luxury I cant depend on being there....chemistry that is. Conversely, I am definitely not always attracted to the girls I work with, however, they never know it. It doesn't serve any purpose unless she is off putting in personality. In that case I will for sure vocalize my concern to the director.


4-Do you see yourself as a sex symbol?


I'm sure someone out there thinks I am one. I'm too much of a recluse to be a sex symbol, or cool.


5-Why porn? Especially for you who is also into the martial arts and boxing?


Well, in context to how the question was phrased, my profession allows me the luxury of near infinite time and money to train, and pursue my passions. I am very fortunate.



                                                                       Tyler Knight - The Boxer


6-Is it easy to "pop" on queue? How many times through out the day have you done so?


Everyone is different. I need to focus, as I am not a hair trigger person. I've "popped" (professionally) 4 times in a day before. Actually, its my least favorite part of my job. I think its silly, and unnecessary. Surprising I'm sure.


7-How hard is it for you to stay erect during a shoot and has there ever been a time that you have had trouble with wood?


Every day is different. Some are easier than others. I am after all human, and yes, I have failed in the past. Its been years since I've totally blown a scene, however, to this day, I do have off days. Any male porn star that says he doesn't have off days is a liar, or a misogynists psychopath. With the exception of TT Boy, or Rocco Siffredi, EVERYONE has off days. The law of averages is what keeps professionals employed. For every off day I have, I can point to 50-60 scenes in a row that are stellar. Now days, kids are shooting up with Caverject (an embalming fluid) directly into the penis to get instant erections. Its sad. There seems to be no interest in going through the learning curve of doing this profession well. The job STARTS with getting an erection. That alone does not make you a performer.



                                                             Hearts & Mind 2: Modern Warfare


8-Do you think that other male performers are intimidated by you on set?


I have not given that much thought. I am an archetypal alpha male ( I just came back from beating, and getting MY ass beat at Legends MMA with pro fighters), so I do have a tendency to use self effacing humor to off set that now that I think about it.



9-What is your personal opinion on stricter guidelines on testing of STD's and HIV and mandating more testing than just the normal ones?


Its great. Not much to think about there. If I had my way, condoms would be much more prevalent.


10-Do you see yourself directing in the future?


Depends on the right opportunity. I'm certainly not going to take on another set of headaches just to say "I'm a director now". As it stands, I like doing my job, and going home....not having to deal with locations, talent issues, etc.


11-What female performers do you enjoy working with that you have a good amount of chemistry with that carries over onto the screen?


There are many. Trina Michaels, Marie Luv, Katja Kassin, Rebecca Linares. All 4 are very smart women....not little girls....women, and are all smart.


12-Do you feel that men and women are treated equally in porn?


Yes. In general, talent are treated as well as, or as poorly as they allow themselves to be treated. Male or female. Same as life.


13-If there is one thing you can change within the adult industry what would it be?


I'll give you two:

1) safety of talent to take priority over money. See question 8.


2)talent and director compensation in proportion to the quality of their work (or units moved). Persons with a vested interest in the product tend to do better work. Ask J. Paul Getty. The consumer, AND the studios win.


14-What future goals do you have for yourself?


Own my own product, and secure distribution. Internet, or traditional.


15-Has the adult industry changed for the better or worst?


The quality has without a doubt dropped in the past few years. Its Mc Porn now. Same shit with not so clever titles to differentiate the product, rapidly thrown together, and flooding the market.


16-What advice can you offer to those just starting out in porn?


As talent....don't. Its very hard to make a career out of it now if you are not already established. I'm not going to digress into the economics of the industry, however, I'll just say that we are going though a vicious period of attrition now. Talent, AND companies.


17-Do you feel that good chemistry between performers is very important in porn?


Yes. The consumers are sophisticated. They can see contrived vs. real. Chemistry, however, Is seldom ever considered in the casting process though. Casting (generally) consists on going to a few agents web sites, and booking talent based on look, what the talent will or will not do, what the talents pay rate is, and availability. That's where it ends.


18-What are your pet peeves about working with new talent, Is it easier or more frustrating?


I actually prefer new girls. No bad habits, or pre conceived notions. Often time in the business make people jaded.


19-What are your own personal views on condom use in porn? As a man do you find that they get in the way of your performance?


Already spoke on this, however, I do understand from, the viewers standpoint, it may kill the fantasy. I'm perfectly fine with condoms, although I know a lot of male talent cant work with them.


20-What goes on in your head while you are in the middle of a sex scene? Do you lose yourself in the moment or do you drift off someplace else?


Even in a perfect scene, where all parties involved are connected, I am still VERY much aware of the 4th wall (at minimum to make sure the action plays to the camera). This is similar to a stage actor....being alive and in the moment, however, acutely aware of what's on the other side of the 4th wall.....the paying customer that came to see the performance. In a not so perfect scene, when there are severe chemistry issues, of an insanely uncomfortable work surface, I definitely know how to use my mind to stay connected. Ill keep that explanation private though.


21-Do you see yourself as a positive role model for the newcomers?


In the sense that I come to set not high, or drunk, and I give 100% every single time, sure.



       Vivid Contract Gal Savanna Samson & Tyler Knight- Savanna's Been BlackMaled


22-Do you think as an Afro American male performer is there a stigmatism working in Inter-racial films?


I've not suffered from working in primarily interracial scenes. Note, I said scenes, not films. Most times, I'm portraying a man having sex who just happens to be Black, in a all otherwise non Black cast. If anything, Its helped me not to be confined.



23-In your opinion, what makes or breaks a good performer male and female?


Allowing yourself to "go there" and show who you are as a unique sexual being , naked ...and I don't mean physically on film.




Thank You Tyler for taking time out of your  busy  schedule to answer a few questions!




Recent Awards:


2008 AVN for "Best Anal Sex Scene- Film" for "The Craving"

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