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The Horny Housewife

The Horny Housewife

Former Red Light District PR Head to make XXX Debut

Larry Schwarz Started his work in the adult business in 2003 for then Platinum X Pictures as the Company's General Manager. In a few short years and many changes in Platinum X structure including a merger with the the then Prime name in XXX, Red Light District things evolved both in his personal and business career. Larry took on a expanded role under new management and a new business model as their Director of Public Relations. He got divorced from his wife of many years Debbie and set out to retire overseas. Just prior to his retirement this past November Larry left RLD with a bang....so to speak. He got to live out the fantasy of every man at the ripe old age of 68 and perform in what will be one of only a limited few features Red Light has ever put out and the company's first in many years with the last being James Avalons "She Bangs" Released on January 17, 2006. What makes the story even more interesting is that Larry is following in the footsteps set forth by his one time step daughter Jewel DeNyle and his former Wife De'bella who had both performed sex acts on film long before Larry even entertained the thought of actually doing a full on sex scene. Larry had performed in other RLD/PX titles but never in a sex role. Using the name "L.J. black" Larry performed speaking roles in a few titles and will keep the name for his sex role as Geezer. Scheduled to ship January 20 "Beauty and the Geezer," will not only be the first Feature Film the company has done in quite some time but it will also be the company's first title to grace the Hi Def format and ship on both Standard Definition DVD and Hi Def Blu-Ray.

I got the opportunity to interview Larry recently and here is what i got.

How did you get approached to be in the movie and what was your initial reaction to the though of being in one of only a few RLD features?

Actually Mike (Michael Stefano), Aubrey Addams (who is in the movie as well in a girl-girl scene with Tatiana) and I were doing our nightly 2 mile walk around a nearby park and we were commenting on a few derelicts who where sleeping in the park with all the families trying to enjoy the park that night, and I think it was Aubrey who used the term "geezers". Mike had not heard the term and I said it was a really old term I have heard a long time ago. Later, when Mike and I were at a coffee shop, we were talking about it, and he thought of the title, Beauty and the Geezer but didn't know how to use it. I told him the obvious story parallel and the spoof movie was born. Mike wrote the entire script and put the entire production, costumes, cast, director, and all together from there. It went off without a hitch, over 2 days, about 25 hours total, no one ever late, all knew there lines, everyone had a fantastic time, and we all felt good about the movie potentials and results.

Describe what it was like to walk on set and know you were about to have sex on film for the first time?

Certainly scary to some extent, but mostly anticipation and a desire to do the best job possible for this once in a lifetime opportunity not only for the company, but for the other people involved in this production wanting a really good spoof movie of which we could all be proud. I was more concerned about the acting for the speaking parts than anything else though.

What was going through your mind while working with Tatianna Kush?

Most of the time spent with her was doing the many verbal scenes, and I was so impressed with her wonderful attitude throughout; her knowledge of all the parts we all played; her acting abilities which were second to none; and when it came to the sex, both the soft core and the hardcore, how super professional she was and is! This is one outstanding performer and person. Plus how lucky I was to not only have sex with her, but to have had the opportunity to get to know this wonderful person and be in this movie with her as a co-star so to speak.

What was it like performing in a movie at your age?

I don't think age entered my mind except for the fact my age, size, and looks formed the basis for the "Geezer" to be created. It was exciting, fun, and a chance of a lifetime to do something most of us men just dream of.

Do you think you would have liked getting involved in porn at an earlier point in your life?

After being exposed to the industry, it became obvious it is something not only have I thought of wanting to do but would have many years ago had I had the opportunity and not had a family so early in life.

What did you think of your performance?

I think I did a reasonably good job acting; I am certain I did fine with the soft core scene, but wish I had been less nervous in the hardcore scene and could have performed as a professional would have. However, the oral parts of the scenes are extremely hot, and the final sex was more "normal" I think and maybe that is what the Geezer would have been like anyway being old, not having sex for a long time, and over-anxious to some extent. All that certainly fits where I was in real life, so I think it came across the right way for that particular scene, and the bottom line is I had a wonderful time, loved being with Tatiana, and am proud of the movie over-all. Frankly, I think Tatiana should be nominated for Actress of the Year for her part!!!!! And hopefully, RLD can be recognized for the feature movie for 2009 as well. I loved the over 5 years with RLD/PX, and hope this movie will be one of the most remembered and appreciated for RLD and all its fantastic people, especially for David, the owner, Ray the President who supported me in doing this, and Mike Stefano, my former son-in-law, and one of my best ever friends!

What do you think will be the reaction from people you know both on a personal level and professional one?

"Normal" I guess. Mixed. Some will hate it; some will love it, some will laugh, and some will envy it. Most will support my doing it, and any event, most will understand and accept it.

Do you ever feel like you would want to be a part of another movie?

Actually, I would love to do it. I was so nervous worrying about performing, and now that I have had some time to get over that, I know I can perform better plus have lost some weight, in better shape, and would look a "little" better as well as be able to do more.

Do you think you can sum up the experience of being a part of "Beauty and the Geezer."

I think I've said most everything I can except as a company man, I love RLD and all the wonderful people there, and truly appreciate the opportunity to have spent these over 5 years with them, and this movie is the lasting memory of all that work, association, and family we created. I was more than happy to spend the time and effort necessary to make the movie as "free talent" and hopefully create a great movie for the fans. Thank you RLD, Mike Stefano, David and Ray, Maestro Claudio, and the rest of the family, and now, a huge thank you to Tatiana for performing, working and putting up with me too.

Do you have any parting words for all the guys and gals out there that will be watching you have sex on film?

I hope all will enjoy it for whatever reasons they may watch it. It is meant to entertain and show the same reasons the story is developed and has been for centuries in all its many forms...Beauty is not only beautiful on the outside, but is a beautiful person on the inside, and Tatiana is certainly that kind of "beauty". Likewise, despite the looks and obvious age of Geezer, there is a "beauty" in him and that is represented by the ultimate Prince as well as being a truly caring, loving and nice person. I hope I carried that part off for the movie and fans, and people will enjoy the movie as a refreshing look at sex in general as well.

Thanks a million Larry! You are great as always.

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