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Aunt Gertrude

Aunt Gertrude

in hiding.

wow, i really haven't written in a long time.  so much for my daily blogging promises....sorrrrry guyyyys :(

the holidays were the typical disaster that they always tend to be.  our christmas tree didn't stand a chance against our fuzzy kitty children so, we gave up and just left it on the ground.  i was planning on doing xmas at my place but, fate stepped in...and by fate i mean some creepy douchebag....and by stepping in i mean cutting my car's brake line....we found out on the freeway...thankfully, being a professionally trained driver and race car driver , i was ready for the possible faux drift down the off-ramp. my husband and i are fine and the car got towed to audi......while audi fixed it we packed up the kitties and my macbook, my gaming laptop (yes i am a gaming nerd), work project things and other things that were needed for a couple weeks away and now we are currently..well...let's just i'm laying low for a while. i am lucky enough to have an ex-CIA opperative as a family member...because i am currently with said ex-CIA opperative.

creepy douchebag first appeared trying to get into my window about 2 years ago while i was sleeping.....then after attempting 3 more times and the police pretty much saying "call us when he's raped you and slit you ear to ear a la elizabeth 'the black dahlia' short"  i moved....now it's weird phone calls....creepy footsteps around my skylights very late at night...almost nightly and me calling the security officers in my building but, they can't find anyone....and then, of course, cutting my brake line.

honestly....i hope he falls through one of my fucking skylights and down the nice 25 ft drop onto my lovely polished cement floor....i have plans for him. oh yes i do. 

i am, however very sorry to the people who i missed at AEE/AVN....we just didn't want to risk it and of course  congrats to all the winners!

we will be moving soon and are currently looking at new places...some of which are far far farrrrr away.  i am also trying to convince don houston to be my personal body guard. i think it just might work!

other than that, i've been working on some very naughty things and have a mega hot never-before-seen chick to unveil verrrrry sooon.  i am also working on a movie so shocking, filthy, raw and unbelievable it will definitely leave a lot of people speechless or begging for more. 

alrighty, it's 5:15 am PST....... i need to try and catch some ZZZZZZZZZZs



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