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going down. or more precisely, having went down.

Traveling to Australia was kind of like being from the future. There's this international date line thing that means they're so far ahead of us with time zones that it's actually the next day. Crazy, but not quite as crazy as ice fog (yes, i'm still harping about that). I was sent there to represent Digital Playground at a trade only convention set up by CalVista, which is the most awesome distributor in Australia, and gets bonus points for so actively trying to combat digital piracy.

Anyhow, we (Adella and I) came in a couple of days early so I could recuperate from the 24 hour flight. If by recuperate I mean run around exploring Lorne and hiking through the waterfall rainforesty thing there. We actually ended up doing the waterfall twice, because it was really beautiful and because the guys from Titan (awesome gay adult movie company) showed up just as we got back from it and I've never been one to pass up a chance to drool all over gorgeous gay male talent.

There are pictures of this, but I don't have them.

However, impulsegamer.com did an interview with me while we were there, and took a few pictures, and I'm hoping they won't be too cross with me for using one since it's watermarked.

It was a really tight schedule of time in the expo booth and mixer type events once the show started, but I *did* find a few minutes to go in the ocean. 6 minutes to be exact, and worked the rest of the afternoon with saltwater soaked beach hair. :)

The new(ish) William Gibson novel "Spook Country" was pretty awesome, I found it interesting that unlike his early work he was able to reference actual technology in this novel. iPods and airport networks, etc. in addition to the insanely futuristic technologies the story was actually based around. I read a couple of young-woman-writing-about-sexual-experiences books and was rather disappointed with their tone of apology for embracing or exploring their own sexuality so won't mention the titles. Also almost finished a memoir by a male escort based out of England, called "Whatever She Wants" which was a decent read considering I was desperate for ways to entertain myself while on an airplane for so many hours.

On that note, I'm off to take a bath and finish this gigolo bio so I can get started on the new Jim Butcher Codex Alera novel that was left on my bed :) oh, and catch up on all the emails, myspace messages, and twitter happenings I missed while I was unable to get on the internet this week.

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