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Problem with Porn?? I Don't Think So!

Vivid's CryWolf

Over the  course of the  weekend of Sept 25-27 local  TV media covered the EXXXOTICA NY/NJ held in Edison NJ. One local  station that  covered it labeled its  segment "Porn Problem" hence the  blog  entry.I have  been  reviewing  adult  movies for  close to  fours  years now and  writing erotica  for five and  have not had a  problem with it at all. Those who  see a problem with  porn are the  very  same  ones that watch it in their homes  behind  closed  doors and with  curtains  drawn ridiculing what they  don't  understand and  fear.

Wicked Pictures Fallen Jessica Drake & Nico

The  adult industry  is a billion  dollar  industry that  will continue to grow no matter what  people say and how many  protest against it. Those naysayers and the  tight lip prudes that  swear they  don't  watch it do not understand that the more they  spew hatred against it and its performers makes others want to watch it  even more. Both  boys and girls at  young ages get  curious and will  go online to see what the hell is all the  fuss about.

Accessing any kind of porn is  easy today because of the internet, even when I got my  first computer many years ago that was the  first thing I searched for. Everyone does it! You cant say  that  looking at  adult  content makes one a  pervert or one has a sickness.  Yes there are  people that have  gotten addicted to porn on the net but like anything in this  world one has to learn to control the urges.

Is society today so sexually  repressed that they are  willing to go to  extreme measure to  belittle the men and women who have fully  embraced their own  sexuality and are  comfortable with themselves and  their bodies to bring to life fantasies of both men and women  through  adult films?

 I  have  had the  extreme pleasure of interviewing many of the talent male and  female  from the  top adult film  companies and none of them are what the  typical  stereo type that is   spoken of!  They al have lives outside of the industry and  some of them are  happily married with children. Others are married to their on screen partners who don't have a problem with  their significant other having  sex  with others on screen.

Societies closed mind has made up  rampant tales of how these ladies are forced to perform and have  been   victims of rape , physical  and  drug abuse. Yet  have asked that  same  question to all I have interviewed and everyone that has answered all stated that's  just BS!

Yes, you  will find some that will have  dabbled in  smoking weed and  drinking  but  does that  constitute that they are only in porn for the  drugs and booze?  If you personally have a problem with  porn then don't watch! No one is   sitting there with  gun to your head telling you  that you HAVE to watch it.

I used to be one of those prudes  that swore she  would never watch porn and thought it  was something a  good  catholic would  watch..  News flash..   I WAS  WRONG!!!!!!  I asked one of my closest  friends Liss  and she  said that Religious  repression is the main  cause of why so many  protest against it.Alot of people snub it completely are  afraid of gong to hell or see it as  something  dirty. Unfortunately we both know  too many "holier than thou" people that would never  look at  porn  and   do .

Adult movies like  anything in life has its following and if it's not your cup of tea then move on and leave those that  enjoy it making it for us to watch  alone! Thank you to all the men and  women in the  adult industry that enjoy  having sex on camera and to everyone  involved in making it for us !

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