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Fetish Role Playing Clubs in NYC

Jezebel's NYC Dungeon

When  one thinks of  fetish role playing  clubs,  one tends  to  think of a dark  dreary places  where  all sorts of  deprived  sexual acts  occur and  that the  people that   frequent these  clubs are  sexual  deviants  and  perverts, this  is what   society  today and   the  general population has  us  thinking . When you  look  up in the English  dictionary  the meaning of  fetish this is what one  finds, an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.

The truth in the matter is  a fetish can be  anything that intensifies your sexual experience, more so than usual. A fetish can range from being muzzled and bound, to other fetishes where couples, singles or groups are turned on by having a  sex session  recorded. A fetish could also include dressing up in an outfit such as a nurse or fireman, or as   risqué as  having  sex  out in  public place. Some niche fetishes could include a desire for naked women wearing only  high heels and   latex which is  often  seen in  porn establishing niches  for  every kind of  sexual  fetish.


Over  the  course  of  time, ones  owns on sexual identity has  continued  to change, shedding the  trappings of the stereotypical vanilla  lifestyle for a more  sexually  and  pleasurable  experience  for  themselves as  well as  their partner who  above all  desiring  to  embrace and  indulge in it for  mutual  satisfaction.

Sex between  consenting adults is  a  very private moment which most of us  experience. We are always  self -conscious when it  comes to how  we present  ourselves  during  sex and  tend to hold  back  emotionally. Through role playing,  one is  able  to release  all those  repressed feelings enjoying  both the  physical and  the  emotional  release as  well as  the power  exchange .


Today,  the role-playing  lifestyle has  transcended  over into the BDSM lifestyle which  has  become  the norm and   socially  acceptable  but   somewhat  still  revered as "taboo"  to many. Yet  role-playing  is  about  the  reversal and  surrendering control  to another enjoying the  intense pleasure and  release.

One  such  place  found  within  New York City is JEZEBEL'S NYC  on 112 John Street, between Cliff and Pearl Street. I had the pleasure of  dropping in to talk to the  Owner and  HeadMistress  Jezebel and  Mistress Teena  prior to the move to the new location  mentioned  above. Mistress Teena and I had  met one  before  at the NY/NJ EXXXOTICA  back in Sept. She is one of the many Dommes  and  a Life Styler that   fully  enjoys her  job.

Mistress Teena

Jezebel's NYC Dungeon  offers  its  clients  a  very  intimate  setting,  as  well as a homey feeling when it  comes to her  Dommes. Considering  what other  Dungeon look like ,  here  you will find it  the  right  place  for those  who are  curious  and taking their  first  steps  from a  vanilla life to opening their mind to  other sorts of  pleasures.

Each of the her  Dommes  in their own  way  is  beautiful  and  brings with them  something unique which  they  bring to the Dungeon and   its  clients. The  new location of the  dungeon has  two floors with  larger rooms and more equipment to play  with  and  over  twenty beautiful and talented Mistresses waiting  to create your BDSM fantasy.

Jezebel, who has a strong business sense, doesn't take her business lightly. When the recession started it affected her business just like every other one out there. Decisions were made to keep things as they were and rates were changed to keep everyone happy including their clients. As  with every  business  it has its ups and down and  they all  work  very  hard to  always   keep  it on a upswing.

Catering to an various  array  of  clients  from all over the  Wall Street area, they  get  a lot of  Bankers, Lawyers, Police  Officers and  others in Law Enforcement who   come down  to  unwind and  forget  about being in total  control  throughout the  day  relinquishing   power to a Domme of  their  choosing.

Jezebel's NYC Dungeon has something for everyone, even those curious individual who are willing to  take that  step and  see how the other  side of the  coin lives. One thing that  they won't  do  is break any laws, so  keep that in mind  when you decide to call  for  an  appointment with one of these  beautiful Dommes. Check out their website below and see if there is a Domme or  submissive  that peaks your interests! Let's not forget the monthly parties held on the second Thursday of the month which caters to the newbie considering that I am a newbie I will be  attending a few of them to play and  play  I shall!!. On November 19  from 6 pm  to  12 am, Jezebel's NYC  will be hosting a party  those interested in attending  please call for  further  information or click on their link below.


I want to thank Jezebel and  Mistress Teena for their time  and  hope to see them again over at the  new location soon!







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