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Well we wrapped my first movie over at the streamlined porn
machine that is Digital Playground. Wardrobe made me giddy. The script was
engaging. The people were hot and the scenes matched. The lighting was
beautiful and Robby D did what Robby D does. All in two days work and out in
time to make it to the Xbiz awards. We don't need reviews I just did it for
I'm excited about what's next. I'm on an improvement kick.
I'm taking a speech class focusing on where I put my tongue when I say 'dental'
and how there are over 48 corresponding sounds to the 26 letters of the English
alphabet. It highlights intonation and what words I should be stressing to get
my point across. When I say 'Fuck Me', you're gonna believe me. Now I'm looking
up improv classes, acting classes. I found one I liked until they wanted
referrals. That's deterring to a pornstar. I like things best when I can take
them up on a whim.
I'm watching and rewatching my recent releases. I'm happy
with Rawhide 2 and I see where I can improve and where I've already improved.
I've been spending an incessant amount of time on Facebook and revamped my
MySpace page. Twitter is still my friend. I find myself responding to emails
that were sent last year, with an apology for the delay. Some people take it
better than others. I sometimes catch myself laughing at the ones who send back
curt messages to the tune of 'nevermind, I sent that in May'. I think between
May and AVN the only days off I gave myself were Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm
My next movie will be shot at the end of the month, and then
we gear up for the big budget in March. By then the classes should be well
underway, the emails should be answered, the blogs should still be regular and
my treadmill should have no dust on it. After I got back from Vegas I knocked out
a list of things that needed to be done, and now that I have free time it's
harder than ever to stay on track. It's too easy to daydream or get caught up
in a book or sleep until noon. I can sit at a café with a computer for hours
and not actually accomplish anything. I'm finally using my TV under the guise
that I'm catching up on culture when I pop in The Godfather or Citizen Kane,
but really I'm just discovering that DVDs do have some entertainment value
after all. I can't wait to start running myself ragged with work again.

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