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painfully normal

Well I'm in a little hotel room in Brockton, which is
outside of Boston.... And that's the only landmark I can give. I asked a roomful
of people at Subway yesterday where I was and they didn't know either... didn't
even know the cross streets. The people who worked there didn't know. I asked
how they found their way in every morning. They didn't know. 

Kayden Dog
I've been changing things up at lighting speeds lately. I
got into fostering dogs through a rescue group and got too attached to the
first one just in time for him to go to his "forever home". I made sure his
forever home was someone who works in my building. I get text updates and
pictures. Now I'm looking at the next one. It sucks being out of town and
watching the desperate ads posted every day about this sweet puppy or that
great family dog red listed at the shelter with 24 hours to go. I can't do
anything from out here. Even when I'm back there I can only do one at a time.
There was a cocker spaniel I wanted to take but the rescue said they can't do
old dogs. He was 6. It makes me want to start my own rescue. The little
experience I've had with this so far tells me anyone could do it. Like
everything else it will be put on the back burner until I'm in town again
What I can do from here is study. And I have been. I have a
midterm Tuesday and for all I know maybe one Monday as well but the Tuesday
class is the one I care about. Another Polisci course from my all time favorite
professor. Another international relations class, this time focusing on how everything
plays out on the world stage with no world govt. They call it anarchy. Last
semester focused on the third world and it feels like an extension of the same
class. I'm missing one of the textbooks so I ordered it on Amazon with one-day
shipping, meaning it arrives exactly 25 hours before the test. Maybe I should
have ordered a little crack as well to keep me up through the night.

Pretty Kayden
I almost died my hair pink. Not pink pink. Just a few
rose-champagney highlights. Or something. I couldn't quite articulate it and
Digital didn't pick up when I called for permission so I'm still blond. Always
blond. Even the time I dyed my hair brunette with a box kit from Rite Aid I
still identified with blond. Every once in awhile when I stumble on one of
those old pictures my eyes nearly pop out of my head. We make such bad
decisions as teenagers.
Kayden's Car

There was the purging of the truck. I paid off 3 parking
tickets on it (I swear cops don't even leave paper tickets on windshields
anymore). I'd had it. I sold it. When the new owner ran the title he found two
more unpaid parking tickets. I must have gotten them that week. I sighed. I
bought a new car. I parked nose-first for the first time in 2 and half years.
It's the little things.
And now I'm going back to the text book that I do have
before I get ready for tonight's feature and then head home to abandoned dogs
and cars that fit in parking spaces and midterms. Just when I thought my life
wasn't normal it became painfully so.

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