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When in Rome

I am at gate H2, at the Fiumcino airport, about to board my
flight to Bucharest for the second time in 24 hours. The first attempt was a
failure for reasons beyond explanation. We just missed the connection. We suspect
foul play on behalf of the language barrier.
I slept for an hour, barely, and only because we ran out of
things to do after kicking a few Italian boys out of the room. We do not know
where they came from really, or their names, or how they ended up there after
we tried to push them out of the elevator. We've found reason to eat full meals
every single hour since we landed. When in Rome.... Eat Italian food.
The experience with Alitalia has been less than pleasant. I have
reason to believe the entire staff hates Americans, or at least us. We cannot
help ourselves. We were born this way. We did make it to the gate though with
plenty of time. We grabbed some cappuccinos and one of a rainbow of cheese and
bread combinations and came back again. There were two flights on the screen,
one to Bucharest and another to Leeds. We asked which was boarding as we stared
at the line of passengers with tickets in hand. They said Bucharest was next.
We went to the restroom, brushed our teeth, cleaned up... came back. The flight
to Bucharest was gone. 10 minutes had passed.
But if you're gonna miss your flight, it might as well be
done in Rome. We made it work for us. We grabbed a hotel room and dropped our
bags and hit the streets armed with useless American dollars and an equally
useless map that were soon ditched in lieu of Euro and walking towards large
ancient looking structures until we hit them. We toured the Colosseum, the
Pantheon in all of it's scaffolded glory, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish
Steps, the Forum, a number of piazzas and sculptures and pillars and official
looking buildings and fountains that I couldn't pronounce much less remember,
and all of the winding side streets and alleys in between. We had red wine,
pizza, calzones, gelato (twice), cappuccinos, pasta, and even more bread and
cheese. I took 364 pictures. I'm in 3 of them. 

By 2:30am we had closed down our last wine bar. The waiter
handed us plastic cups and emptied the rest of our bottle into them. We went
back out into the night. We were lost but not entirely concerned with
correcting it. An impromptu choir apparently forms around the Spanish steps
every night. We passed them and can only assume that this was where our
stragglers latched on. The Italian boys. So the four of us became lost together
in Rome with Chianti and no reason or desire to go to sleep. The alarm would go
off at 6:30 and the car would arrive at 7:30 and we'd come off of Pacific time
and an eleven hour nap on the plane. By accident we found our hotel again and
tried to leave them at the street but they snuck in. We tried to push them out
of the elevator, playfully but with a force that should have been interpreted
differently. They would not be deterred. Upstairs they continued their
conversation in broken English while my sister showered and I pushed the
advances of one off. I laughed at my private joke when I told him that I was
conservative, stop, don't you know about American girls? He did not know. No
one does. That way of being was 60 years ago.
When my sister was out of the shower the second Italian boy
moved in. He'd barely survived my wrath when he lit a cigarette for her. I
don't care if she's 20. I'll cut him. As he moved in closer to her I grabbed
him with both arms around the waist and pulled him out of the room and into the
elevator as he kicked, personally escorted both downstairs and then I
enlightened them to the fact that Chelsea was my little sister and therefore
forever off limits to everyone as I dumped them into the street. I said
goodnight. It was 5 am in Rome and I was wide awake.


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