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Chanel Preston

How Do I Get My Girlfriend to Have Anal Sex?

Did my title catch your eye? I bet it did. Someone asked me a question on Twitter the other day. Their name was Pussyjadore. He asked, "How was your first time doing anal sex, Chanel?" Hmmmm... let me think back more than a few years ago...

It was with my boyfriend at the time. Of course you always experiment with your man so we tried anal sex. Neither of us knew what we were doing. I can't remember what position was first. I'm sure it was doggy because that's what is on t.v. but I think we did missionary position as well. My thoughts, at the time, were that it felt uncomfortable yet I could see where someone could like it. I could tell that the nerves down there were super stimulated but I just wasn't used to it so it felt like (you know what). I didn't really try it again for a few years until another man came along and I was lying in bed while he was getting ready for work and I had this weird feeling like I wanted to get fucked in the ass and I had no idea where it came from. It was as if someone just placed the thought in my head (men, this probably will not happen with your girlfriend). Anyway, I told him that and he banged me right then and I came so hard from it! Since then I really enjoy it and I've learned to do it properly, and he was late for work.

So here are few things I have learned for all you ladies out there, or men. First of all, nothing will go into your ass if you don't want it to. Your muscles down there seem to have a mind of there own and unless I am a little horny there is no way I am able to get anything to go past stage 1. Relax!! Don't plan for it too much because then you will be so nervous you will forget to get aroused. Maybe do it randomly when you least expect to and when you are already aroused.

One thing people don't always think about is they don't even have to have anal with their partner first to see if they like it. Try masturbating with a butt plug. Those are great because they come in all different sizes and you control everything! If you like it but still are uncomfortable with having his cock in you then introduce the butt plug into your sex life somehow, then you can finally graduate to full on anal sex. As far as the insert goes it works best when the cock is inserted a little at a time then removed, then back in, then removed etc. until it doesn't hurt. One of the worst things is to just put the cock in and wait until the muscle is stretched. For one thing it fucking hurts and the
pain of having that muscle stretched when it's not ready is really bad and can linger for a while. You can also tear :( That muscle is like stretching any other muscle in the body. You stretch then relax and the next time you stretch you are able to stretch even more. So remember in a little, out, in a little more, than out. Something that may help you relax and realize how good it can feel is using a vibrator if you're a clitoral stimulation type of gal. Also, I prefer to do it for the first few times in missionary because you are better able to completely relax, and remember to use lots of lube.

And then there is the worst question yet the best question. What if it's messy? I asked my friend that same question when I started. When I am having anal sex in my private life I can usually feel if I am fairly empty or not. Did you just eat a massive meal? Do you feel really full?  Did you just eat some Taco Bell? If I answer yes to any of the above I just don't do it. I'm a little more careful when it comes to anal sex for scenes. Most girls don't eat very much the day before and may use an enema. Everyone's body is different so the instructions on how to make your body clean are always different. Once you know your body than it's easy. Overall, feel comfortable especially if it's with your man. If there are any surprises than whatever, shit happens... haha.

As for the men out there, "How do I get my girlfriend to try anal sex?" seems to be the famous question. Obviously, there is no magic phrase that will get your girlfriend to let you put your cock in her asshole. First of all, don't be pushy!! Did you read all the previous crap we have to consider? It's not always fun for us the first time and for you guys it's no biggy. Don't think for one moment that the first time any girl has anal sex it's like putting it in some lose vagina and they're going to love it. It may take time. Bring it up, plant the seed in her head, then leave it alone for a while or maybe have her read this blog. If she feels pushed then she will reject you even more. If she decides
on her own terms well then yay! You have to respect their bodies and a lot of women don't feel comfortable having anyone near that area. Don't assume that just because one girl likes  it than your girlfriend should like it too. It's really lame when a guy makes a girl feel insecure because another girl likes or is willing to do something. It's like "Fine, go have that girl that like three dicks in her ass. For all you know she might be a psycho. She'll let you fuck her in the ass but you'll need a restraining order afterward!" Hmmmm... doesn't sound so appealing. Remember, you probably have a great girlfriend so don't compromise the relationship just because you can't put your cock in a butthole.

Overall, I feel like the sensation of having that intense pressure inside me while my clit is being stimulated is amazing. So, Pussyjadore, I hope I answered your question as well as many others' questions as well. Ciao!


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