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Presidential Election - Best Candidate for the Adult Industry

We're approaching the Democrat / Republican primaries here in a few weeks, and many voters are still undecided.  There are no candidates that are running away from the field and there are still huge shifts in poll numbers.  So what role does the adult industry play in your decision making about whom you are going to vote for?

Since myself and most of my friends work in the adult industry, this is a major issue for me.  Call me a Values Voter, and one of my main Values is PORN!  Certainly there are other issues out there, but I doubt you'll see porn come up in any of the debates, at least not in a positive light.

So which candidates do you think would be either good, bad or neutral to the adult industry.  It's easy to almost rule out any Republicans, but are they still the puppets of the religious right that Bush has been?  Democrats don't seem to be much better as they pander to religious voters plenty themselves.  Let's take a look at a few of the candidates, and I'll give ya my $0.02 regarding what they might do for the adult industry.

  • Hillary Clinton - Bill was pretty cool with porn while he was president, he was busy imitating porn with his oval office BJs.  I lost a little respect for him when I heard he came on Monica's dress...you're supposed to aim for the face Bill!  Anyways, Hillary scares me a little because of the way she pandered for legislating morality on video game violence.  Anyone who actually believes that video games make people violent deserves to be fragged by my BFG.  She scares me that she might do the same to the adult industry if it became an issue.  Plus, she may do it just to cut off Bill's supply of porno.  I hear Bill loved Ass Worship 10
  • Barack Obama - I don't like how Barack calls non-Christians "non-believers".  Seems kind of smug and arrogant to me.  I don't see Barack as a big threat to the adult industry, I mean when was the last time we had a President that used to do cocaine that went after the adult industry?
  • John Edwards - I could see Edwards pandering to religious pressure to win votes in the general election, but I can't see him doing it once elected president.  Go after child pornography, bestiality, rape...yes, and everyone in the adult industry would support that.  Go after mainstream porn?  Doubt it.
  • Joe Biden - I can't see any way in the world Joe Biden would find consensual pornography anywhere near a priority of his administration.  This dude regularly drops explicit language, no way he's going after porn.
  • Dennis Kucinich - This guy had Larry Flynt do a fund-raiser for him.  'Nuff said.

  • Ron Paul - You can't deny that this guy has a loyal following.  He's for keeping the government out of your life, and seemingly out of your bedroom.  But hold on.  He's for keeping the FEDERAL government out of your bedroom, and replacing them with your local state's government.  The same local governments that put porn clerks in jail, and adult stores out of business.  Paul is a real wild card, because his positions are so radical it's hard to imagine what they might result in.  So he's equally exciting and scary, kind of like a Belladonna movie.
  • Mitt Romney / Rudy Guiliani / Mike Huckabee / Fred Thompson - We're screwed
  • John McCain - A few years ago I wouldn't have had a problem with a McCain presidency.  Then he sold his soul to the devil AKA Jerry Falwell.  That's scary folks.  Let's just hope that McCain wasn't tortured by being forced to view Leisure Time movies over and over.

So there you have it.  I'm sure you all have some opinions on this issue.  Perhaps porn isn't a big deal for you, I mean it's not like porn would ever go away, it would just go overseas (just like our jobs and money).  Whomever you decide to vote for, the important thing is that you should vote period.  Even if you don't vote in the primaries, you really should vote in the general election.  Let's put someone in the White House that recognizes your right to watch Big Wet Asses 12 in the privacy of your own home!

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