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Leya Falcon

What are your job duties? Ummmm...having sex???




Well! I am back now! I am sorry I have been absent for so long, you know how the Holidays get and add that on top of my entire household being sick, including myself, well, you get the point. I am happy to say that we are all well, have quit coughing and have our voices back (though sometimes I wish my daughter had a mute button!) Man, I was so sick I had zero appetite (which is VERY unlike me!) and couldn't even exercise so you KNOW I was going crazy but the past couple of days I have slowly been jumping back into my routine and am so happy to be well and myself again!


I haven't done stripper work or porn work in the past couple of weeks and today I had an offer because of a cancellation here in Vegas and GO FIGURE! My freaking tests are expired because I had them on the calendar for today but I figure everything happens for a reason. So as soon as I finish this blog and my Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee (it says on the bag it has hints of comfort and joy, what the fuck does that even mean? what does comfort and joy even taste like?) I am going to go get tested, workout and get some of this much needed housework done as my daughter tortures me with replaying the same two episodes of Annoying Orange and The Regular Show which just so happen to be Christmas specials. AHHHH! Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely abhor Christmas music and that is what these shows are filled with, OH MY! Wow, I am random aren't I?



OH! It was so funny last night I was on the phone with my life insurance company in order to get an increase in my life insurance God forbid something happen to me, my daughter will be well taken care of! Anyways, they were highly invasive asking about if I have been diagnosed with any mental disorders and details of that, so I spent about 30 minutes answering questions to this lady over the phone about my Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and about how I am now only medicated for anxiety and OCD because I stopped taking Adderall against my doctors suggestion because even though it helps me focus, it makes me REALLY irritable, angry, bitchy and tired, the lady seemed to have taken it personally asking me well WHY aren't you taking what your doctor says? WHY aren't you on something else? Well, lady, I DON'T like taking pills especially if they do more harm than good! Ok...then the lady went on to ask about my occupation. "I am a dancer and an actress" ... "what kind?" ..."The adult kind." .... "what are your job duties?"..."ummmmmm....ummmmmm...." Yeah I had no idea what to say here without disturbing her so I just said "to have sex." Funny how right after that the interview was over and she quickly got off the phone. Hopefully I will still get that increase in my life insurance! Dumb Lady. So damn nosy.


Now that you all have some more of my random thoughts to read, I should probably get off of here and go get tested so I can shoot more fuck films for all of you! Oh, and by the way, if you are a member of Brazzers I have now joined the forum and have taken quite a liking to everyone on there, it is my new fun place I go to while I am watching TV or doing something else where I am just having to sit there (since you know I can't just sit there, I always have to be doing something else LOL)So if you are a member of a Brazzers site, come hop on the forum and chit chat with me!!


Book me through OC Modeling : http://www.ocmodeling.com/model.php?id=390





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