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Leya Falcon

I Threw Up In My Mouth A Little



Thursday night I drove up to LA and immediately went to the OC modeling house (beautiful morning view and random items sitting by the TV that I did not understand are seen above) when I arrived as I was super tired but to my disappointment I did not get much sleep that night. As I am in bed and just fell asleep in come the two other girls that are staying there being loud as fuck and I woke up. Great. If I weren't so exhausted I would've told them to shut the fuck up because I have to shoot in the morning but I had already had enough drama in my personal life that night so I decided to just try to go back to sleep. After a night of tossing and turning one of the girls wakes up to get ready and wakes me up yet again from my maybe one hour of good sleep and takes forever in the bathroom. I am basically non confrontational and since I had yet to have my coffee that morning and was already practically dead from the lack of sleep I didn't feel like starting shit but damn, if you're going to blow dry your hair with a hair dryer that sounds like a fucking freight train at least have the common courtesy to take that shit in the living room!



Well, I got ready and got my coffee and headed to set but as I was so tired I didn't realize that I had opened an old email with an old location so I showed up at the wrong location at first. My excuse was "Sorry, I am dead tired and I am blonde." After making myself look slower than I really am I arrived at the correct location ready to fuck and it's pretty funny that I was to be fucking Tommy Pistol again and directed by Bart. God dammit I need to learn how to keep a straight face around those funny fuckers, they crack me up but probably my favorite people to work with. Well the movie shot was for Zero Tolerance (or maybe one of thier sister companies?) and the dvd is going to be called "Tits To Die For" and we started out with a little bit of ad-libbed dialogue and I could not stop laughing! "Would you die for those tits?" "No, but I would maybe sprain an ankle or tear back a nail." The jokes kept coming and I could not stop laughing, I thought we would do another take because it was too fucking silly but nope, were using that! I am honestly very happy to hear that that part will be used because it is all real and funny as fuck and who doesn't love a good laugh before fucking?


As far as the Fucking, seeing as this was Zero Tolerance I had to not actually get off and squirt like normal but shhhhh...don't tell, I did once during softcore you just can't see it! When it came time for hardcore (thank GOD because I hate filming softcore!) I had something very strange and funny happen. I was sucking cock and enjoying it thoroughly when out of nowhere with no warning some puke came up in my mouth. I had no "I am about to puke" feeling, I had no gag-reflex maybe I should stop before I puke feeling I just had puke come up in my mouth. What the fuck? I have never puked while sucking cock EVER and do you know how many cocks I have sucked in my lifetime? Way well over 150 (estimate?)! I just closed my mouth over his cock and pointed to the bathroom and got up and spit out the puke, laughed my ass off and mouth washed a couple of times. Yeah, this is the kind of shit you wont see on a DVD and most people wouldn't even talk about but it was so funny to me I cannot help but talk about it! I have no filter as you all may have noticed by now.




There you have the infamous after picture and I believe the scene ended up turning out very well, as it always does with Tommy because he knows how to verbally abuse me and rough me up (believe it or not, a lot of male performers in the industry don't understand what I mean when I say I like it rough and degrading or they're just too damn scared of hurting me!) I am really excited for this DVD to come out because I know you all will appreciate this scene, especially the "dialogue" part that was pretty much all jokes. All I really have to say is I love this career path I have chosen and I feel so blessed to be able to wake up in the morning (even if I am dead tired) and to go to work and love it as not many people can say that they love their job! I honestly believe I was made for this industry, I do not think my lack of filter and vulgarity would be appreciated anywhere else! I love my fucking career choice and I love that I am now finally with the right agency, OC Modeling, I love you guys!! Oh! I also got a new DVD to review so once I have time to watch it my next review will be on "The Gruesome Death Of Tommy Pistol."

I must get off of here and quit babbling for today as I do need to workout and I believe I may do stripper work tonight. Plus my daughter is now bugging me to get on here and play on DisneyJunior.com while hitting me with her evil creature from the pits of hell, Furby. Oh what an interesting life I live!!


Book me through Oc Modeling: http://www.ocmodeling.com/model.php?id=390

Also, please cast your votes for me in the fan voting for AVN (just type my name in the boxes for Best Body, Twitter Queen and Favorite Porn Star): http://avnawards.avn.com/fan-voting/


Thank you all for your continued support! Now watch out world, I am taking over this next year!!


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