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Leya Falcon

Vodka, Hookers, Princess Leia Buns and Sharpies



Oh man...Long weekend I had! I am fucking exhausted but I really cannot complain as I had a BLAST! Thursday I had a girl/girl blow job threesome scene and a girl/girl scene back to back and that was very interesting, I was very happy to also be finally shooting with Barrett Blade as I have heard great things about him! The blow job scene went well, I got to work with sexy Nikki Daniels and figured out why she has her name (she ADORES Jack Daniels!! ) I was a little sad I didn't get to actually fuck her in the scene but sharing a cock with her was really hot! My next scene that day was with Trinity St. Clair and I was basically playing a creepy ass masseuse that was hired by an "18 year old" girls "father" (played by the ever so fun, funny and creepy-in a good way- Eric Masterson) and I just molested her, it was very nice. Trinity is a cutie patootie!!


The next day was my first day signing at a convention and I was so ready for it! I woke up super early so I could get my makeup and Princess Leia buns just right because I wanted my first time to be special and memorable and my oh my was it! I decided that for this weekend, after 140 something days, I was not only going to get off of the sober wagon, but I was going to jump down, sprain an ankle, break some bones (not literally!) and get really dirty while I was at it! I got my bottle of Tito's Vodka and drank about 1/3 of the bottle before the day was even over and also had a few shots of tequila. Oh my!


I met up with my lovely "law firm" partner Mr. Spinella from Tattle XXX and his blow up monkey, we were so happy to see each other again but were very, very sad about the fact that our other "law firm" partner, Goose from 411 mania, was not able to attend this year! After picking up my badge I met up with my hot bitch Jennifer Best and her little puppy Kabuki to sign at the Oc Modeling booth and it is safe to say we got a little frisky with each other! I was sooooo happy to meet so many great fans and also industry people. I FINALLY got to meet Sean and Porno Nerd from my Xcritic family!! I felt unstoppable until I started to get hungry and Jennifer left my ass all alone at the booth and I had to wait to go to lunch! Yeah, she will be eating my pussy for days to make up for that!


When the other girls that were signing showed up later in the day I was finally allowed to go take a lunch break and I am going to tell you that this was THE most interesting lunch break of my life! Walking into the Pink Taco I stood in line next to a woman that I could tell was "on the clock" (yes, I mean a prostitute) but I am not one to judge so when she invited me to sit down with her and her "date" and her "date" would buy me lunch I was like why not? Its better than eating alone, right? Well, we ordered our food and then this hookers "date" got up and just disappeared and she was going on about how he was just a client and she was mad that he left. I said ok, fuck it, I am hungry and not waiting so I ate my food while this hooker was frantically searching for her "client" and trying to call him. Well, the bitch got up from the table again and said "I am just going to go smoke, here is my card in case if this dude doesn't come back so you can pay for lunch." The problem? She handed me one of those cards that you receive in the mail saying you're pre-approved that is made of cardboard and says "valued customer." What the fuck is going on here?


Well, I got stuck with having to deal with the manager and the bill as I tried to explain to them about how I just met these people, the girl was a hooker and I would pay for my share but I wasn't paying for their shit. As they tried to see if that was a good solution some really drunk fuck dude came up and started talking to me telling me how he wanted to give me 30,000 just because I was so beautiful so I was like ummmmm ok? I am too nice, I don't know how to tell people to just leave me alone unless if they're just entirely rude to me. After 10 minutes of talking with this drunk ass the hooker showed back up and said it was all taken care of and we can now go so I told her and the drunk ass I had to part ways because I had to go back to signing at my booth. This didn't work too well as the drunk fuck ended up buying a ticket to follow me into the AEE and the hooker followed us trying to get him to buy her a ticket as well as her "client" (who I now discovered that is definitely her pimp) showed back up and they were trying to hustle the dude out of tickets for them too but thank God he didn't give in to that!


After my first day of signing I was exhausted but decided I would attend the LATATA white party at Body English with my LOVELY agency and I was having a ton of fun! I never get to attend industry parties because I am always not in LA or working when they're held so I was happy to FINALLY be able to go to a party, network and have fun! I met a guy named Nick (don't remember his last name) that ended up booking me for a scene and was just having fun dancing when all of a sudden I get kicked out because I was dancing and my dress kept coming up revealing my panties. Really people? Not like I was showing my fucking pussy!


The next day was a ton of fun signing as well, taking photos and meeting everyone was great but I had no clue how I was even alive after only 2 hours of sleep! I am definitely dedicated to my "craft" and my fans as well as my agency so I did not want to not show up just because I lacked sleep! I was glad to meet Just Dave from Brazzers as he is an AWESOME dude and seems very extreme and creative, I think we could create magical scenes!!  I made the best of what I could that day in my R2D2 dress and left as soon as the expo was over to get a nap before the actual awards. I honestly wasn't even going to go to the awards but Rob from Hustler needed a date and I am always down for hanging out with awesome people! We had an interesting night sitting at the table with Drew Rose and David Diamond, we just laughed at everything and made a boring show into a really interesting social event and I appreciated it very much and it was so worth losing the sleep over!

Today, I shot another scene (the one I was booked for with Nick that I met at the LATATA party) and I am not sure how I got through it as exhausted as I was (and still am!) no matter what I did I could not squirt and that is SO rare for me, I attribute it to the lack of sleep and pure exhaustion from the weekend but I still believe it turned out to be a super hot scene! I have no idea how I am writing this blog right now as I am still SUPER tired but I promised it so here it is! I will have to make another blog if I remember any other stuff I missed and get more photos! I met so many great people if I forgot anyone I am sorry!! Now, I must get some rest and yes, I have hopped back on the sober wagon and fastened my seat belt so I do not fall out again for awhile!


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