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Google. I really like to Google. I like it so much, I use it for everything. It's great for useless knowledge. I even just Googled "good music to write to" as I'm bored of the music that Pandora keeps forcing me to listen to. I don't understand it, a thumbs up means I like that song/genre/singer so why is it that the next song played after I have already expressed my obviously valuable opinion (or else it would not ask for it if it was not of value) not anything close to what I told it I like? Pandora, we're breaking up...for now, anyways. 

Actually, I lied. Not about Pandora and I breaking up. We've been going at it the majority of our relationship because I really hate the commercials, I refuse to pay the monthly subscription and now the relationship is so controlling that I can't even listen for as many hours as I would like. What I lied about is the fact that I like Google. I really do, but not as much as I like the dictionary application on my cell phone.



I love the dictionary app primarily because back in the day I dated a guy who used large words. I don't know, I found it rather sexy except for the fact that the majority of the time I would have to look up the meaning of the word that was just used to develop some sort of rebuttal that was sexy and sophisticated but enough to continue on with an amusing banter because I enjoyed our ridiculous conversations about absolutely nothing. I was young, what did you expect? Deep meaningful conversations? Doubtful. I wish the dictionary app existed when I was a child in grade school. I have never been an efficient speller and I have never been one to have a library of extensive large words that I use in conversations. I have a friend I have known for 20 years and growing up I always made fun of her for using big words, but let's be honest. I secretly admired the way she could smoothly transition an argument into her favor solely because I no longer understood where the conversation was going because each word began to sound like a foreign language to me as the argument grew more intense. Still to this day, she uses large words. I think it's her secret weapon of choice to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I am intelligent. However I have a horrible memory. With that being said, last year I made it a mission to start using larger words that had more depth to them, but I kept running into a huge problem. My problem was, attempting to remember large words along with their meanings is just more trouble than it's worth just to win arguments and sound intelligent. However, thankfully the dictionary app has helped my writing skills and now it's my secret weapon. So, I win.  


The last thing I want to say is that I am in love. I know, love is an intense word to use when describing something but these feelings are true. Wikipedia is one of my favorite things invented on earth. Primarily because in my doubting moments it makes me feel good because it can tell you anything. I can get lost in the pages of Wikipedia almost like Alice gets lost down the rabbit hole in the movie, "Alice In Wonderland". One curious thoughtleads to searching for an answer which leads you to questioning other things you learn about on the way of searching for the original curious thought you had. I am alot like Alice when it comes to her curiosity and A.D.D. That girl has a lot of things going on in that tiny little brain of hers. I often find myself asking questions to things that most people would just accept the simple answer or solution to things and move on. Not me; I always need to know the "why" behind things. I also find that I'll want to know the answer to one thing, but the next moment I have either A) forgotten what I was wanting to find the meaning of or B) lost interest because of my hyperactive disorder. Anyways, with Wikipedia, eventually you are lost in a forrest of facts (or fiction..the internet lies) and learning more than what you originally intended to learn and you're knee deep in useless knowledge. It's truly great especially for akward moments of when you are forced to have conversations with people that you have absolutely nothing in common. Everyone loves random facts and I loveWikipedia for that. My point is, life is too fascinating to not have a curious mind. No matter what, always keep curious.

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