lynnparty200712290046_resize.jpgHow Filthy Are You: The Night At Bordello Should Tell You
  When we heard there was another industry party at the Sexy Bordello club we jumped at the chance to cover it. The sexy red velvet lined former brothel was the host club for AVN hall of fame member Lynn LeMay's  birthday party and a double DVD release party for her production company LeMayzing's new releases "How Filthy Are You" and "Malibu Daughters".

We arrived at the downtown Los Angeles spot around 9pm and noticed the media wall was up and ready to go, this sounds like a small bit of information but I will tell you these things never jump off on time, but this party seemed to be running as scheduled.

We met up with Lynn LeMay inside the club and wished her a Happy Birthday right away; there was alrlynn-partynormal_200712290063_resize.jpgeady a nice group of people around her having drinks and discussing holiday tales.

The A! Crew instantly took advantage of our bar tab that was set for us by promoter Bruce Bruce... It's nice to be treated well while covering these events, it happens way too infrequently but Bruce is a guy who knows how to work with the people.

The back media room was set up in a way where the photographlynnparty200712290345_resize.jpgers and video recorders could have a nice space to interview the guests and take some good pictures. That area filled up quickly. I took a moment to tell the story, along with Kaci Starr about the scene we did in Malibu Moms which is another movie the production company already has in the can.

Check it all out at

I hung out for a while with some of the cast of the movies and got to see some old friends that I have not seen in a while.  Veronica Rayne, Jaylynn Rose, Kaci Starr, Heidi Mayne and thelynnpartynormal_200712290321_resize.jpg newly busty Miss. Damage were all hanging out having a good time along with several other sexy industry people.

During the party the promoters started giving out free copies of the DVD's that were being promoted, there was a vodka sponsor giving out prizes and drinks, and T-shirts were being given away to all partygoers.

This is how a party should be run, and we were happy to be there. Thank you to Bruce and Lynn for a great time and the drinks. We will come to any of your events because they are run right and they are alwayslynnparty200712290363_resize.jpg fun.

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