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"He didn't get a chance to get off but I did about 80 times, so it's cool"

One of my favorite male performers quit porn, *and* turned me down for some extra-curricular fun. He had a good reason, but still... I would be crushed, were it not for the fact that a different retired performer randomly walked into the digital booth and made my jaw hit the floor. Since I knew he'd be headed back to whatever he does now instead of porn in a few days and be taking my one chance to choke on his cock with him, I walked straight over and introduced myself.


"Hello.. do I know you?"

"Nope. I'm Stoya. You don't shoot scenes anymore and that's sad because we really need to fuck."

"What's your room number?"

haha. Amazing. Robby watched that conversation go down and says I pick up dudes like dudes try to pick up chicks. When I get a one shot opportunity to bang someone I'm attracted to, I do not fuck around.  He bit my bottom lip so hard I could still feel it twenty minutes later.

Convention ends for the day, I hunt down said man (with the help of Chris King and Moxxie, who both win at life), and am being strangled with my shirt and fucked against a wall before the door to my room has even finished swinging shut.

He fucked my pussy, my throat, my ass, and then my face again. Two hours later, we're still at it, and Adella is calling my phone. Since AVN/AEE is a week where work is top priority, I pick up my phone and am informed that the optional thing I was supposed to be downstairs for 5 minutes ago wasn't really all that optional.

In less than two minutes, both of us are clothed, in the elevator and I'm trying to wipe the black smears of mascara mixed with multiple body fluids off of my face while telling him that I'll be back in two hours or less and he should plan on coming back to finish what we started later that night. The floor I need to be on happens first, I get out, and as the elevator doors are closing I hear "But I don't have your phone num....."

Sad. Fortunately I ended up at a fetish party a few hours later and was completely distracted from all thoughts of penis by the most beautiful latex clad creature I had seen all week.  I put my fingers in her pussy and she put her head on my shoulder and purred. It was like a real purr though. Magical. There's a text message in my phone about how she wants my vagina on her face. I wonder if she lives in LA.

There's the story of my friday night. Maybe later I'll tell you about the other days.

Today, Dan (with the strikingly odd eyes from new years) came to my apartment with his car and took me to AIM today. Since I was a dirty dirty whore all week my vagina is off limits until I make sure it's clean, so getting tested was top priority. I peed in a cup, got my blood taken, got all woozy in the car, and then we went for mexican food. Avacados... mmmm. I don't have any work till the 25th, so we might drive up to San Francisco tomorrow. If he decides to not be an un-spontaneous wuss.

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