We here at A! Show offices have been fielding a plethora of telephone calls this week about what might be happening with the show.

Is KSEX still alive? Are you going to leave like the rest of the clan? Why don't you just forget the Internet and do the show for television? Are you really going to Canada for a Rogers Cable deal? Are just some of the questions friends and fans of the show have been asking.

88450_r3.jpgI've heard the show was moving to Joe Brandi's new TANC TV Internet station, I mean all your friends went over there even though they are not actually broadcasting yet... I also heard the show was going to fold and we have taken a job in Las Vegas at the Sapphire club for my friends there. Speaking of Las Vegas I heard that Vavoom TV has bought the show for future release and don't forget about their Sirius Satellite Channel, I'm going on that too. And don't forget the Xscpe TV deal that I heard the show is involved in, that's come up a few times as well. Are we going to just broadcast to the 10 million fans with our friends on

Let's not forget the new Xfanz TV, we have done countless interviewhp_logo-over.gifs and events for them, and what about the new AVN Online video division?

So where will A! Entertainment be next week? The week after?, Next Month? A year from now? OK here is the official statement.

tanc.jpgWe just don't know yet what is going to happen, but we will be making an announcement in the next week.

In reality the A! Entertainment show can go anywhere and broadcast to the masses, we have covered almost every adult industry event there has been in the past year, check out the A! Crew Recaps on .

Our official statement goes something like this. We here at A! Entertainment are so88499_r3.jpgrry for the confusion in the past few weeks but we will be announcing our plans for the A! Entertainment show in the next week. That's it that's all we can say at this point, we are alright, we are going to get by just fine. All of our fans will be very happy once they hear the plans for 2008.

Thank you for being there for us in the past year and keep your eyes right here for the big announcement.

Tony Batman, owner and host of the A! Entertainment show.