notanother200802080001.jpgNothing Normal About Not Another Porn Movie Release Party


If ever there was a company and an adult actress that was in the category of Different or Alt as they are calling it these days. Joanna Angel and her Burning Angel company would have to be the leaders of the pack.

We attended the release party for her latest offering "Not Another Porn Movie" in Hollywood California at a very fun little place called the Beauty Bar.

The alt style club was filled with everything you would find in a beauty salon except there was a huge bar a great DJ spinning punk music and packs of hot people dressed in lets call it "different" outfits dancing around and having one hell of a fun time.

The party was sponsored in part by Sugar DVD and there was an open bar during the VIP part of the notanother8140d-2.jpgparty, the general public was let in the door after the pre VIP party time.

Jaxx and Shari from Sugar DVD were there in the middle of the crowd having a few drinks and milling with the mix of porn industry people and mainstream models.

It was also Adult actor James Dean's birthday. We saw James go by with a crowd of his Peeps when we arrived but did not notice him again for the rest of the night. We later found the secret back room where there was bottle service and a large group of people hanging out celebrating his birthday.

Joanna was like asocial butterfly as she made her rounds several times saying hi to everyone and taking pictures with the people that came out to support the movie release.

She informed everyone to grab a pink gift bad that was filled with a copy of Not Another Porn Movie, some very cool Burning Angel stickers , some information on the bands that contributed to the movie and a 5 inch waterproof vibe toy from her new Burning Angel Toys line by Topco sales company. 
The good thing about the toy is that it is totally phthalate free so you notanother200802080019.jpgknow it's safe to get off with it. The next "guest" I have in my bedroom is going to model it for me.

There were representatives from Adam & Eve in the room, they are distributing of the movie, and the most members we have seen from AVN magazine in one place since the recent AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

We met a beautiful woman in the crowd who was not involved in the adult industry; she was a friend of Joanna's and was there with her date just to party and support the release. After talking to her for a while we took some pictures and jokingly gave her the new pseudo adult industry name "Silver Cross" even though she is of Jewish faith she smiled and accepted her new calling.

We then ran into a model who told us her name was Taysha as she seductively posed and stripped for our cameras. She has some beautiful ink work all over her body and we could not resist her even if we tried, but why would we resist ?
After thanotanother200802080003.jpgt we bumped into who we thought was former A! Crew girl Melanie Scott, after staring at the girl for about an hour and a few funny attempts to get the girls attention we confirmed that it was not her but must be her twin from another dimension.
Whoever the beautiful young lady was she did not seem amused by our jeering as she stormed away from our crew.

 I seem to have that reaction from at least one beautiful woman at least once a night.  It's a game of percentages my people, you have to play the percentages...

We had fun at the Beauty Bar and plan to watch Not Another Porn Movie from Burning Angel sometime this week; we will let you know how we like it when we are done.

Thank you to everyone at Burning Angel ( ) and Sugar DVD ( ) for making us feel welcome, we love coming to your parties.

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