worldm200802140028.jpgWorld Modeling Office Opens with Room Full Of Legends, Jim South un-retires and is open for busienss.

(Los Angeles)
Earlier this week we had the honor of attending the open house for the grand re opening of the World Modeling Agency in the famed offices on Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks California.

Every once in a while in the sex business you can find yourself in a position of complete humbleness. No matter how fast you rise to the top of your craft, no matter how many things you accomplish, no matter how cool you think you are, Someone has been there before you, someone has already been there done that, someone has already walked the same path before you.

worldm200802140013.jpgThere are very few exceptions to this rule, there can only be one first in anything that has been done.  Jim South is that guy.  Jim South blazed the trail, cut the path, was the first,he started it all when it comes to the talent agent business and it was very apparent the other day during the un-retirement and re opening of his World Modeling office that he was still loved by his people and respected by his peers.

South showed us a few Polaroid pictures from the past; he had most of your favorite stars pass through his doors. Jill Kelly was barley past her teen years in her snap shot; she had a red checkmark by her name possibly saying "Yea she should do well", good call Mr. South... Asia Carrera in her college years look. Jim South has helped make some pretty huge careers go.

The legends of the business were out in force to support Jim South and his return the industry. It felt like a Hall of Fame reunion in the office or a Legends of Erotica counsel

Legendary director Roy Karch was in attendance with his quick wit and big smile. The one and only Tom Byron dropped by to show his respects. The still super sexy Cat Kleavge was sitting on the famed World Modeling couch telling stories of the past. Hall of Fame performer and now pornography director Lynn Le May was going through the years with Jim. As they reminisced, LeMay let it out that on April 3rd she has been in the business for 20 years, Byron says "I passed that years ago".

Lori Pleasure walked in and her boobs almost instantly popped out of her tight red outfit, she seemed 7 feet tall, my head only reached the nipple area during our hello hug but who would complain about that.
world-m-open.jpgWe met a woman who said her name was Sophia Solei' or something similar to that, she says something about the tanning lotion company. Sophia was signing up for a modeling job, and said she picked Jim South because he was an Icon and it would be a pleasure to work for him.

She was not the only new one in the room. With only two years in the west coast porn scene I took a pretty good ribbing from the old guard, Gene Ross lead the attack, I tried to explain about my 8 years traveling North America with the Feature dancing and nude pageant circuit but to no avail I was the rookie by many years in the room. I was honored they even knew my name to make fun of it. I believe in the "It's all about paying dues" theory.

Bill Margold came over from his P.A.W office which was just down the hall with a cake for South. It tasted good, strawberry if I remember correct. Then when the cake was gone he appeared with another one, that one was chocolate for sure.

World Modeling and Jim South are back for sure and if the open house was any indication worldm200802140011.jpgyou will be hearing a lot about them in the months and years to come. Check out the site at .

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