lynnpartynormal_200712290341_resize-copy.jpgYesterday when LeMayzing put out this statement people started chiming in and talking, Mike South made his comment already and now I will tell all.

I have been involved in a lot of big movies in the past year, "Upload", "Operation Desert Stormy", "Not The Brady's XXX" , and recently "Get Reel" with Tee Reel..

Only once every 3 years or more do I actually have the sex on the film, There may be many more scenes out there that I don't even know about. Yea I like to have fun on the set, and occasionally it gets caught with so many cameras around.

 When Hall Of Fame Lynn LeMay asked me if I wanted to do a scene I said no thank you, but she talked me into it, even booked some young ladies just for me. I have not seen the finished scene but I do know that it was storming and lightning by the pool atop the Hollywood Hills mansion.

I remember getting the nick name for the day of "Lightning Rod" because we finished the shoot outside despite the electric charge in the air, I remember getting extra blow job action from other beautiful ladies in the cast (Not sure if that's in the scene but it was fun)

Anyway, here is the press that came out yesterday and yes Mike South shot Regan Anthony and I years ago in Daytona at Bike Week. And there might be more that I have not seen yet. Let me know if you find some. In the meantime go take a look at my penis and enjoy my great acting ability... Fun, It's suppose to be fun, this business !

I still think this is all very funny, go take a look at the clip.... Tony Batman


LeMayzing to release Tony Batman's first sex scene, preview up on

Porn Valley  - After months of behind the scenes industry talk and speculation that such a scene did not exist, LeMayzing
( will be releasing Tony Batman's first sex scene for download tomorrow, Tuesday February 19th, on the LeMayzing store.

A PG rated preview has been posted on the popular video sharing website, and can be seen here:

For all the people that had to know, now is the time; see if Tony Batman measures up.