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Penny Flame

Sex in Public Places, a pot store that was more like a "not store" and getting hyped for this weekends Paid Dues

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working for Justice Young over at Hush Hush. He has started this line that involves public sex, is entitled Busty Loads (I'm in BL 2), and just may end all our asses in jail. Whatever, I've been, I ain't scared. No, I take that back. I've been for 24 hours and I never want to go back, but the opportunity to have sex in some place incredibly public was just too enticing to deny. Or to worry about jail. So I put my game face on, told Danny Wild (a big dicked blond darlingn who happens to be Dana Dearmonds current beaux) that this is gonna be fucking great, and hopped in Justices ghetto ass van. THIS IS MY WAR FACE. 

After driving for maybe 5 minutes down Ventura, I decide I'm ready to get fucked, (partially because Danny is playing with my pussy, and partially because I figure, hey, lets start this show running right?) so I pull out his cock and proceed to suck it while he lifts my skirt and plays with my perfectly manicured twat. Before I know where I am, Jonas (the driver and part time videographer) pulls into a parking space, and Justice hands me a DVD, busty loads 1. I look around, realize we are at this adult dvd rental place right at Ventura and Tampa, look to Danny, and with a smile on my face, (and nothing but a shirt around my waist, DVD strapped in like a gloc in a rappers saggy drawers) I jump from the van, run into the store with Danny following me, give the guy at the counter the DVD and drop to my knees to suck Danny's dick. 
We end up fucking on the floor of this store, right next to Phoenix Marie and Jack Venice, for a good twenty minutes, at which point Danny has made me cum so many times its only fitting that he blows his load all over my little freckled face and sun shiney titties. I run up to the cashier, covered in cum, thank him for the use of his little store, and grab one of those nice smelling pleasure wipeys. I then run through the crowd of about ten dudes that had gathered, each one jumping back as if I were covered in....well....cum.....and Danny and I run and get in the car. Sexcess. Phoenix and Jack make their way back in, Jonas runs upstairs for a minute to talk to some of the dudes that had been watching in the store. 
Turns out they own the pot store that is upstairs and wanted to know if we wanted to fuck in there. (hmmm....maybe later?) We drive back to the original meeting place, this house that is actually right next door to Chico Wangs old house (just about broke me down driving up there thinking I was going back to Chico's.....fuck man.....) and decide along the way that lunch is a must. We get back to the house, rearrange some things, mostly my bra and panties, and then take off again for lunch. 
We drop into Starbeezys, and Phoenix orders the most ridiculous drink I think I have ever heard ordered. Lets see if I can get this right. a venti peppermint mocha add pump, 180 degrees, soy, sugarfree, 7 shot shlabededoo, and will you please stir it. I told her she's lucky she can watch em making cuz if anyone ever ordered that kind of bullshit with me I'd spit in it. Then I realize she has 7 shots of espresso in this fucking concocktion, hehehe, and doesn't she think her heart will stop? She says she drinks like three or four a day, so naw, she should be good.
We roll back to the casa after our SB ordeal and a little bit of Quizno's sub meal, to wait for the lovely August, and her brand new big titties. And they are big, I'll tell ya what, especially on that tiny delish little bod of hers. mmmmmmmm......So, Justice and she decide to go back to the pot store to get a little dirty, and as we approach the store, one of the guards out front says, "we'll let you shoot here for two g's" at which point we laugh and say "we'll give you two g's if you give us two grand worth of pot. but otherwise you all can go fuck yourselves..." And I can only assume that's what they did, because they didn't get to see a damn thing else get fucked, especially not that sexy little August. Whatever, I went in, bought a little Mary, and we continued this wacky adventure. So we decide to go to the carwash while we are deciding where else to fuck, and as I'm pressing in the code for the wash, we realize the window won't roll up and this is going to be a thoroughly cleansing wash, inside and out. August is sucking Justices dick while I hold the camera and Jonas and Phoenix try to keep the water and washers out with a towel, (I shit you not), and then Justice decides its time to pound the pussy. We then decide a little time in nature would be nice, so we drive to the top of Topanga canyon, hope out of the van, and Phoenix and I play nature guide while Justice taxes August over a rock. This is how I distract people driving by our funny rocking van. 
This is our funny rocking van.

After Justice blasts all over August, who's looking fine as fuck,

 we head back down the hill hoping that we don't run out of gas. we don't, just barely make it, roll into the station on E, and then back to the house for a final farewell. 

I go to the mall to get a new hat. I love hats. This one is super dope, and now all I need is a matching shirt, maybe a new skirt, and I'm ready for Paid Dues this weekend, ready and ready to look fly. 

OH YES!!!! Paid Dues is this huge hip hop festival out in San Bernadino put on by one of my favorite rappers, Murs. I emailed him the night before and told him how stoked I am to be going again, and two perfectly manicured hands waving in the crowd will be mine, and he emailed me back saying how about two VIP tickets? (never ever turn down vip....especially if your favorite rapper offers!). Dope. Then I had also emailed the kind gentlemen over at UnderGroundHipHop.com, saying I enjoyed eating lunch with them out in Austin, and we should kick it if they are gonna be at Paid Dues. Trees, from UGHH.com emailed me back saying he was stoked to be sitting across from an award winning cocksucker, (thats me!) and would I like two more VIP tickets, because UGHH is actually sponsoring the event, and FUCK YES I WANT TWO VIP TICKETS!!! Fuck yeah bro! 
So basically I'm set. I'm bringing my buddy Burs from SD, originally a bay boy and been down since 2001, my sweet little Angel Pie, and that naughty S. Javs from Xbeezy. We are going to have a good time. I still can't believe all the special treatment, the comped tickets, the mad love being shown from dudes that I mad love. Just about crazy if you ask me. Here is the flyer for it, hopefully I'm not retarded and this works. If not, go to my myspace page and you'll find the link. 

So basically, its all paying off. The 7 years of fucking and sucking. This is the kind of shit that reminds me of why I got in this business. Its days like these that I'm stoked to be Penny Flame. 

actually, now that I think of it, I'm stoked pretty much everyday, that I'm Penny Flame. Like today. Today, I'm going to yoga at 1, eating pinkberry around 3, getting tattooed around 5, and then smoking a little pot when its all said and done. If ever there was anything to complain about, it isn't today. If I do get ink, look for pictures in the near future. naughty naughty pictures. 

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