mmbd-monica-batman-copy-copy.jpg(Hollywood,Ca) It was a quaint get together to celebrate the birthday of porn superstar Monica Mayhem ( ).
A gathering of Mayhem's friends seemed like a fun idea and since Monica is a former A! Entertainment co host we just had to spend the night with her.

We arrived early in Hollywood and the Vice Hollywood club was just opening, it still baffles me how most of Hollywood opens at 10pm, gets going pretty good around half past 11 and then has to close down around 2 in the morning.
We were waiting outside with a few friends when Alex Monstar came by to say hello and see how things are progressing. Then Xbiz writer Joanne walks up, and hangs out for a while, saying she was actually just passing by.
We always seem to run into her somewhere every weekend which is nice because she is one of our favorite people to talk to.

The club is starting to get moving now and Monica arrives with a crowd of friends in tow, we all go in and Brad Thomas who is running the party set everyone up in a huge area, then he starts the table off with a big bottle of champagne. We all drink a toast to Monica making it another year on earth. After that the girls start dancing to the music that the DJ is playing, it seems just for them.

Dez and Alaura Eden are there; they own and run the great fantasy site . Scott Fayner is there as well, he just started a new site and has is own entry in the Urban slang dictionary, Just look up to Scott Fayner.
There were a coupe of beautiful mainstream ladies with them, were not going to go into it in depth but man the comic book girl had the best ass and her lips were so soft, No more information can be written at this time, they were off the record for sure.

We met starlet Winter Sky for the first time, she looked stunning in her little black dress and she was instantly invited to be a part of the A! Crew. You guys will be seeing a lot more of Winter in the next few months I guarantee.
A few moments later just as Brad was bringing the second bottle of bubbly, the sexy Bianca Dagger made her was back to our party space. She has a special beauty that oozes from her, and everyone around notices as she walks by.

After another drink a handful of rock musicians show up to support Monica, if you weren't aware Monica is the lead singer in the band Sweet Avenge and her band mates were there in the house.
Moxxie Maddron and Chris King arrived not long after that and they had the Kinky Dark Lady with them, We caught up on things as we have not seen each other in a while. Maddron and King told me the "Instigator" movie was finally on its way to where it was suppose to be and Dark Lady, who I was meeting in person for the first time, talked about my column on YNOT where she is the editor. She then invited us to Portland for her next Masturbate A Thon.

We wished Monica Happy Birthday one more time and headed home a bit early, it had been a long week of parties and porno shoots, life can be ruff sometimes.

Thank you again to the staff at the Vice Hollywood club and Brad Thomas for taking care of us throughout the night, we had a good time. Check out some pictures from the party:



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