First cpscom-big-mike.jpgut always the deepest, they always say !

(Burbank, CA)Last Wednesday was the first step in making the Casting Couch Comedy Show a new and exciting mix of professional comedians and porn stars. The biggest thing was getting the show off the ground.

With many different ways to mix the mainstream and adult industries, Comedy seems to be a great fit since a lot of the jokes are steered at the adult people anyway.

We had it set; A great lineup of nationally touring comedians and a handful of porn people who were there to listen and laugh.

The debut at Sardos Bar started at 8pm and was to run till 10. This will be the schedule for the future shows as well. The funny thing, besides the jokes, is the difficulty of getting people from the adult industry to come out before late night starts.

Big Mike the comic opened the show a bit late and then it kicked in like a loaded truck.
One after another, the comedians killed the crowd with their expert comedic rhetoric.

pscam-cleo-carmen.jpgFat James Price ( )was up first and set the pace for the kind of night where you swallowed your sip of drink fast for fear you might spit it out while laughing, it almost happened a few times.

Marie Delprete ( ), Tyler Schubert( ) , Jackie E, Ronnie Ray( ), Billy Batz, Adam Richmond, Ken Cosby( ) , Dave Lease( ), and Henrietta( ) all took the stage and shined.

Then to end the show the headliner for the night Claude Stuart( ) took the stage, the show was running late into the Karaoke time but, Claude was so good, we could not stop his roll, once you see these comics in person you understand the difference between professional and part time comedians, and you get the reason these people get on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Letterman, Leno and Conan all the time.

In the room there was a mix of customers, A couple that we met at the last P.A.W bowling event came out to watch the show. They dressed nice, drank red wine and ate a big steak dinner. They sat next to the stage, and seemed to have invisible bull's eyes on their foreheads. They took it all in stride and laughed at themselves as everyone else laughed with them.
Cleopatra of the Nile sat at our porn table, up front of course, her breasts made their way into many of the jokes, "Wow those are just right there, right out there" one comedian said. Carmen Minor come out and had some drinks and laughs.  Joanne from Xbiz came by and sat with us, Lynn LeMay and her crew of people made it in after the second hour.



The Porn Star Comedy show, affectionately being called The Casting Couch Comedy Show, is held every Wednesday night at Sardos Bar in Burbank, Ca from 8-10pm. Stop by and have dinner, drinks, good company and a slew of great comedy.

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