cccom-toogie-and-batman.jpg(Burbank, Ca) For the second Wednesday night at Sardos Bar and Grill in Burbank, Ca the new Porn and Comedy show, coming to be know as the Casting Couch Comedy show took place with a troupe of very funny comedians and a handful of porn stars in the room.

The comedians took their shots at Miss Tori Black and Director/Male Performer Tee Reel as they sat in the VIP section enjoying a few beverages and taking in the show. The comedic Host of the show Henrietta, who is noted for once being married to a Rabbi and then switching to a porn star boyfriend, suggested that they have a three way so Tee and Tori could learn some history. "She's gotten up there in years, but she hasn't noticed that yet" said SexZ Pictures Director Reel.

This Wednesday just as the last one the comedians had plenty of content relating to the porn world, its all in fun and I have to thank the adult industry for half of my bits said one of the comedians.

The room warmed up quickly as the comedians came on stage one by one, Sarah Newell, Marcello, Brian Monarch, Iliza Shlesinger, Brett Ernest, Tara Walden,  Yoshi, Big Mike and within minuets of the start of the show, the laughter could be heard across the parking lot cccom-tori-black-tee-reel.jpgof the Burbank Bar.

Adult Performer Sandy Beach arrived and was instantly tagged as one of the Porn ladies as she walked in, it mush have been the perfectly round and hypnotizing breasts she has. If you look at her for a moment you will notice she has Linda Carter eyes, a ringer for Wonder woman I tell you.

Along with Beach was a brand new girl from Reno Nevada named Wendy Wantum. A sexy petite girl who stated she just wanted to work as much as she could before she went back to Reno.
Her short skirt kept riding up on her hips and you just had to look, OK, you just wanted to look.  She is a sexy little thing. Wendy stated that she had not shot yet and had just meeting everyone after trying an agent and it not working out for her there.

Black and Blue Media Publicist Jay Moyes stopped by to take in some jokes and tell us all about the Bondage Ball coming up on Saturday the 29th at the Henry Fonda Theatre.

The headliner for the night Toogie Jackson came on stage and did some funny stuff, the room was a buzz by that time cccom-tori-balck-butt-shot.jpgand everyone seemed to be having a good time, which is the goal of a comedy show, at least that's my opinion on that.
All the comics were good, almost two hours of laughter, a couple of drinks, and the famous cheese burger that Sardos serves, we are thinking that's a pretty good mix for a normally stagnant Wednesday night.

The Porn Star and Comedian "Casting Couch Comedy Show" is produced by Big Mike and A! Entertainment and goes on every Wednesday for 8-10pm at Sardos Bar and Grill  at 259 N. Pass Ave in Burbank , California.

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