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Off the record and very hush-hush.

I owe you?

In 1991 I was 14 years old.  All I cared about was playing Tecmo Super Bowl and hanging out with friends.  I wasn't old enough to vote, so I had just a little bit of interest in politics.  However, I really like Ross Perot.  I know he looked wacky and sounded wackier, but something about him struck me.  I remember having a mock election in school that year.  We were given the choice of voting for Bush Sr., Clinton, or Perot (whom we had to write in).  I remember supporting Perot, and I distinctly remember certain assholes telling me that it was throwing my vote away.  He can't win, why vote for him.  This is a pre-Ralph Nader 2000 situation.  I felt then that voting for whom I believed in was the best way to cast my vote, regardless of others 'suggestions'.  For the longest time I didn't know what it was I really ever liked about Perot, it was just a gut feeling.  I remember being confused as to why people bashed him for his charts, seemed to be a fine way to try and illustrate a problem, I thought.

It wasn't until recently that I could really understand my affection for Ross.  He was a numbers guy, he was a businessman, and a successful one at that.  I like to think of myself as a numbers guy, although in this industry, numbers can be quite subjective and misused.  Ross and I share the same idea that the greatest threat left to our country is a self-executed financial disaster that leaves us crippled and weak.  This is happening now...

I went to file my taxes today, I know April 16th right...perfect time to do it.  I'd had some difficulties from changing jobs, states, having no permanent residence, and some 401K issues.  So finally I get all my W2s and 1099s and fire up Turbo Tax.  Never before have I owed taxes, I honestly couldn't imagine how that would ever happen to me.  Turns out taking out 401k money will do just the trick.  I knew about the penalties, but I didn't realize how much I'd be frustrated.  Plus I moved to a state with state income tax (boo California!), so that didn't help matters.  Now, I am ALL FOR paying my fair share of taxes.  I have no problems with fair and equal taxation, I've flirted with supporting Flat Tax proposals, and I fully accept the fact that I owe taxes as tax code is currently structured.

What really frustrates me is the idea that THIS particular government can tell me that I owe taxes.  Be it a democratic or republican government, I think as a role model for fiscal responsibility, they both fail miserably.  How can a government that is $9 trillion dollars in debt really demand any money from anyone?  Add to all this the concept of central banks, currency issues, and whatnot, and a federal income tax starts to get pretty unfair.  Where does that revenue go?  There's quite a few websites that one can find that present a clear case that it goes into the pockets of bankers and financial institutions....certainly not to building schools and fixing the roads.  I just don't see how the current group of scumbags controlling the government have any right to a federal tax.  I hate to get all Ron Paul on yer asses but something needs to be done about it.  We have an insane national debt, we have a ridiculous national deficit, we have outrageously bloated military budgets, and to quote my man Nino Brown...

"The rich get richer...and the poor don't get a fucking thing"

I think that while we have that unholy trifecta of an out of control national debt, huge trade deficit, and an unbalanced budget...there should be a freeze on pay increases for anyone in the legislative and judicial branches.  The government should not be able to charge interest on it's own citizens during this time and hell there shouldn't be a federal income tax during this time either.  Maybe that would be enough incentive for some change to be brought about.  We absolutely have to stop lining the pockets of wealthy dynasties at the expense of our middle class.  When I see the CEO of Citigroup, Halliburton, or Bear-Stearns dragged out into the middle of the street and beaten into a bloody pulp, then I'll know this country is serious about change.  That's hope I can believe in.  Until then, we are just seemingly content with getting butt fucked by our elected leaders and the wealthy elite.  How the fuck can you tell me that a government that has done NOTHING for it's citizens in about 7 years can repay that back with a fucking $600 check.  A $600 check that's coming from OUR money...you are just giving it back...don't act like you are doing me a solid!  It is a verified fact that the Iraq war alone costs every household an average of $100+ per month, not to mention how fucked our economy and prices are as a result, and doesn't even begin to mention the human loss cost.

So I'll pay you scumbags your owed taxes, and you'll use it to buy an AK-47 for some Blackwater mercenary, and I'll fucking hate you for it.  But just know that your day is going to come.  And hell....I may just run for president myself in 2012......I'll be 35 then, I'm a legal candidate......Vote Nate?  Fuggedaboudit!

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