vince-neil-golf-t-050208-allenk-emmagency14top.jpg(Simi Valley, CA)- If there has to be a greatest thing we have done all year, this would be it so far this year. Friday morning and the rest of the day at the Lost Canyons Golf Course began with the stars out in force and the shining did not stop all day long.

We arrived at the golf course around 9am and there were already a mass of people waiting to get the day started. IF you are not aware of the Skylar Neil charity then you need to go to and read up on it greatness. Vince Neil has done something great here and we were so proud to be a part of it this year.

Not to mention hanging all day long with some of the biggest stars in the adult industry and the mainstream entertainment world. We really don't want to just name drop for the entire column but there were so many stars that you could just tell this charity is a worthy one and some stars you think may not have many soft feeling really do.

The first order of the day was the big group show with Vince Neil and all the girls who by the way all volunteered their time and efforts and free swag for this day. The front of the country clubhouse was packed with beautiful women and men dressed in the unmatched golf fashions that you have come to know watching PGA golf on television. Stripes on the pants squares on the shirts, shoes well we can't even begin to describes some of the shoes. Just catch the next professional gold event in your area and you will see the in color what we are trying to explain to you in black and white.


After the big group photo and a few songs by the fully decked out and complete mariachi Band it was time for the girls to make their way to the sponsored tees for the companies they were there to represent. There were two courses at this club and all 36 holes were sponsored by someone to help with the charity.
While the golf course staff was loading up the beautiful women into hundreds of electric golf carts the dozen or so press crews followed Gina Lynn over to the tee off area where she was auctioned to the highest bidder for the day with all the proceeds going to the Skylar Neil charity, The exact number of dollars escapes me but it was in the mid thousands.

Member of Motley Crue, Warrant, Avenge Sevenfold and a slew of other rockers took time to come out and take part of this great day.


We put out a call earlier in the week for all A! Crew girls to help with day and for some reason either scheduling or the early start made it a no go for most of them. We are proud to announce that Miss Winter Sky ( ) and Miss Precious ( ) made the grade and arrived on time and represented the A! Crew Girls with flying colors, and enthusiasm.

A! Entertainment was assigned Tee, and Hole # 13 on the main course, a good luck number if you ask us. Winter and Precious made wonderfully sexy art out of their green A! Entertainment shirts and we heard talk of the girls on the A! Hole all over the gold course.


During our first circle back to check on the girls we met up with seen Evan Seinfeld and Tera Patrick parked at the 13th hole, waiting behind them was a cart driven by a couple of professional hockey players and one with controversial star Kevin Federline also known as K FED.
After some pictures and dropping off a few bottles of water we were on the roll again hitting the cart path quickly so we could visit each and every hole.
We must reiterate the pride we have in Winter Sky and Precious for donating their time to this charity, they were there for about 8 hours in the heat and sun, being sexy and helping the golfers with their shots, it's very awkward when you shank a shot in front of a hot woman watching you make your drive.


As for the adult stars who participated in the event, lets just say that almost everyone who we know was there, way too many to list.

We have to give a huge round of applause to April from VMG Inc. for the work she did on the event, it was the most fun we had all year do far and we will do from now on every year. We will bring a bigger crew next year for sure.


We also want to thank Photography by Allen and the EMM Agency for their help with the pictures and Xbiz Magazine for allowing your writer to hang with us all day which made it a lot easier to get everything accomplished before the day was over.


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