smash-jennifer-tatianna-tony-batmantoper.jpg(Hollywood,Ca)- To set the scene we will tell you the line was long outside and as far as time was concerned it lasted all night, we are speaking of the line outside and the party inside.

There were so many sponsors for the party it was hard to read every company name on the media wall in one visit. Hollywood in recent times has come up with a new rule, law, request that during these company driven parties the big media wall that you see behind all the stars, be set up inside the venue.  Here is the problem with the new Hollywood ordinance; the amount of space for partygoers inside the club and the space for the media usually do not meet the needs of a huge roped off area inside. Bring back the red carpet entrance.

The Smash Pictures, Hush Hush, Shane's World, Xbiz, A! Entertainment, Xpeeps, A-List Talent, Louis De Paz Birthday party was just that kind of cramped. All of the four different areas of the club were filled to capacity with adult stars, young hopeful starlets, company owners, and an overabundance of young non industry Hollywood-ions. (I know that's not a word; It's our story so it is today)

Everyone that you would expect to show up did and a few "once in a while" partiers arrived for the event as well. The companies that sponsored did a good job at getting their names and logos all over the club. A video played on a big screen, which hovered over the dance floor, showing everyone in the room just why there were there.

We did several interviews in the designated 'Media Room" for a few different news outlets. Adam & Eve Contract star Kayden Kross was my cohort for some of the Q and A's with the beautiful people who came to be seen. The small area, which held the super media wall, we believe, is used as a sauna-steam room during the day. We believe this to be fact since the temperature had not resided by the time we filled it up with hot industry stars that just spent two hours at home getting their hair just right before coming out. Still the packed room was a good time area, the pictures and video interviews should show that no one melted away "wicked witch wizard of oz" style.





The VIP booths were filled with company owners who all had big bottles of liquor on the tables, we found the need to visit each and every one of them and have a drink and a talk. Big thank you to Eddie from Elite who had hot models at his table pouring our drinks for us, nice touch all the way around.

September from A-List, Stuart from Smash, Steve, Joanne and Anne from Xbiz, Dan and Jerry from Xpeeps, Karen from Evil Angel, Megan and Casey from Shane's World, Mark and Raven from Kick Ass, and a bunch of others were there.

We would like to name every girl that arrived at the club but we just don't have the brain space to remember all of them so we would rather just say everyone was there. In earlier stories we have mentioned our thought process on how to leave a mental note in our minds at one of theses parties, it is already a well known practice so we won't go into it again here. You should know what we like by now.

To summarize the night in once sentence after rambling on for this entire article: "Everyone was there, the sponsors were seen by the masses, and fun was had by al".

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