ac0408-big-mike-emmagency571.JPG(Los Angeles, CA)- We have seen Daisy Duxe several times before in several different situations, Duxe does adult movies, signs at conventions, runs her own company and is also a feature dancer.

Through the last two years of knowing her, we have always seemed to miss the actual dancing part of the show with Duxe, which is strange because at one time we were based out of her hometown of Atlanta Georgia so you would think we have seen this hundreds of times before.  We have since moved operations to the Los Angeles area while Duxe remains in the dirty south.

After spending the day at the AdultCon convention where we were doing a full report and Daisy was signing in the Rio Gentleman's club booth we met over at the Rio club location somewhere in the Los Angeles area.  When you pull up to the club you will notice right away that the place is a bit off the beaten path and there is a farm somewhere very close to the club that has live animals on the property.

When you walk into the Rio club you notice right away that the club is beautiful, the art on the walls, the women walking around everywhere, the lights were dim and sultry, the seats were overly comfortable , the kind of seats you could sit in for hours or until you could not feel you wallet anymore. This club is plush on the inside !!

We had about a half hour to kill before Daisy took the stage for her show, the manager seated us in a VIP booth and as we waited for the feature show. A few of the beautiful dancers from the club came by for a couple of pictures and some very entertaining conversation. We love to hear the sales pitch for a private dance in a club we have not been to before because the words are always different but the final result is usually the same.

Duxe took the stage and the crowd perked up when they felt the energy starting to build as she danced around in the disco themed outfit and that old music that still gets stuck in your head but makes you tap your feet and smile. The A! Crew made a bee line to the stage, trying to capture the energy on stage in our pictures while at the same time trying not to get splattered with black light paint.

Before it was all said and done, Duxe had stripped down nude, painted herself several different colors, played a game called cooter ball, where you win dirty prizes by throwing balled up dollar bills into a cup between a naked girls legs. Daisy had the crowd hyped up and loud by the end of the show and it felt exciting to us. We were happy we finally made it out to one of her fun shows.

After the show was done, we went back stage with Duxe and talked for a bit in the dressing room where you could see all of the costumes that she had with her for the weekend of dancing. We don't thing people are aware of how much a feature dancer has to spend on her costumes and props before they go out on a dance tour, many times reaching in the tens of thousands.

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ac0408-big-mike-emmagency674.JPG ac0408-big-mike-emmagency577.JPG ac0408-big-mike-emmagency581.JPG ac0408-big-mike-emmagency594.JPG ac0408-big-mike-emmagency591.JPG

You can find Duxe at her personal website  and was booked into the RIO club by New Age Talent ( )

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