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Penny Flame

Am I the only one who stays home Friday night to masturbate?

Am I the only one who stays in on a Friday night to masturbate?

Its quite possible, but that's okay. I'm okay with that. With the alone Friday night thing. In fact, I like it. The week has been wildish and I need a night to sit and relax. A moment to catch a breath. There are some pretty huge things going on in la vida fuego. Let me start at the beginning, and when I get to the end, I will stop.

When I got approved to do an Expert Guide to Rough Sex, I decided the best  way to cast for such a movie is to open it to all the talent interested, and hold a casting call. I am looking for eloquent performers who enjoy rough sex play, including but not limited to choking, slapping, punching, kicking, general dom, even a look into play rape and possibly gang take downs. (J)

The cast needs to be able to address his/her personal preference for this type of play, and be able to show an audience, both present in the room and over the television screen. If I cast a girl and she likes being choked, she needs to be able to say why, show how not to choke, show how to choke, and then give her sexual performance displaying the style of play she so enjoys.

Anyway, we put those press releases out that I posted before, and I don't think they actually came up as links so I will do that again. Right now.



Okay. SO after this, after the press releases, I get a call from a homie up in the bay area saying the morning crew on wild 94.9 were talking about my casting call, which is THE TIGHTEST THING EVER! I grew up listening to that radio station, back in the day when they were 107.7, and a shit load of the music I slap came over their airwaves. So they are up there repping me, and it made my fucking day to hear. Made my day.

So I emailed em, and told them so. Maybe they will let me talk on the radio.

Its going to be huge, this movie, and I'm just thrilled to be working on it. I've been going over some of the material that needs to be addressed, and we are open to such neat things because of the movie's educational nature. I want to provide a platform for performers (myself included) to push sexual limits, and explore and learn about not only what it means to have rough sex, but what it means to let down defenses in the name of great sex.

On another note, I incorporated myself a couple days ago. Started my company. That's right motherfuckers, its Lunchbox Ent. For life. Yo. I'm so stoked on it, I don't know what to do first. Oh wait, I take that back. I'm gonna make stupid dumb content (which is bay slang and a good thing) forhttp://www.PennyFlame.com. Its gonna be the dopest. I'm gonna have the tightest shit. I know I keep saying that, but its only because I'm recording all this shit, and I know its tight. I know know know its tight. Like that.

And on an even entirely different note, I think I have started smoking cigarettes again. And by "I think" I mean, I have a pack sitting on my coffee table right now, and it's the second pack I've bought this week, and I'm already thinking about my morning coffee and cigarette and I will go smoke a cigarette to proof read this. Which isn't good. Time to go see the doctor and get that pill. God made scientist for a reason, and its so they could make wonderful drugs that will make me not want to smoke cigarettes. Whether its in patch, gum or pill form, give me that shit. I'm just a little too lazy to dredge up self control. Or at least enough to not smoke. I'm controlling other shit right now.

And real quick, before I go, I want you to leave directly from this page and go to itunes and download "Atmosphere: If Life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold." I just uploaded it and it is one of the hardest albums in its entirety, and I have a feeling I will be slapping this shit for a cool minute. Something about Atmosphere, man, I tell you, bitches fucking love Slug. I fucking love Slug. But that's why I'm telling you to go buy his shit right now.

Okay, yes, one more thing to share with you. In the name of http://PennyFlame.com, I invited Lexi Belle and Rachel Roxxx down to San Diego to hang out, smoke weed and play around with the cocks in my toy chest. And that is exactly what we did. 

You can even watch our adventure when my site launches. Thats one of those exciting things I was talking about earlier. And certainly not the last. Oh no folks, this is just how its starting. Its only going to get better. And better

And better.








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