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Not So Innocent by Troy Michael of IWAdult.com

Emergency Sex in the Parking Lot

Last night was an experience like none other that I have been a part of. It was one of those stories you see in a porn film or perhaps read about in a magazine forum. But now, this was real and it happened to me.

I went away with my good friend for a couple days and had a good time. It was excellent to get away from everything just for a little bit to decompress, chill out and spend time away from writing. It was good to clear my head because I always have the fear of writers block. I only experienced that once in my life and it was stressful, like the way I am sure insomniacs might feel.

She (my friend) was driving her nice foreign import car down the country two-lane highway as we passed through small town after small town chatting it up on this four-hour or so ride home. We reminisced about bad 80s television shows we used to watch, secret crushes and bad fashion like tapered jeans, Swatch watches and parachute pants. Yep, I am totally dating myself.

Then half way home through the dark evening sky the conversation turned, as it always does... to porn. She knows I write in the industry, in fact she is a big fan of porn. And to be honest she probably knows more about the little ins and outs of porn than I do.

We talked about recent movies, and recent crushes, mine has always been all about Belladonna. I told her about my interesting interview with Lindsey Meadows, because she is a fan too. I think porn and porn conversation is an escape from the real world for us. She has a stressful job and I, well not so much. But I could talk about the psychologies of sex all day.

We were half way home, maybe a little further when things grew beyond conversation and got a little heated. She told me she was horny now and I'd be lying if I didn't notice her great body in her T-shirt, jean skirt and pink thong panties.

She started getting fidgety and talking dirty while she was driving and I was getting turned on. But we were driving, in the middle of nowhere. We saw five cops in the first couple hours of the trip home, so they were lurking for drunken Friday night drivers. But we weren't drunk, just fucking horny.

She saw I was getting hard and thought it wasn't fair that I could touch myself but she couldn't touch herself while she was driving. Safety first and all. I told her to pull over, but we couldn't find a spot in the small town we came upon.

The funny thing about the whole situation was she brought her industrial strength vibrator, but it was in the back of the car neatly locked away amongst her clothes in her suitcase.

She was getting frustrated as her pussy was wetter and wetter while we talked. I pulled out my cock to start jerking off and I thought the tease aspect was great because she was so damn good at teasing me in the past. Now I had the upper hand so to speak. But you got to understand this girl is amazing when it comes to sex. There is nothing fake about her. She cums and she cums hard. So upon second thoughts, I didn't want her to finger fuck her wet pussy and crash the car and have to tell the cops what happened, or worse get killed with my hard cock in my hand and her fingers buried in her pussy.

She had enough and pulled over in the spacious parking lot of a small community hospital, which we both found funny considering the circumstances.

She hopped out of the car. I caught a glimpse of her sexy ass, and went to the back of the car. I thought maybe she was coming over to suck me off, which would be perfectly fine with me. But she wanted more, a lot more. She got her toy out of the suitcase and brought it back to the car. She plugged it in to the lighter, (isn't technology amazing?) and started to work her pussy. But it was tough going, tight space and all. We got out of the car and jumped in the back seat and she worked the vibrating toy from the front to the back seat and spread her sexy legs wide to work her pussy while I shoved my cock inside her.

The more room worked perfectly for the time being as I slammed her pussy like a crazed animal and shouted dirty talk into her ear while she did the same. The way she ground her hips into me with every thrust was intense to say the least. This went on for about ten minutes and she started to cum, her body shook and her pussy muscles clinched my cock. I wanted to hold off cumming but when she screamed my name I couldn't help it - that is my trigger point - and I shot the biggest pop shot into her pussy I could then we fell over, out of breathe and quiet.

Out of fear of getting busted by the cops or a security guard we gathered ourselves, got back in the front seat and drove away laughing in disbelief what we had just done. Neither of us had fucked in a car in a really long time and the fact we could have been caught or scene by someone in the parking lot or hospital was just an extra added bonus.

She drove the remaining hour of our trip and we kept talking and laughing at what we just did feeling like a couple of real perverts... well fucked perverts at that.

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