img_4677.jpg(Hollywood, CA)- It seems like dark ages ago since we brought you our first account of the Bondage world seen though our own eyes at the Hollywood Bondage ball. This past weekend we went back for a second helping of whips and slaves, chains and corsets.

We arrived at the Henry Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard just in time to see the 4th of July fireworks going off in the distance, It was my first Hollywood 4Th and I will have to say the celebration paled greatly to our countries birthday bash that they throw in the south east or the east coast itself.

The probabilities were endless on this night, the Bondage and Fetish crowds were in line outside the theatre and the fireworks were going off red white and blue, I dressed in my customary uniform for covering parties, jeans and a T shirt. I was hoping to see some masters or slaves dressed in USA colored leathers but there was not much of that, I don't want to go off on a rant here but what is the correlation of bondage and clowns? We will save that for another story.

This bondage Ball was sponsored by Evil Angel, they are also called the Evil Empire. John Stagliano is a master at getting respect from his peers and onlookers as well, which might have something to do with him being one of the most talented minds in the adult industry.  They had the Defend our porn charity DVD drive going in their VIP booth area. Buy that DVD the money is going to fund the lawyers to help save out adult rights.( )


I had two beautiful young ladies as my dates at the Ball, Emma Heart and Audrianna Angel. I met both the ladies on my show when we had the Type 9 Models in for a segment. Instantly hypnotized by Emma's bubble but and sexy Indiana accent I knew he had to be part of the crew. Audrianna is so exotic and beautiful that you can get caught staring at her with out even realizing your doing it, she is from a small town in Illinois on the border of Iowa where I worked a few strip clubs earlier in my career.

The funny thing about doing that year in the Midwest is that I am now meeting girls in Hollywood that I knew back there, how many girls in the industry do you think are from Des Moines, Davenport, or Cedar Rapids Iowa?  This point I am trying to make leads me to the next part of the story.

Madame Sunset and her Hollywood Sex Kittens were getting ready to do a burlesque show on stage when I walked by, they were preparing for their show, I have know Sunset for a while now, you might remember the story we do on her a few months back. I notice two new girls in her litter of kittens, Madame Sunset introduces me to Gypsy, a dark haired Betty Paige type with the haircut an all, she had ruffles on her ass, which she let me sway back and forth lice waves, It's was a cheap excuse to feel her ass, but I think she knew that and did not mind at all. The second girl was a dirty sexy blond that when I was introduced to her said "Batman, Oh My God it's you" Now I love that reaction from hot girls. Gia the blond dancer and fetish model was one of my dancers in Iowa back when it was 1000 dollar nights and party time in the corn fields. The area has since fallen to the weight of the economy and the strip clubs were the first victims of the "slow down" reaction

We milled around and watched some ass whipping, I still to this day can't figure out the fun in getting a whipping, but to each their own, we are here to observe not judge.  The main stage down stairs had some interesting shows going on, one of which was my fetish friend and super model Satine Phoenix being suspended with ropes strategically tied to make her hang from her hook a certain way.

Shay Lynn was tied up in a rope and was for a while being led around by Metal Sandz, it was cute and sexy at the same time, and OK your thinking is right Shay is just sexy tied up or not. We will see her again at the Nudes A Poppin show in Roselawn Indiana in a few weeks; she is competing for the Miss Nude North America title.

I took my dates Emma and Audrianna over to meet a true master in his field, Ken Marcus, he not only is  a top fetish photographer , he has also traveled the country for years shooting all of those beautiful Playboy Magazine models you know and love. But the best thing about Ken Marcus is the fact that he is a real person and great guy to talk to, I enjoy associating with people like him.

bball-metal-sandz-kiss.jpg bball-milatary-costume.jpg bball-john-stagliano-nina-hartley.jpg bball-gypsy-gia-justice.jpg bball-metal-samdz-madame-sunset.jpg

bball-fetish-model.jpg bball-emma-heart-tony-batman-audrianna-angel.jpg bball-erin-sinclair-ken-marcus.jpg bball-emma-heart-shay-lynn-audrianna-angel.jpg bball-emma-heart.jpg

bball-audrianna-angel.jpg bball-chris-charming-anita-blue.jpg bball-clown-face.jpg bball-audrianna-angel-emma-heart-stage-show.jpg bball-audrianna-angel-emma-heart-end-of-night.jpg

bball-nina-hartley.jpg bball-packing-tape-stage.jpg bball-shay-lynn.jpg bball-stage-dancer.jpg bball-satine-phoenix.jpg

bball-tony-batman-karen-stagliano.jpg bball-whipping-stage.jpg bball-tony-batman-madame-sunset.jpg bball-stage-show.jpg bball-tony-batman-gia-justice.jpg

The Bondage Ball was a lot of fun and for it being only my second time in this type of show I still had that adolescence wow that makes you stare at things you have never seen before... It was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again.

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