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Cam Girl Spotlight: HappyLilCamGirl

By Rob Perez


Cam name: happylilcamgirl

Pronouns: she/her, he/him/ and they/them

How Long Have You Been Camming: Since 2014

Location: happylilcamgirl.com

Social Medias: twitter.com/happylilcamgirl



Public Snapchat @happylilcamgirl

Type of equipment you use: An MSI gaming series laptop, Logitech c920 webcam, Blue Yeti microphone.

Cam Site(s) You Frequently Cam From: chaturbate.com/happylilcamgirl and I occasionally appear on ImLive

Average Daily Take Home Pay: Who knows anymore...? My bare minimum daily goal since 2015 has been $35 but as of autumn 2016 I make plenty more than that 90% of the time.

Average # of Hours You Spend Camming Each Week: 20 plus although I'm always aiming for 40 plus

Biggest Tip Ever: Somewhere around $500 cash in January 2016 (you know who you are, thank you so much!)

Biggest Payout: My biggest was actually this last one, $725! I'm so thankful and a little freaked out that my viewers, both regulars and brand new people have been incredibly generous with me.

Who Are Your Cam Room Heroes: My club members and many complete strangers.

# of Followers (if known): I'm currently at 37,000 on Chaturbate, over nine thousand on Twitter, and 11,000 on Tumblr. My Instagram has like 300. [Laughs] Don't expect me to post there much.

ManyVids Ranking: under 1000

Amazon Wishlist Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/CQKA6EBBXM4O/

Best Gift You Ever Received From Your Wishlist: A huge window unit air conditioner (wtf, thank you)

Most Unusual Request:  open bb

Biggest Pet Cam Peeve: open bb

Anything You’re Known For: Cussing you out while edging with a Hitachi and then apologizing for my potty mouth,  foot worship, mentioning that I've wanted to sell my panties long before I started camming, and teaching viewers tips on using the cam site.

On your Chaturbate page, you identify as a Female to Male transgender but are currently “detransitioning for ease of survival.” Can you please explain what that means for people not familiar with the trans community?

Sure. Trans people have jumped through flaming hoops for decades to get what they need to alleviate gender dysphoria (the stress that stimulates gender transition). In the 1980's people had to go through a ton of psychotherapy with doctors who aren't trans and go through “real life tests” of “passing as the other gender” that sometimes took YEARS before getting hormone therapy, even longer for surgery. The average life expectancy of a trans person was 20-30 years old last time I checked (because of the high suicide and murder rates) and I have firm evidence that it has been rising to meet the general population.

A lot of parents make it hard for their kids, even kicking them out. I was one of those, my parents rejected me when I looked like a guy and when I started testosterone. The majority of the kids I stayed within the Night Ministry shelter in Chicago were LGBT and several were trans. Since I detransitioned, my family has treated me better and I have the privilege of utilizing my feminine features to entertain generous straight men. 

Now I get to see trans people going to school, becoming doctors and professionals, breaking the rules of the now-obsolete “real life test” and it's incredibly beautiful.  I'm really thankful that I am comfortable looking this way, because that wasn't the case at all nearly a decade ago. I was really hurting from gender dysphoria before I took testosterone (aka “T”) and I'm thrilled with how I turned out.

Even though you are detransitioning, do you still identify as male? Why or why not?

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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  Part of breaking the gender rules is that we don't have to think about male vs. female.  Jesus said good things about Mary Magdalene having both masculine and feminine qualities. I know that I'm a balance on yin and yang. My partner, The Scientist, knows that for himself too, and I'm glad we're both comfortably going with the flow of our gender expression. I still reflect masculine qualities but the difference is that now I want to grow in a holistic way rather than destroy all feminine qualities. I kept my prosthetic dick with me for a reason. I left my very-old-school Underworks chest binder behind because it was breaking my ribs. I'm looking at trans-owned binder companies now for a new one and I'm very impressed.

Had you always known you identified more as a male than female?

I knew before I had the words to explain it, yeah.

You also mentioned you are comfortable with yourself in your CB profile. Do you have trans fans that you have gotten to know well who don’t feel comfortable with who they are and how do you try to help them be more comfortable with themselves?

Honestly, I tend to attract other people who are comfortable with themselves.  There's not a lot of advice I give because everyone tends to do their own research, but keeping each other company is a gift.   With the people that I attract, a bad day gets better just by validating and welcoming free expression. 

Personally, I think you’re very beautiful and wasn’t even aware you were trans (FTM) until you mentioned it in your profile. At first you didn’t if I recall. Was that a conscious decision not to mention you were trans in the beginning of your cam career?

Yeah, it was a very conscious decision to withhold it. My first cam site only accepts applications for assigned-female-at-birth broadcasters. I was especially worried that I would be reported so I didn't speak at all on cam for a long time. I started talking by the time I began streaming on Chaturbate but I didn't tell anyone that I'm trans until recently.  I'm marketable to queer folks and straight men that aren't afraid to like people who don't conform to a gender binary.


How much do you love camming? Do you consider camming your real job as oppose to your other jobs you have?

Camming has made my life immensely better and I tell viewers that all the time.  I put a lot of hours into it on and off camera and as an LGBT person, being around people who treat me well is a no brainer. The adult industry will definitely be an aspect of my lifelong career. I'm loyal to Chaturbate as a company because they are the first trans-friendly high-traffic cam site that I have seen. They actually changed the “Transsexual” section to simply the “Trans” section. I had a conversation with the COO Shirley about when Lana and Lilly Wachowski (directors of The Matrix and Sense8) both came out as trans and the guidelines they made for journalists to use while interviewing trans people. She said Chaturbate talked about changing the section name before, and it happened after the next business meeting. I'm really thankful to have a good relationship with the business and strong loyalty to Chaturbate.

Are you currently promoting anything, something you want to get the word out on?

I just launched happylilcamgirl.com and my next goal is fulfilling my Fuck Machine fantasy, so I've got a few offers in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Get added to my NSFW Snapchat for $18, get panties shipped to the US for $40, and all of my Manyvids videos for $100. See my Twitter for more!

If you see The Scientist on cam with me, ask him when he's doing phone sex... ;) I would kill to listen in on those calls.

I also want to shout out my penpal of over 10 years Erin Carroll @facelessfuckers, who just launched a line of her artwork and T-shirts for both cam models and our viewers. Follow her on Twitter for the latest designs! 



How did you hear about camming and what led you to start camming?

I don't remember which key terms I took to Google, but I know that I wanted a group experience instead one-on-one using Chatroulette or Omegle. Once I found MyFreeCams and saw the fun communities, I knew this would be the perfect place to let people watch me masturbate and cry my eyes out after. I went looking for a cam site because I had been crying after every single time I masturbated for a few years and I wanted to share it with someone. Doing this online gave me the freedom to back out if things got weird. I could shut the camera off, but I didn't really need to escape after all.


Can you describe your very first time camming? Were you nervous or excited?

I was nervous because my mom had a terrible habit of walking in on me.  I didn't have a good quality webcam yet and my lighting was terrible. I also didn't talk out loud.

Does anyone (family, friends) know you cam? How do they feel about it or do you keep camming private?

I don't really talk about my sex life offline, so I don't talk about camming much. It was alright when a few people found out themselves.

Is it good money? How can you make a good living or at least make a good supplemental income from camming?

I like that you mentioned supplemental income, because it's all about perspective. I think lots of hobbyist broadcasters will be happy with a little extra cash while exploring their sexuality for our viewing pleasure. If someone wants to put on their best performance, I would say to prepare yourself more than I did: get an HD webcam, get several lamps or a $50 lighting kit. If you have those two things at the bare minimum when you start, you'll have a good chance of success from day 1.  It's critical for anyone who wants to go cam full time.


Why are some cam sites better fit for you as opposed to others? Are there cam sites that you feel don’t really work for you but others do, and why?

I think freemium sites like Chaturbate work well because there's a community aspect and a lot of viewers become friends with each other. I like being watched my many people as opposed to just one. I cam on ImLive sometimes to practice one-on-one interaction, because it's based on privates there. I feel like a better entertainer by performing for a smaller number of people sometimes.

In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful cam girl? How can a girl develop a large following, a high ranking on a cam site, make good money, etc.?

If you don't have any good equipment, just be attentive. Get on cam to talk to people and cultivate relationships. Be genuine, and express gratitude. Move around and don't be shy, unless that's the angle you're going for. Do it because it's hot,  and the money is a bonus.  And seriously, get a good webcam and good lighting, because you'll have a better chance of being seen if you broadcast at the websites criteria for HD.


What do you have that makes you standout, unique from other cam girls? How long did it take you to find what made you standout?

I started to work from the idea that people love to serve. That's why folks regularly come through and support me financially so I'll keep getting back on camera. I want to help with that, so I share several tips with viewers so they can learn more about the website and realize that they can have great conversations with real people. Chaturbate brings in a lot of traffic nonstop so helping new viewers watch their manners and learn how to talk about consent in their personal lives is important to me.

What is the best and worst thing about camming?

The best is seeing my top tippers be friends with each other, and holy crap they are generous, thank you. I don't see much of the worst because things like “open bb” or “hru asl?” don't show up in my chatroom. Did you know that the first cam sites didn't allow broadcasters to ban and silence people themselves? That would have been the worst.

What’s a big misconception people have about cam girls?

Maybe some of the “open bb” people don't expect that we would want to have an intellectually stimulating conversation. Most of the models I'm close with have gone to university. We read books. Ask us about our reading list, man.

Do you ever meet up with any of your cam regulars? Have you ever and was it a good or bad experience?

Yeah, I've met a few of my regulars, and I've had all good experiences. I have to be the one to ask about hanging out first haha. I'm not impressed when guys dangle meet ups in front of me likes it's bait for something.


What makes a good cam room follower?

I think I've covered a lot already, and I'll cover more in my room, so I'll recommend this to my viewers: don't try to download show recordings from seedy websites. It will put a nasty bug on your computer. I have made a few free videos available and some other models do too.

Is this statement true: “Cam girls are the new porn stars.” Why or why not is this statement true?

Yeah, it's true. Cam performers get together to do content co-ops and everyone is on the same page about getting full-panel STD testing. They use high quality cameras and editing software. There's a mutual respect between the best performers and it's only going to do good for the mainstream porn community.


Have you ever been nominated for any cam awards? What would be the ultimate award you’d want to win for being a cam girl?

I got CamCon 2016's cute trophy given to all the attending talent (It says “Everyone's a winner”) and I was grateful to be there. I would probably qualify for other awards like an “Achievement award” or “Against all odds” since I really started from the bottom. And I would rather be awarded as a favorite trans performer instead of a female performer.

What are your long term goals with camming?

I want to do shows dedicated to donating to my favorite non-profits, right now I donate monthly and by a percentage of income. I'll go on tour again to meet other models and especially meet trans performers that I didn't get to see last tour. I'll get a fuck machine thanks to my supporters, and I will happily take more than one fuck machine for fucking multiple holes.

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