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Cam Girl Spotlight: Tisha Draven

Tisha Draven is not a cam girl you want to cross. This NYC based cam girl expects her cam room followers to adhere and worship their goddess or suffer from her wrath. Amazingly, her followers have, making Tisha one of the most popular cam girls on Streamate and MyFreeCams. Her sexiness, charm, wit, humor and dominant personality, plus goddess-like body and Goth beauty, have recently earned her an award for Cam Girl of the Year, and a favorite among fellow cam girls. She may not look like or act like your ordinary cam girl, which is exactly why she is a standout performer in the world of camming, and her efforts have been noticed by many including us here at XCritic for this month’s Cam Girl Spotlight column.

Cam name: Tisha Draven

How Long Have You Been Camming: About 8 months.

Location: NYC

Social Medias: Twitter/Snapchat: @TishaDravenXXX, Instagram: @TishaDraven

Type of equipment you use: I use 2 different laptops (a Mac and a Windows based) and a LogicTech standard HD camera.

Cam Site(s) You Frequently Cam From: Streamate, MyFreeCams.

Average Daily Take Home Pay: It really depends. Some days are awesome and some suck bigger dick than I do.

Average # of Hours You Spend Camming Each Week: Since I have a full time job, I try to bank at least 3 hours a night, so about 15-20 hours a week.

Biggest Tip Ever: Probably $100 dollars.

Biggest Payout: It was over $1,000 in one week.

Who Are Your Cam Room Heroes: I seriously creep on so many girls that it would be giving away my fap list.

# Of Followers: Almost 4,500.

ManyVids Ranking: 2101

Amazon Wishlist Link: SpoilTishaDraven.com.

Best Gift You Ever Received From Your Wishlist: A massive book about the history of the Golden Girls. I’m a dork. I like weird things.

Most Unusual Request: To break a bone and get a cast, and have a weekly cam session with a huge follower. He was so into casts, it needed to be real for the entire experience. Yeah, I wasn’t breaking my leg for that.

Biggest Pet Cam Peeve: “Hey BB, show tits, HRU, SUP?” seriously annoys the fuck out of me. That and “Do you want to see my cock?”, and when I ask for a tip, they respond saying “No, I just figured you wanted to see it if you’re horny.” I hate the misconception of cam-girls or girls in porn. We are in the business of making money; not fulfilling some sexual void. Sorry to disappoint you folks. Just be a cool and laid back guy. That’s where you can get the best of both worlds!

Anything You’re Known For: I am an experienced humiliatrix. I do a lot of financial domination, but all my private shows range from fetish to standard camming. All includes a fuck load of dirty talk!

Are you currently promoting anything, something you want to get the word out on?

I just won the Inked Awards Cam Girl Of The Year 2016! I am so proud of that! Especially being a BBW, I’m glad to represent! Our industry is full of a variety of women on the menu of life so to be tattooed and a BBW and be recognized, I am overjoyed!

How did you hear about camming and what led you to start camming?

I had numerous friends who were camming. I actually had an extremely popular account on a video game website which incorporated virtual reality and sex which only spiked my interest to make more money, considering I had a look to me. Sure enough, here I am in the flesh!

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Can you describe your very first time camming? Were you nervous or excited?

I was awkward. I feel like I’m just naturally awkward though. However, anyone who has come into my room, I am known for my personality with the extra specialty of being cute. I love to talk in my room about things I do and love. It’s important for me to be relatable. I have someone in my room that loved video games, so I mentioned all the gaming I do and he liked me that much more. It made my popped cherry that much more awesome because I’m getting paid to be myself and have fun.

Were you shy before you started camming? Did camming help you get out of your shell, and are you more confident and comfortable with your body as a result of camming?

Nope. I’m a natural loudmouth to some extent yet I am really introverted at home. The only thing that had me nervous is being plus size. The websites I was on at the time, they just tossed all the girls onto a page and didn’t divide fetishes, groups or interests. So guys would come in and ask me things or call me fat, yet the guys who were looking for BBWS were over the moon I existed. I still have those occasional moments with confidence. Even hearing through the grapevine that the more polished girls were talking shit because I won Cam Girl Of The Year and shouldn’t won have because I was fat, only proved that unfortunately, ignorance is still vibrant. Not everyone likes the same thing and that’s cool. I’m not meant for everyone and not everyone is meant for me, but when you have adults using terms that high-schoolers use, it can bruise the ego, but I am even more confident in my body and representing my community. Plus, I will just eat a bitch. [Laughs]

Does anyone (family, friends) know you cam? How do they feel about it or do you keep camming private?

I hate lying. I refuse to ever bullshit anyone and that includes my own family. My mother and father know what I do. Because I am so established in my day to day ‘normal life’, they have no concerns for me in what I decide to do out of that. They are proud of me to pursue what I want with no regrets. I think it’s awesome they know what I do but smart enough to never ask for details. As for my friends, of course they know. I couldn’t hold anything back from those weirdoes. I was always weird and unique in the sense of being strong in my sexual sense; this was just the final step to them.


Is it good money? How can you make a good living or at least make a good supplemental income from camming?

Honestly, my perception of camming is a little different than most. I am not in a dire situation, or opted to cam as a resort. I opted to do this so when I retire shortly from my day to day job, I have my fanbase/career set to continue the next journey of my life in an industry I love and worked hard to maintain. Being in finance, I think that you have to have a certain look and hustle, and not everyone has it. Camming, as well as porn has low seasons, and that is going to counterbalance all the good payouts. I think it’s extremely important to hold down a steady job as you build into a career. Let's say your fanbase is so big that you’re making so much money and not even putting effort into this after work, you clearly have built some sort of name and empire for you to possibly pull the plug on the steady income. I’m very straight laced and organized when it comes to money so I feel a little alone on this concept. I’m 29 going on 95 apparently.

Why are some cam sites better fit for you as opposed to others? Are there cam sites that you feel don’t really work for you but others do, and why?

 I’m going to get into specifics but let’s just say, any website that uses a money system that 1 ticket = cents, it gives the audience a misconception that if they spent 40 tickets, it might look like they are spending 40 bucks and you literally would only wake away with like $2. Has nothing to do with figuring out what you earn but it's the illusion of what people are tipping you. I’m in finance and it’s fucking frustrating for me! [Laughs]

In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful cam girl? How can a girl develop a large following, a high ranking on a cam site, make good money, etc.?  

Honestly, I don’t know the science of it. I talk about this a lot with my girlfriends. Time plays a factor; so being able to bank a lot of cam time is important but at the same time, there are times that you can be the hottest woman and traffic is low. Then whose fault is it really? I think it’s important to have a strong social media presence and to always be humble to the fans. That’s a big thing for me. I try to be humble to everyone who is humble with me unless you’re a dick then fuck you. The newest avenue that is a big deal now is clip sites. So relying just on camming is not the smartest move anymore; it's about capitalizing on all sex worker avenues.

What do you have that makes you standout, unique from other cam girls? How long did it take you to find what made you stand out?

I am the person you see on cam. I’ve always been Tisha. I don’t put on some bimbo-esque show. This is me, you’re paying for the experience of who I am. The obvious answer is saying “I’m a Goth tattooed BBW”, but I think my background, experience and my approach is far different than most and that makes me different. I know I stand out but it’s because I’m almost like the girl next door that you can hang with but you secretly want to fap to her at night. Plus, I’m funny as shit. Fuck you, I know I am. Fart jokes all day bro! [Laughs]

What is the best and worst thing about camming?

Making money and then not making money.


What’s a big misconception people have about cam girls?

That we are all sluts just waiting to see and fuck the first dick we see. I didn’t realize men really buy into a fantasy that doesn’t exist. Your cock doesn’t make us wet, your money does.

Do you ever meet up with any of your cam regulars? Have you ever and was it a good or bad experience?

I have met a few and I set the tone with all my fans. They know I’m humble but I don’t put up with any bullshit. So luckily, it’s been awesome. I hug all my true fans who have invested in me.

What makes a good cam room follower?

A gentleman, a quirky humor guy who actually isn’t just there for the tits and ass. Of course it’s the reason but if you approach me like a human, I’ll treat you like one in return. I ignore all that other bullshit in between.

Is this statement true: “Cam girls are the new porn stars.” Why or why not is this statement true?

I think that camming is another version of porn stars but I wouldn’t say the new porn stars. Just because we all tend to do porn as well and then cam I feel like it’s almost an equal front now.


Have you ever been nominated for any cam awards? What would be the ultimate award you’d want to win for being a cam girl?

Like I said, and yeah I’m bragging now . . . Inked Awards Cam Girl of the Year! I parade around the house with it now. My next goal would be to win a cam girl or solo website at AVN, or maybe even a BBW of the year.

What are your long term goals with camming?

To make all the money, eat all the tacos, have awesome friends, a few orgasms in between . . . I just want to be happy and stable. That to me means I made it. My goals are met, now it’s about living it out!


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