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Sophia Santi in Tryst And Chris Thorne on The AVN Awards

Spotlight Title: It's Big It's Black It's Jack

We had a surprise from Vouyer Media this week according to reviewer Don Houston with the high quality It's Big It's Black It's Jack, saying: Jack Napier has been working in porn for awhile, even directing at West Coast from what I understand, but I've only seen him as a meat puppet so I wondered how well he would do directing at one of the new industry gonzo leaders, Vouyer Media. His first attempt at an interracial flick was It's Big It's Black It's Jack and I found a lot to appreciate given the quality of the cast, the technical matters, and the overall heat displayed in the lengthy scenes and over an hour of great extras. The dynamic of each scene was different; eschewing the use of a formula to keep things fresh, and Jack's friendly way of treating the ladies elevated him well above many of his more established peers in gonzo as a result.

It's Big It's Black It's Jack by director Jack Napier for Vouyer Media was a winner on several levels; the replay and strokability, the technical matters, the quality and quantity of fuck for the buck, and the ladies chosen for the project all helped make it worth a rating of Highly Recommended in my book. I've seen a lot of interracial porn of late as it appeals to part of me like many other fans but It's Big It's Black It's Jack practically begged for a sequel given the humor, the light attitude of the players, and the solid extras that proved you can have your cake and eat it too. Good work!

Sneak Peeks: Tryst

Fans of what we refer to as pretty porn will love the upcoming Tryst by Digital Playground. According to our sources, the title featured one of the hottest contract stars to ever grace the small screen and this is what our team said about the title: Sophia Santi is currently one of the hottest looking contract gals in the porn industry, having changed her name from Natalia Cruz to work for one of the flagship companies of the time, Digital Playground. Currently, she only does women in her scenes and her work at Penthouse aside; she is destined to draw huge crowds thanks to her growing body of work that emphasizes her looks and sensual appeal. Her next project to be released is an erotic journey by director Celeste called Tryst; a series of scenes that almost all star the lovely brunette as she tried out numerous personas. My early look at the title confirmed what I already suspected in terms of the technical matters (see above) but given the strengths Sophia possesses, she is one of the few ladies in porn that can almost pull off the stylish, perhaps romantic, angle that the director shoots for. This is not a backhanded compliment since fans either love or hate the manner in which said movies are shot but it's fair to note that Sophia is still cock shy, slowly evolving into the possibility by handling dildos and vibrators as though they were the real thing; giving us all hope. Tryst by director Celeste to be released by Digital Playground next month, was handled as uniformly well on the technical values as provided by cameraman Robby D, editor Nick P., and all the others that took an active role in the production as the performances by the ladies (and men) in their scenes. Fans of stylish porn will appreciate this Recommended title more than a little bit, especially thanks to the extensive use of Sophia so give it a look when it comes out next month.

Thorne in Your Side - Porn Ramblings From Chris Thorne

The AVN award nominations hit the streets and Thorny was deluged with press releases from almost every studio boasting all their nominations. How many titles we're nominated? A fuckload. The complete list is 45 pages long. To give you an idea of just how much these awards have been tailored to the industry, they give awards to the best female performer and the best female contract star as well as best actress video, best actress film, best foreign female performer, female crossover performer, crossover star, supporting actress in both film and video. The list goes on, and on, and on and on. At some point an award becomes so diluted it's meaningless.

I've got a passing interest in online porn, but rarely cough up the dough for membership. That's why I've been slap happy to see some of the top online porn sites get the best of their stuff out on to DVD. It's a lot easier to separate the wheat from my shaft when watching Bang Bros or Naughty America on DVD and not waiting for something to load gets me ready to shoot my load a lot faster (witty eh!?). So it's with great an-ti-ci-pation that I await the arrival of the first stroke worthy Hundies DVD release "Pigtails and Round Asses" [Trailer].

CT can't let a Tera Patrick release come out without a big loud Booyah! (yeah I'm the Jim Cramer of Porn). I've been a big fan of Tera's since back in the day. In Tera Patrick's Fashion Underground, Tera is back fucking other guys (aside from hubby Evan Seinfeld aka Spyder Jonez). Now don't get me wrong - I think Evan is fucking kick ass, I'm hard pressed to find an example of a porn star hubby being more enthusiastic about his wife's career. I'm just giving the man props for stepping aside and letting Tera be Tera.

Well that's all from your resident prick - Chris Thorne out.

Highlights of The Week

Marketing hype tends to have little effect on reviewer Don Houston but having watched The Girl Next Door by Shane's World is one of the rare companies that tries something different with what they release these days. While they may follow certain formulas in their various series, you are not likely to find them doing a "three position and pop" style title any time soon. Their big movie of the year is called The Girl Next Door, a road trip movie used to introduce newcomer Casey Parker to porn as a contract performer for the company. It was a great deal of fun and seemed to be offered up just a bit too late for award consideration (AVN awards at least) though fans of the company's previous works will likely find this hot. The Girl Next Door by Shane's World was jam packed with some excellent and fun sex but also served as a great road trip and documentary DVD set. In terms of fuck for the buck, replay and stroke value, and a cast of ladies that truly made it enjoyable to watch every minute (Roxy was the star to me for her sexual and non-sexual work but Casey was indeed a treasure in terms of freshness and the cute factor often missing in porn). For all it had to offer then, a rating of Highly Recommended was clearly warranted for The Girl Next Door, and it was greatly appreciated that they provided a balanced view of the road trip (Roxy had me howling with her complaining in the BTS feature, as did the others). Seeing them let their guard down made them more human in many ways and complimented the sex and good times nicely.

Reviewer Don Houston may not be a believer in squirting but he knows quality entertainment when he sees it, seeing a lot of it from Elegant Angel in recent months. He really enjoyed Flower's Squirt Shower 4, telling us that: William H. Nutsack is one of those directors that you either like or hate with little middle ground to speak of with the bulk of his work being shot for the folks at Elegant Angel. I know some of the haters out there suggest the guy has all sorts of personal problems but in fairness, I don't see them translated into anything onscreen that bothers me (if they're even true to begin with). Fans of gonzo styled porn generally recognize the raw energy his movies have, the often zany antics he records, and the fun the ladies seem to have on his sets that openly and readily translate into better scenes. Such was the case with the latest ode to gushing gals called Flower's Squirt Shower 4, the thematic sequel to Flower's Squirt Shower 3. The idea behind the series is that lovely Flower Tucci is featured with a variety of partners in a number of scenes with an emphasis on the phenomenon known in popular porn culture as squirting. Believe this to be real or not, the performance aspects of the scenes were as good as Flower is capable of providing, enhancing the rest of the cast she worked with as well. The technical values were decent, the casting exceptional, and the amount of watery fuck for the buck well above average to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended for fans of the squirting phenomenon. In short, Flower's Squirt Shower 4 was the kind of show Nutsack is known for and regardless of whether you're a true believer in the idea of squirting or not, the movie had some tremendous heat and chemistry; making it clear why Flower is up for various awards yet again this year.

Reviewer Don Houston found that Jules Jordan Video had another hit on their hands with Flesh Hunter 9, pointing out that: Jules Jordan having fought for freedom from "The Empire" to form his own successful distribution company with Jules Jordan Video, has been rapidly expanding this year as an heir apparent to the gonzo throne (especially as several of the major companies have either collapsed, lost their best talent, or otherwise jumped the shark). As a fixture on the gonzo scene for a long time now, he is notable for offering more footage then almost anyone else, more kink than anyone but the fetish companies (they only offer their fetish with nothing else for the most part), and more of the hottest women in porn offering up more tricks than they do elsewhere. To sum up the whole concept of Jules Jordan in one word would be: MORE. His latest release is Flesh Hunter 9: Special Edition, a title that follows the Jordan formula of more with a double disc special edition. If you like Jules or hardcore porn in general, you're going to appreciate this one a whole lot. Flesh Hunter 9 had some highs and lows but still had the kind of strokability, replay value, technical expertise, and quantity of fuck for the buck that warranted a rating of Highly Recommended for gonzo fans everywhere.

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On a related note, Exquisite is now suffering the loss to Jules Jordan Video of hotty Gina Lynn with Gina Lynn's Drowning In Bitch Juice: Gina Lynn is currently one of the few ladies in porn that can make or break a movie with her appearance thanks to her mainstream work, large fan base derived from dance appearances (she is a great dancer folks), and longevity in the industry. Her husband, Travis Knight, directs her most of the time these days for Gina Lynn Productions and they now have a distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video. They have long been friendly with Jules and it probably makes sense for the switch in partners though I'm told that little will change as a result for the consumer. The couple's latest release is Gina Lynn's Drowning In Bitch Juice, the first title distributed by Jules and an all lesbian flick that many of her fans will appreciate thanks to the quality of the ladies in the cast. Gina Lynn's Drowning In Bitch Juice warranted a rating of Recommended thanks to the ladies in the cast interacting so well with Gina, the amount of fuck for the buck, and the interesting bonus scene that added some solid value to the show. The technical values were a bit rough at times but I think Gina's fans will enjoy the stroke and replay value of Gina Lynn's Drowning In Bitch Juice more than a little so they can adjust my rating upwards a bit depending on how much they like the lady.

Evil Angel, on the other hand, has continued to reach out to some of the sickest minds in porn to deliver the goods fans are demanding with titles like Fuck Slaves by pervert director Jake Malone: who has long been established as one of those director s that would push any limit he was allowed to if given the chance, forcing his previous employer to reign him in on more than a few occasions. Now that he's working at Evil Angel, he has more latitude to do the kind of work he's been dying to do, albeit with a few limitations peculiar to the company (no anal creampies as he enjoys for example). His first movie for the company to distribute is Fuck Slaves, a movie so potentially hardcore that some stores and distributors won't carry it since it routinely shows women (and a man) being abused, tortured, and otherwise mistreated in a role playing scenario that they seemed to enjoy once it was over. Pushing limits is sometimes what satisfying porn is all about and while a lot of people find Jake to be creepy, at least he follows his muse in an attempt at trying new things then churning out cookie cutter porn like far too many of his peers seem willing to do. That said, if you're looking for circus act sex, you've come to the right place as the gals are put through the ringer more than a little in a number of ways that almost defy description. If you like the ultra hardcore stuff depicted in the movie, more power to you as Jake is currently one of very few people serving your needs this effectively, offering up a lot of nasty fuck for the buck, replay and stroke value to his niche audience. While I think most of you will want to pass this one up as too depraved for popular conversation, others will find it a delightful series of nasty scenes that you won't find much of these days so I split the difference and rated it as Recommended. In short, you don't find many fuck flicks like Fuck Slaves made these days so go with your own tastes and pick up a copy if this one appeals to you.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn discovered a couple of worthy titles this week with: Girl Pirates 2: the second in its series, brings to live the old silent movies even it is only used as a teaser. If you remember growing up watching the classic silent movies, this is a must watch for you. It has the comedy skits which we all watched and loved as well as opening your imagination to more than just the sound aspect of the movie. I will say that there is some very minor shadowing through out the movie which isn't that noticeable to take away from it. The cover for it as well is done both b&w and in color. Though the camera can't keep up with Venus, her talents shined through in the first scene with the incredible blowjob scene that would leave any man with more wood than he could handle. For those that enjoy vast amounts of anal scenes, there is much to be had in this film with a lot of hard core anal action in ever position humanly possible. I suggest that any man or couple pick up this title and add it to their collection, and Snow Angels: Private again has continued to excel when it comes to its locations. I do find that they only flaw in here was the thick accent George had which made the dialogue very hard to understand. The ladies on the other hand each one works very hard to keep the men erect in that cold weather. Each scene made sure to cater to everyone's taste including those that are DP aficionados. Snow Angels is another Private Title that everyone should have in their collection.

Truth in advertising punctuated Fuck For Dollars: Eddie Powell is a new director and probably the best choice to kick off the new label of Greedy/New Sensations with his reality gonzo show of Fuck For Dollars; a movie where the set up had the guys picking up ladies off the street (in most cases), taking them home, and ending up screwing them for even more dough. In all, it was a cute flick and a nice way to kick off the studio but if you like reality television as spiced up with sex, you'll probably find enough to appreciate repeatedly thanks to the director. Fuck For Dollars merited a rating of Recommended from me in large part due to the level of quality of the ladies, the amount of fuck for the buck, and the technical values. The set ups were sometimes more believable then others but it was still a nice way to start off the fledgling company. In short, Fuck For Dollars at least had a modicum of honesty to the pay for play format and I hope that with more experience and larger budgets, Eddie will show how talented he really is but this was a bright beginning nonetheless.

Director Jordan Septo has long been recognized as a gem at Exquisite by our many reviewers and now reviewer Namrufmot joins the team in praising his latest work with Fuck My Sister and Me Too: I found the title of the DVD to be slightly misleading. From looking at the cover, with the way the girls are posed, you expect to see them in the same scene. Not only do they not appear in the same scene, but they're the only sisters on the entire disc. The three other scenes feel like an afterthought. The DVD was enjoyable not because you see sisters performing together, but because the sex was enjoyable. So make sure if you go to purchase this title you understand exactly what you're getting.

Reviewer Don Houston is not one of the most load happy reviewers online but he appreciated Swallow The Leader 4 as a decent fuck flick centering on ladies swallowing population pudding: Chris Streams and his work at 3rd Degree have struck me over the last year being very well done; coming out of nowhere as one of the unsung quality directors of the gonzo genre. His style, if it could be called that, is more of an approach to help bring the viewer into the scene rather then over direct the talent, boosting most of his scenes as a result. His latest movie is Swallow The Leader 4, the sequel to Swallow The Leader 2 and Swallow The Leader 3, where the sex scenes are punctuated by the ladies swallowing loads. Not all of the men were allowed to fuck the ladies but the loads were swallowed as advertised and most of the ladies really hit the mark well here. Swallow The Leader 4 was a nice selection of scenes with Babalu and Tory really working for me a lot better than average. Monica was incredibly hot looking and Kelly was off the hook in terms of how aggressive she was in her scene, so the diversity of the action was nicely handled. The levels of fuck for the buck, the strokability and replay value, and the technical values all combined to make Swallow The Leader 4 worth a rating of at least Recommended.

VCA continued to release titles including a second free movie to sweeten the package with Latina Dayworkers, a title our resident Latina loving reviewer Michael Vega said: might have had a weak "concept", but the ladies on the disc generated some major heat. While that's to be expected from old pros like Sativa and Daisy, I was completely surprised at how Jesse scorched the screen during her scene. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for her in the future. As far as the technicality of the flick is concerned, Axel directs the action well, but the audio left something to be desired.

VCA was also responsible for the silly spoof by the talented Jim Holliday with Sorority Sex Kittens 5: Director's Long Cut: Jim Holliday might be best known for his sorority themed titles made at VCA Pictures but he had a lot of other specialty themes as well. Still, VCA called him back to the SSK series with Sorority Sex Kittens 5: Director's Long Cut, made concurrently with several other flicks including Sorority Sex Kittens 4. If you like lots of kinky sex and hot ladies, you'll appreciate this one a whole lot more than many contemporary movies made at the time. Sorority Sex Kittens 5: Director's Long Cut was full of the same kind of sex, ladies, and technical values that made the series a winner in most circles; earning a rating of Recommended. The plot was lighter then usual but the sex scenes provided just the basics (still including lots of anal, foot play, and related tricks) and strokers will likely find Sorority Sex Kittens 5: Director's Long Cut to be a decent offering in the popular series nonetheless.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot thinks more of the ladies then the size of the cocks they ride but enjoyed I Can't Believe I Took The Whole Thing #9 a lot, writing to us about the Brother Love directed epic that: I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a big fan of Shane Diesel films. He is so big that it often looks like the girls are in a lot of discomfort " something I don't find particularly sexy. With that being said, this is still a decent release. The sex is intense and energetic, the girls are all smokin', and the technical quality is good. Fans of Shane Diesel will definitely want to pick this up.

Another Jim Holliday fluff piece was Ten Little Angels: Jim Holliday was known for his extensive body of work at VCA that used certain formulas to get the most fuck for the buck out of his extensive casts. When shooting multiple movies at the same time, he would often keep things straight but making sure that at least one of the titles was a vignette driven flick, one a feature, and another one of his J&J shows. This worked wonders for his reputation of employing more cuties at the same time then any other director of the era. Such was the case with Ten Little Angels, a vignette driven title that had no plot, acting, or introductions aside from the ones he had texted into the beginning of each scene (which was very helpful by the way). Just the no frills sex this time was a nice change of pace, including all the usual sexual tricks Jim employed with his cast. Ten Little Angels actually had eleven attractive women in it with a straightforward approach that brought some new fans into his fold as I recall from when it was released. The lack of silly plot, goofy trivia, and little signature moves had people speculating that Jim actually turned directing duties over to Jill Kelly but this was disproven years ago. For the amount of fluffy surf bunny sex, awesome ladies, and technical niceties, I thought Ten Little Angels earned a rating of Recommended.

Another double dose of daring dickly deeds reviewed by Namrufmot were: Teen Purr-Fect: To be honest, I was totally surprised by this title. FusXion, while a solid company, has never really reached the same level as many top-end studios. This title, however, is just as good (or better) as anything you'll find on the market. The girls are all young, attractive, and more importantly know how to fuck on camera. If you're in the market for a new teen DVD give this title some consideration, and Cum Guzzlers 6: After watching this release I come away with some mixed feelings. For the most part the scenes were enjoyable and should hold up to repeated viewings. Part of me though still thinks that this DVD is missing that special "something". I would make a decent blind buy if you can find it on sale, but I wouldn't recommend paying full price for it.

Shane's World might be known for reality TV style porn and frat boy antics but they have expanded into gonzo recent with titles like Black and White: Collector's Edition: Tim Von Swine is one of the rare breed in porn; he is unapologetic in stating what he likes to shoot in his porn and doesn't mince words when confronted about it. He has worked for several companies, most recently spending some quality time with the folks at Shane's World. His latest title to hit the stores is Black and White: Collector's Edition (made under the working title of Black Heat, White Hot), a generic sounding title that has been used numerous times in the past 30 years. The theme of the show was interracial scenes with black males and females hitting it with white folks, providing a diverse selection of antics that included anal in some cases. I'll be the first one to admit that the movie looked much like it could have been released at any of the major gonzo companies but seeing Shane's World expanding their boundaries is a good thing too. Black and White: Collector's Edition was a solid effort in most ways for those who like interracial gonzo sex in their porn. None of the ladies were filler quality and the men were largely up to par as well, helping to make the movie worthy of a rating of Recommended. The stroke, replay, and fuck for the buck values were all solid with the raw energy of Von Swine's usual technical skills with some fine cast to speak of too.

Returning with some thoughts this week was reviewer Colonel Mustard, appreciating 2 On 1 #25: One thing that you always know when purchasing a Diabolic DVD is that you will get a lot of very hardcore sex. This 25th rendition of 2 on 1 focuses on three some. Some of the scenes are two girls and a guy and the others are two guys pounding the pussy of one lucky lady. There are nine women on this release that's close to a three hour running time. Three hours of hardcore sex with a bevy of talented woman; never a bad combination. The first scene with Eva and Megan was hot, Rita's scene was enjoyable as usual and the last scene with Kaiya and Liv was fantastic. The other scenes left a lot to be desired. All in all, I must Recommend this DVD for those three scenes, and Crowning Glory: Club Jenna, is attempting to capture some of the same magic that made Jenna so famous. This release is a vehicle for Bree Bennett, the ultra sexy young woman who Jenna Jameson has dubbed her successor. A lot of people may not like this style of porn. It felt a bit like an MTV video and the ladies were dolled up to the point it looked like they were at a Playboy shoot. However, I found this DVD to be outstanding. The extras were great, the sex was hot and different and I liked the look and sound to this DVD.

Reviewer Godzillas Pacifier found the release by Digital Sin of Flash (not the blockbuster by Vivid Entertainment) to be a charmer, saying it: understands the core of the adult film fans, and doesn't try to supposedly impress us with a lot of back story or any acting of any kind. This certainly isn't the only review I've said this in but this is one industry where you don't need to have a great plot of story to accompany the main thing people came to see. In action titles, you may have a lot of action but it could all be nothing if you don't have a decent story with some nice character development to back it all up. Porn can be quite the opposite. This title takes us for a stroll around the block with scenes that are mainstream and flashy, hence the name of the film. Hopefully the scenes are hot enough to keep you watching this title over and over again whenever you feel the need to dip into your porn collection. This title doesn't try to insult its viewers by pretending to be something it isn't. Who needs all the smoke blown up our behinds like we're in the land of Oz? No fancy curtains, no strange spooky entity that isn't real... just the stuff we're here to see. The scenes are nice, the interaction between all the stars is hot, and I'm a happy camper in the end after seeing this. Mainstream quality scenes without any of the bullcrap. I would recommend this DVD. There's really nothing in the way of features, but the content is delicious and the video transfer is amazing for standard definition adult DVD's anywhere.

Reviewer Don Houston noted that Wicked Pictures was not just about huge blockbusters as he delved into a compilation starring beautiful Carmen Hart in Forever Carmen: Wicked Pictures is one of the most successful porn companies using the contract star system originally thought up in mainstream Hollywood generations ago. The terms may vary but the bottom line is that a cutie only makes scenes for the company on an exclusive basis for a period of time, renewable if both parties agree to terms. One of the hottest such stars is the lovely and talented Carmen Hart, the gal on the front DVD cover with a sense of southern charm and beauty that puts her firmly in the genetically gifted category. Her latest release is actually a compilation of older scenes called Forever Carmen; a selection of ten scenes starring the hotty under various circumstances. While I would have greatly preferred that at least some unique material be included on the DVD, I understand the economics behind such decisions all too well. That said; Carmen fans that have yet to shell out the money for her individual releases will likely appreciate this collection of scenes from some of the company's most talented directors and while it wasn't exactly a bonanza for those of us that have seen her movies in the past, it did nicely collect them in one place. Forever Carmen was worth a rating of Recommended for the quality of fuck for the buck, the casting, and the selection of the scenes, regardless of minor issues I had with the release. Carmen is one of the best looking, best performing ladies in porn so you really can't go wrong here unless you want the harsh lighting of gonzo and circus act sex that other companies offer up.

Two words sum up Mercenary Pictures; Lexington Steele. We looked at one of this year's earlier releases with Pole Position 5: Lex POV: Lexington Steele and his company, Mercenary Pictures, have been more than just a gonzo producer focusing on interracial porn in the last few years for me; they've been something of a fruition of ideals for the Dark Prince since I remember the candor and determination he showed when telling me how he wanted to do things his way several years back. While he has worked on polishing up his directing style and seen a number of personnel changes in recent times, he has also tried to hold true to his ideals of what porn should look like (albeit with some issues that appear to have been addressed). His latest release is Pole Position 5: Lex POV, a series of five point of view interracial scenes with a cast of very appealing ladies, none of whom were afraid or shy about liking the big guy as he nailed them fast and furious in numerous positions. If that sounds as good to you as it did to me, you'll be happy to note that the ladies showed a lot of energy on average and this worked wonders for keeping Lex going in the movie. Some of the gals, Mysti, Gianna, and Sophie, were truly into the whole process of taking care of Lex and their energy, passion, and enthusiasm shined like bright lights on the screen. This helped elevate the fuck for the buck, replay, and stroke value into a solid Recommended status that might have been even higher if the others were on board, the missing BTS feature wasn't left off the DVD, and the advertised 3 hours was accurate. Still, Pole Position 5: Lex POV showed why Lex is one of the top performers consistently in polls to this day, even if some of the haters can't stand the way he grunts, groans, and verbally lets loose when reaching his climax. In all, the movie showed the world that Lex is still fighting the good fight and working on his craft, benefiting his fans as well as the ladies.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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