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Thread: @KickStarter Rejects @StayingPowerDoc, an Indie Doc. Humanizing Adult Entertainment

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rejects Indie Doc. Humanizing Adult Entertainment

    The Popular Artist Fund Raising Site Turns Down “Staying Power,” an In-Production Documentary Promoting Healthy Sexual Expression!

    April 12, 2012 --- CHATSWORTH, Calif. --- The filmmakers behind “Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry,” were recently notified their documentary would not be featured on The popular funding platform is a vehicle for emerging artists to finance projects from music to fashion to films. An independent documentary promoting healthy sexual expression and humanizing the adult entertainment industry, “Staying Power” was rejected from joining the community.

    “Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry” peels back the curtain to reveal the reality and humanity of those involved in the adult industry, while also demonstrating how society’s ideologies are reflected in porn, as it weaves itself into the fabric of modern culture. For more information, visit

    Visitors to are able to view thousands of projects in various states of production and opt to donate money to support the completion. does have a list of prohibited items, including pornographic material. While “Staying Power” deals with pornography as a subject matter, it is a non-pornographic feature film intended to educate audiences.

    After submitting “Staying Power” to, Brandon Longwood received the following reply in an email:

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your project. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right fit for Kickstarter. We receive many projects daily and review them all with great care and appreciation. We have determined that your project does not meet the Kickstarter Guidelines (

    “I have all the respect in the world for,” says Brandon Longwood. “It was disappointing to find out ‘Staying Power’ will not be one of the site’s featured projects. I truly hope the decision was uninfluenced by the very biases and stigmas surrounding sex and pornography examined in ‘Staying Power.’ Perhaps our documentary was too hot for, but we have an important story to tell, and will find other ways to do so.”

    With closing its doors to “Staying Power,” Longwood and his production team will turn to an alternate fundraising site named To help fund “Staying Power” through, visit

    For information about the “Staying Power” campaign, interested investors may follow the documentary’s progression through social media – and

    About Brandon Longwood:
    An 8-year veteran of adult entertainment, Brandon Longwood is now pointing the camera back on the industry to shed light on one of society’s most taboo subjects—pornography. In “Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry,” Brandon draws upon his experience as a porn performer, producer, and website designer in order to draw back the curtain on the everyday people behind the highest grossing entertainment industry in the world. The soft-spoken Brandon continually aims to educate others on sexuality through his work on camera, behind the camera, and in his private life, as the family man who could be the guy next door. As a documentarian, Brandon is trying to establish a level of intimacy and personality to the adult industry, so viewers see faces and souls, in addition to fornication. When his movies end and the credits roll, Brandon hopes he’s begun to chip away at the stigmas of sexuality and porn, while inspiring open conversations otherwise unspoken. After all, the world would be a better place if the time spent advocating violence, hate, and ignorance were spent having sex. For more information, visit or

    Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry, Brandon Longwood,, Kick Starter, fund, raising, donations, art, documentary, independent, indie,, sex, sexuality, porn, pornography, adult entertainment, XXX

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    For more information please contact:

    Production – [email protected]

    Marketing – [email protected]

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