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Thread: Sex Was Always Virtual! @VRPorn Explores #VirtualReality Sex Debate

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    Not Safe For Work Sex Was Always Virtual! @VRPorn Explores #VirtualReality Sex Debate ‘Sex Was Always Virtual: Parts 1 & 2’

    Exploring the Concepts of Actual, Virtual and Fantasy – and Applying Them to Porn!

    VENICE, CA – In the past few days has explored the proclamation by Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher Slavoj that “sex was always virtual.”

    In a two-part examination, DrSlonginhymen says this is great news. Armed with this new concept, DrSlonginhymen takes on, for example, a vegan/New Age brother who takes the opposite perspective, contending that “VR sex was a symptom of the decline of western society, a sign of lost passion, and a masturbatory perversion” and others and discovers that Zizek’s philosophy can be broadly applied.

    Zizek’s point of view is best summed up by the philosopher himself: “You are never alone with your partner. You need a fantasy. It may even be a fantasy about this partner. Real sex is just masturbation with a real partner.”

    The concepts of Actual, Virtual and Fantasy are explored, leading to the conclusion that Zizek “implies that technology is not a problem, it is not ruining the human spirit and not an instrument of our demise as a human race.”

    “Zizek argues that even when we have sex with a partner, we just use that partner as a masturbatory tool to connect with our fantasies,” DrSlonginhymen concludes.

    “Given that fantasies are part of the virtual plane, sex is then virtual. Taken as a whole, sex has always been a fantasy focused virtual affair. Using VR porn then is not a strange unnatural perversion that is a symptom of our modern downfall. Instead, it is a tool that we use to connect to our fantasies much like we use other people during sexual acts.”

    Read “Sex Was Always Virtual, Parts 1 & 2”:

    Introduce your mind to Slavoj Zizek:

    Check out the recent interview with founder and CEO Daniel Peterson on

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