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Under Contract: Tia Bella

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 3/23/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See review.

Length: approx 2hrs

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. Since the ten scenes are culled from ten different films, the picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

Preface about my method: It's my belief that compilations are much better than full features. I mean, think about it. Why do people watch Adult films? Is it for the compelling storylines? How 'bout the Oscar worthy acting? Nope. It's for sex. Plain and simple. These Vivid compilations serve that purpose. They present you with a DVD that cuts all the bull and gets down to business. 

Now, as far as Tia goes...i'm a BIG fan of hers. Well, maybe I shouldn't say FAN...by definition that'd be the wrong word. How 'bout...admirer. While I don't racially discriminate when it comes to females, I find i'm more attracted to Latin females. Tia, according to a bio that I found, is of Latin/Greek descent. So you know what that means...

I really can't judge her on her acting ability [not that you'd necessarily CARE about that], but I can tell you that i've YET to see a scene of hers where it seems she's just "going through the motions". That's why in the following review, i'll rarely comment on her performance. You know that old saying: "If you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all"? I believe the opposite. If I think she's giving a bad performance, hormones aside, i'll let ya know.


Scene from "2nd Coming": Tia Bella, Dee, Johnnie Black, Roxanne Hall, AJ, Rich Handsome, Rob & Tim Hard
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggy. Cowgirl. Missionary. 
Condoms: No.
This scene takes place in what looks like a warehouse. It begins with Tia "cooling down" Johnnie with an ice cube. From there, she takes her cube and moves on to Roxanne [who's wearing an S&M collar]. Roxanne walks over to start playing with Johnnie with Tia following to join the fun. As the munching & licking is going on up on the stage, Dee's in the audience keeping herself occupied with Rob, Tim & Rich. Jill Kelly makes a "bare breasted" appearance. Eventually, Tia gives AJ some head while she's getting some from Rox who happens to be getting some from Johnnie [got all that?]. After a short time, Tia lays back and Rox & Johnnie each grab a leg and spread her open like a Thanksgiving turkey so AJ can get inside. We see some more of Dee giving her beautiful lips a workout and then the scene shifts back to the stage. AJ's still doing Tia, who is now laying on top of a kneeling Johnnie, whose face is buried between a reclining Rox's legs. While this action is going on and positions are shifting, we see Marc Wallace wandering down corridors. He eventually wanders into where all the action is taking place, spies Tia and looks as if he's about to run away crying. Well, okay, not really crying...but kinda distraught. Jill sees him and tells some guy that was playing with her implants...err...boobs to go get him. He brings Marc over to Jill. I'm guessing Marc & Tia were married[?] or going out[?] and Jill's sorta like a sexual Mr. Roarke since she asks Marc if that's what he wanted [while he's watching Tia give AJ some limp head -- AJ was limp, NOT Tia's ability]. I'd like to tell you how the scene ended and what all this meant, but I can't. The scene faded while Jill was talking and AJ didn't even get to climax. Color me disappointed.

Scene from "Chasin' Pink #1": Tia Bella & Coral Sands
Acts Included: Oral.
The scene starts with Tia making her way up Coral's thigh in a kitchen. Eventually, she gets to the middle and gives her tongue a brief workout. Coral stands up and helps Tia remove her panties. Once they're both naked, Tia impales Coral with a transparent dildo. As she's twisting it in and out of Coral, the cameraman generously treats us to some shots of Tia's lovely ass. The scene ends with Coral giving Tia a chance to get intimate with the dildo. Unfortunately, this part of the scene suffers from low lighting in spots. This scene wasn't bad. Brief, but not bad.

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Scene from "Fresh": Tia Bella, Elle Devyne and Sydnee Steele
Acts Included: Oral.
This scene takes place in what looks like a church. Apparently, Tia has walked in on Elle & Sydnee in a compromising position. They wave to her and then proceed to sample each others flavors. While this is happening, Tia's on a nearby pew stimulating herself. It isn't long before she joins the duo. Sydnee gets a taste of Tia while being munched by Elle. After a minute or two of this, Elle & Sydnee ride a heaven sent double headed dildo. Shortly afterwards, they take turns fingering one another. The scene ends with Elle & Sydnee double teaming Tia, who's laying against the church organ. I'm probably going to go to Hell for saying this, but this scene generated MAJOR heat.

Scene from "Fresh": Tia Bella, Barett Moore and Nick East
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggy. Reverse cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
Barrett, who's topless, pulls Nick into a bedroom that Tia happens to be in. While Nick is kissing/licking Barett's body, she motions to Tia to join them. Tia adjusts her top and looks away. Eventually, Nick throws Barett onto the bed which forces Tia to get off. Barett proceeds to give Nick a blowjob. While this is happening, Tia's moved to a chair in the room and i'm guessing the excitement gets to her since her breasts come out, her dress goes up and she starts to manually satisfy herself. She does this for the entire scene as Barett & Nick get busy on the bed.  They start off with some doggystyle followed by some deep reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with some more doggystyle until Nick shoots on Barett's ass. I'd have to say this was a pretty HOT scene.

Scene from "Gettin' Lucky": Tia Bella & James Bonn
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary.
Condoms: Yep.
We start this scene with some pretty good oral by Tia in a black thong. After a few minutes of this, James quickly does away with the thong and briefly returns the favor. He then proceeds to penetrate her in the missionary position while she uses her finger to provide some anal stimulation. The action switches to doggystyle until he shoots on her chest. I'm not conserving my words. The scene was literally as short as it reads. Good, but short.

Scene from "Girl Next Door": Tia Bella & Janine
Acts Included: Oral.
Tia begins the scene by stripping Janine's overalls off. After bending her over, Tia proceeds to give her a thorough licking. Janine strips Tia down and returns the favor. While i'm watching this, I realize Janine's huge tattoo on her right wrist is really ugly. Of course, I know she didn't stop there. Back to the action. After really working Tia over with her tongue, Janine gives it a rest by replacing it with a piece of ice. The scene ends, abruptly, with Janine on her stomach playing with her ass, while Tia's licking her between her thighs. This scene had to potential to be real hot. Unfortunately, it was too short. I'm wondering if this is an edited version of this scene.
Scene from "the Look": Tia Bella & Marc Wallace
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
It begins, as every scene should, with Tia on her knees giving Marc, who's lookin' kinda old, a blowjob. After a couple minutes, he strips her down and returns the favor - for MORE than a couple of seconds [ I guess the old school pros know how it should be done...]. After spending a fair amount of time down there, Marc finally sits back so Tia can ride him. When she's done, she stands up and Marc hits her from behind until he shoots on her thigh. This was a good scene.

Scene from "Party Favors": Tia Bella & Christian Steele
Acts Included: Oral.
Tia's dressed elegantly and getting ready for a party. Christian, eventually talks her into giving him a blowjob. It's unfortunate that Tia's the only one that had something in her mouth. If I heard ONE MORE "fuck yeah/oh yeah" variation outta Christian's mouth, I would've grabbed the knife Tia was using to cut up vegetables and do some damage. [Oh wait...that's only possible in a Cronenberg flick...damn]. Even though there was no penetration, something about seeing a stocking-wearing, thong-clad Tia with her skirt hiked up with a dick in her mouth still brought the heat.

Scene from "Secrets & Lies": Tia Bella & James Bonn
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Missionary. Doggystyle. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
This was a weird scene. Tia is talking to James about her sexual experiences. As she does this, we get flashes of other Tia scenes. In fact, as she starts giving him a blowjob, we see some of the previous scene. Also cut into this scene are shots of a couple standing in front of a mirror arguing. We cut back to James who has Tia on her back with her legs spread open for some missionary. Next up is some doggystyle before James shoots on Tia's chest.
Scene from "Tia Bella: Extreme Close Up #3": Tia Bella & Vince Vouyer
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Missionary. Doggystyle. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
Vince is already working on Tia as we begin this scene. Once he's done, Tia gives him a real good blowjob before he bends her over for some doggystyle. Some missionary is up next, followed by some reverse cowgirl until Vince shoots on her chest - rather weakly. So weak, in fact, that you might not even realize he did if Tia didn't sell it...

Bonus Scene from "Happily Never After": Sharon Kane & Randy Spears
Bonus Scene from "Matchplay": Ataria Starling & Eric Masterson
Bonus Scene from "Set On Sunrise": Wendy Divine & Eric Masterson

Concluding Words: As I stated in the preface, Tia Bella is one of my all-time favorite actresses. This is the fourth Vivid compilation disc dedicated to her that i've reviewed. Out of the four, this is the weakest. Yes, the majority of these scenes are featured on those compilations, but on this disc they all feel truncated.

This disc falls short of the standard set by the other discs on Tia. Therefore, it rates a mere rent it.

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