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Score Xtra 6

Studio: Score » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 3/26/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Mia Miluv, Friday, Brandy Dean, Shay Sights and Lisa Lipps

Length: 2 Hours. 5 Minutes.

Extras: Slide Show, Previews [6m]

Audio/Video: The video is 1.33:1 and the presentation was very sharp and consistent with features shot on video. The audio was clear and presented in 2-channel stereo.

Scene 1: Mia Miluv
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Doggy. Missionary. 69.
Condoms: Nope.
Tits: Fake.
We join Mia during the shooting of her first magazine layout. She grabs a dildo and asks the photographer if he'd like to see "how far she could shove her dildo inside of her". He declines. So once he leaves, Mia goes on a mission to find "that cute Scores guy". After putting on a white see-thru robe that barely covers her humongous tits, she wanders through the complex in search of the editor. Once she finds him, she brings him back to her bed on the set. He tells Mia he's going to put a bra on her, but it's merely a ruse as he begins fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples while she rubs herself and strokes the growing bulge in his jeans. While bending over to put on a sexy pink lace thong, he begins fingering her. Cut to Mia on her knees giving Mr. Man a blowjob. The action shifts to the bed where they're now 69ing. When he's done fingering Mia's ass and pussy, we see her lying on her back as he's titty fucking her. Shortly afterwards, we see Mia riding him both ways , cowgirl & reverse cowgirl, before the final position of the scene - on her back with her legs spread wide for some missionary. She ends up stroking him until he shoots, weakly, on her chest. This scene wasn't bad. Mia's not bad looking and the sex was okay, but her "moaning" got to be nerve-wracking after the first minute or two.

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Scene 2: Friday
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl. Doggy. Spoon. Missionary.
Condoms: Yep.
Tits: I say real. My girlfriend says fake.
This scene begins with a man reading a catalog for sex toys while Friday is sucking his dick. Cut to the couple clothed and opening up a package containing a variety of dildos that Friday wants to try out. He takes off her pink top and begins sucking on her nipples. Next thing we see is Friday on her knees undoing his pants and giving him a blowjob. As the scene goes on, she alternates between sucking on his dick and titty fucking him. After six minutes or so, she bends over so he can lick and finger her. We then see her bent over on the couch as he's pounding her from behind. Missionary is up next. As i'm watching this, i'm trying to figure out why in the hell she has a big letter "F" tattooed right above her pussy. Oh well. Another of life's great mysteries that shall remain unanswered for me. They're in this position for some time, and I find myself not complaining since she looks quite sexy on her back with her legs spread. After he briefly spoons her, we see her sucking a dildo during some more doggy. When he pulls out, she sticks the dildo in her ass as he sticks a finger in her pussy. Next up is some reverse cowgirl followed by some cowgirl. Until she tells him that she wants him in her ass. Cut to Friday bent over once again, and we see that Mr. Man has acquiesced and he's now in her ass. The scene ends with Friday giving him another blowjob. Actually, it's more like a deep throating, until he shoots on her tits. This scene was ten minutes longer than the previous scene, and that's a good thing. Friday is an attractive, tanned blonde. While she does have a sexy ass and thighs, the only negative thing about her is that she's a little too vocal. Other than that, this scene was a great improvement over the first.

Scene 3: Brandy Dean
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Missionary. Doggystyle. Cowgirl. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Nope.
Tits: Real.
Brandy's man is fondling her tits and trying to get her to lactate. She gets on the couch and spreads her legs so he can lick her while she caresses her chest. He doesn't even have a chance to take off his boxers before Brandy's giving him an alternating blowjob/tit fuck. The oral foreplay ends as Brandy gets on top of him for some reverse cowgirl. This is followed up with some brief doggy before some missionary. She gets on top once again, this time for some cowgirl, until the scene ends with a weak shot to Brandy's chest. I really wasn't feeling this scene. The camerawork wasn't that good since some shots were claustrophobic and, at times, positioned at an awkward angle that obstructed the action. Brandy, however, was an attractive female who seemed to be enjoying herself Just not as much as Friday, though.

Scene 4: Shay Sights
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl. Reverse Cowgirl. 69.
Condoms: Nope.
Tits: Fake.
This scene begins with Shay and her man sitting on a couch. As they compare her chest to some model's in a porn magazine, he throws some complements her way and then begins sucking on her nipples and playing with her chest. They take the action to her bedroom, where he wastes no time diving between her thighs for a licking. Once he's done, she gets on top of him for a 69. It's one-sided however, as she seems to be doing more sucking than he is licking. Cut to Shay riding him reverse cowgirl. Once she stops, she gives him a brief titty fucking before she gets back on to ride, this time facing him. Up next is some spooning followed by some doggystyle. The scene ends with him shooting on her chest after some more titty fucking. Shay is a fairly attractive female who wasn't nearly as vocal as the other ladies. That, and her sexy tanlines, made this scene appealing.

Scene 5: Lisa Lipps
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Missionary. Cowgirl. Reverse Cowgirl. 69.
Condoms: Nope.
Tits: Umm...are you serious?
Lisa asks her painter if he's ready to take a break and "play with her for a while". He begins by sucking on her humongous tits. Lisa grabs some lotion and pours it on her chest. After the painter rubs it in, she begins giving him a blowjob. At one point she says "That wasn't a very good try. I should go down deeper, huh?". As she begins taking him deep in her mouth, the camera abruptly cuts to a shot of her ass. When it cuts back, she's back to sucking on his tip. It boggles my mind why they did this. Oh well. During the time Lisa is sucking him, she also titty fucks him a bit. Once she's done, we cut to Lisa on her back with the painter giving her some missionary. A couple minutes later, Lisa's getting fucked in a vertical missionary position. After she asks him if he's ready for doggystyle, we see Lisa bent over and getting pounded from behind. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are the final positions, before the scene ends with him shooting on her face. The years have not been kind to Lisa. The action was good, but the scene wasn't that appealing.

Concluding Words: While the audio/video quality was good, the lack of extras on this disc was disappointing. With the exception of Friday, the actresses weren't that appealing to me nor was I impressed with the sex.

This disc reminded me of the days I worked in a video store [before DVD]. Once in a while we'd stock tapes that had porn actors/actresses sporting giant prosthetic dicks or tits [Leanna Foxxx is one actress that comes to mind]. Seeing the actors with 2-3 foot long dicks or the actresses with tits as big as their body from the torso upwards was extremely disturbing. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE big breasts. However, I love big natural breasts. I just can't get into any sex where the girls look like they're they have two bowling balls underneath a thin layer of skin.

This one gets a rent it.

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