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Repo Girl

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 3/28/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Straight Feature
LENGTH: 110 mins with bonus material

You've really got to hand it to Robby D. In the arena of adult entertainment, a universe inundated with compilations, collections and cobbled together merchandise, here is a filmmaker yes, that word can be used with someone in the porn business that wants to break out of the product production mode. He has a vision for the future and wants to make movies that's right kiddies, remember when hardcore was something more than an anthology of stag reels? that defy predictable carnal wisdom. Obviously tired of tease tales where the excuses for fucking are as lame as the dumb dialogue floundering between the performers, Mr. D brings a real sense of style, a nuance of actual narrative craft and character development to his work. Sure, he can be accused of borrowing material from the Hollywood mainstream, filling his flesh feasts with so many movie references and occasional direct rip-offs that you may feel a sense of dirty deja vu. But he is also playing with conventions; throwing in subtle surprises, avoiding the standard adult production dynamics and adding a genial playfulness that recaptures the spirit of classic porn from the 70s while using the latest in 21st century technology. Repo Girl is an example of such a forward thinking fuck-fest. There is plenty of hardcore action to keep the hormones happy. But there is also a smattering of silliness, a desire to create real characters and an excellent plot payoff. Yes, this IS a review of pornographic material. But Robby D's directorial style lends itself to such "outside the envelope" accolades.

The DVD:
The story of Repo Girl is simple. Claire (porn star Celeste a.k.a. Bunny Luv) is a recently released from prison car thief who must find a job in two days or her heinous parole officer will put her through the sexual mill he forces all female felons to endure. Thinking that her auto emancipating ways may come in handy in the repossession trade, she applies for a job. But the crew at the yard demand she take the "repo" test. She has eight hours to recover three vehicles from some of the worst deadbeats on the company's books. If she can do it, she's got the job. If she can't, she won't get hired. Then she will have to satisfy her officer's awful, wicked demands. So over the course of a single day, Celeste hits the pavement and seeks out the autos she needs to pass the trial by tires. Along the way, she witnesses how some of her indebted targets spend their quality time in the privacy of their own perversion.

There are five hardcore scenes spread out among the storyline that, for the most part, feed directly into and/or derive from the plot dynamics. Dealt with specifically, they are:

Scene 1: Probation Office Tyce Bune and Aurora Snow
Beginning this movie with a real bang, our sleazy probation officer demands head from one of his youthful charges and Aurora is more than happy to oblige. She deep throats him with gag reflex regularity before it's time for some straight sex on top of the government-issue desk. The pounding is profuse as Bune adds the occasional gob of spit to keep things juicy and well lubed. They then break into a session of reverse cowgirl before the obligatory doggie style comes into play. Again, Aurora takes a thumping as Tyce really slams into her. After a very sweaty, very sexy session, Tyce uncorks in her mouth. She finishes him off by sucking his cock dry. A very intense, very erotic scene with only one minor flaw. Tyce is so good at playing a dangerous perverted type that some real menace enters into the mix. If you like a feeling of forced sex that borders on assault, you'll definitely be jacking your Johnson to the sequence. Other may feel a slight sense of exploitation. Still, some hot action here. 8/10

Scene 2: Celeste's Home Mickey G and Vicki Vogue

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Coming right after Claire visits her parents (and a strange incest vibe is suggested), Mickey and Vicki (as the bumpkin guardians) put on quite a show. While some strange banjo hip-hop plays in the background, Vickie sucks the shit out of Mickey. Though she really is cheating a bit (watch her mouth as she "pulls back" off the oral every once in a while, covering with hand motions) she gets the Mickster all worked up. He returns the favor by munching on her muffin with abandon. With lots of lip and tongue action (and a few well placed fingers, just for fun), he licks Vick into oblivion. Straight sex ensues with some strange instances where Mickey pulls his penis out, only to drive it back inside like he's slamming a dresser drawer. Vickie, playing it dumb and distant doesn't seem to mind at all. A bit of the bowwow is next on the menu and the bush pushing is palatable. Finally, Mickey spills his seed inside Vickie's voice box, and she cleans him off with an oral tongue toweling. This is a very seedy, smutty scene with borderline degradation and some very seamy sex. Still, Mickey and Vicki do a good job of selling the action and, overall, the aggressive nature does makes for a real scorcher. 8/10

Scene 3: Repo Victim #1 Eric Masterson and Fallon Summers
Before repossessing their car, Claire looks into the window of a house where the couple lives. She sees Eric, dressed in chain mail and looking like a refugee from a leather bar, dancing with Fallon Summers in a moment reminiscent of Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction. As the two horny heathens gyrate, a masked hostage sits immobile in a chair. While she is sucking on Eric's cock, Fallon will occasionally stroke the male captive's clothed member. Eric then dives in for a little slurp and entice cunt licking. He also provides some prodding with multiple fingers. When she goes back to Master's schlong, Fallon pays the balls a bit of needed attention. Straddling the hostage, Eric gives her a dickfull from behind, doing the doggy with style. Fallon climbs on top and pumps away, until Eric is ready to spray her face with semen. Robby D's desire to do something different is all over this scene. There is no other noise except a slow, techno jam. There is a use of slow motion and gradual dissolves as well. The prisoner is never explained and works as both mystery and comedy (he does look very goofy in the gas mask). A very nice scene. Not hyper-erotic, but good nonetheless. 7/10

Repo Victim #2 is a goofball yuppie who Claire tricks. He has his arms filled with boxes and she merely takes the car and leaves. There is no sex involved.

Scene 4: Repo Victim #3 Penny
Claire is, once again, visiting a dumb deadbeat whose car is now in jeopardy of reclamation. Penny wants to explain why she hasn't made her payments, but it's obvious she is quite unhinged. She has naked and semi-nude "other selves" that she argues with over whose fault the financial failure is. Oh yeah, and the personality visions are busy playing with themselves. This exercise in autoerotic manipulation allows Penny to play all three characters, each putting on their own show for the visiting Celeste. Penny #1 call her uber-sexed up Penny, gives herself a complete masturbatory exam, both externally and internally. Penny #2 call her the uber-party Penny, is far more suggestive and sensual with her drunken self-touching moves. The final Penny, call her the uber-prude Penny, is there to admonish both of her alternate personalities to keep their pants on and their hands free. She is too late on all sides as the Penny's play with themselves. Again, Robby D is doing something very unique. The masturbating personalities are a great idea and Penny pulls it off (or should that be fingerbangs it off) with great aplomb. She really gets into each distinct personality and the self-stimulation is very sensual. Penny is also very attractive in an evocative sort of manner. Mixing Hunter Tylo with Kari Wuhrer, she seems innocent and slutty at the same time (always a winning combination). Not the horniest scene on the DVD in the sense of hardcore action, but a real alternative treat from the standard hardcore slammin'. 7/10

Scene 5: Probation Office Tyce Bune and Reese
Again, our awful officer is probing his parolees. So get ready to find the air conditioner button, pour yourself a very tall and incredibly frosty one and watch the outrageous furnace of fucking and sucking in this near perfect final scene. You definitely sense that each actor got off on each other and that heat really emanates off the screen. Tyce eats Reese like she is one of those similarly named chocolate covered candy pieces and the level of intensity with the fingering and cunnilingus is amazing. Reece, ripe with natural tits and obviously turned on, shimmies and shakes like a bowl full of lustful Jell-O. Tyce takes her on his desk and fucks her six ways to Friday. Reece responds with massive amounts of ardor. Next, it's time for doggie and her pussy takes a trip to the pound she will never forget. Reece then gets to gag on Tyce's tool (even tit fucking it for a while) before he blows his love butter inside her mouth. Incredibly hot and incredibly sensual, Reese really sells the sex here. Her body play and facial features show that Tyce was actually getting to her (or that she deserves some manner of award for acting). About the only downside here is that same old feeling of forced, almost non-consensual sex. Still, it's a real sizzler. 9.5/10

Notice something? Celeste is nowhere to be found in the body-to-body action in this film. Indeed, Robby D never once places her in a position for porking. She is just supposed to be our lead actress, our guide through this strange world of hot monkey sex and missed car payments. For those into a more voyeur form of porn, this is the DVD for you. As Claire, Celeste has a real ethereal quality, a kind of wild tigress skank that some guys (and gals too) will definitely get off on. So missing the chance to see her drop pants will be unbearable for those so inclined. Also, the repo company is set up for comedy and character impression, not another corral of potential sex partners. This group of dizzy dorks looks like they'd be involved in some lowlife operation and it's this sense of idiosyncrasy that helps elevate Repo Girl above other adult fare. Overall, Robby does a great job with the direction. The scenes are well constructed and he gets a lot of mileage out of set design and locations. Occasionally, some of the material here feels like outtakes from a Russ Meyers romp or a failed John Waters adult farce. There is a frenzied, hyper-kinetic pace to his linking montages (fast motion clocks, office building flybys and 360 degree views of the LA freeway system are really well done). And, most importantly, the sex is great. Robby plays up the passion when and where he can and employs all manners of filters, lighting and framing to ensure the fucking and sucking is that much more erotic.

The Video:
In a word: Excellent! The movie looks marvelous in a crisp, clean 1.66:1 non-anamorphic widescreen format. Robby understands the value of proper visual vitality to sell a sex film and he makes sure that every angle is well lit and even the most moody moments are filled with expertly framed figures. This direct to digital transfer is free from flaring and halos and everyone looks natural. You can occasionally see the stock footage elements in the montage, but overall, this is a wonderful visual treat. It's just too bad it's not enhanced for the 16 x 9 experience.

The Audio:
Again, Robby does something different, mixing in the sounds of sex with interesting, suggestive music to make his movie mood work well. Sometimes, we miss the wall-to-wall ball busting noises, but our auteur understands when to leave in a good set of butt smacks. But again, he is experimenting with the medium, trying to test its limits. And the Dolby Digital 5.1 Stereo Surround, while not complex or channel challenging, is superb. It gives us occasional moments of immersion, but mostly, it handles the dialogue and the score admirably.

The Extras:
First, if you love trailers, then you'll love Digital Playground. There is over an hour of trailers here, for everything from Rush to Island Fever 1 & 2. Robby D's Jack's Playground series is represented with every ad for every disc in the series and all feature the talking dildo Montel (who is very funny, by the way). There are also some biographies, which for once offer real information on the actors and crew and a nice selection of stills in the gallery. But the best bit of bonus material is the wonderfully witty behind the scenes featurette that offers in jokes, general mischief and some real insight into the adult business. It's interesting to hear Tyce rattle off the list of acts he will not do. Equally compelling is the conversation he has with Aurora Snow (something about suing people and legal precedents) as she is on her knees preparing to blow him. There is the typical goofing around that comes with making porn and Robby seems to keep a very loose and happy set. Perhaps the most intriguing sequence is the "Waiting for Tyce to Blow" segment, where we witness the actor plying his penis for untold minutes, just trying to deliver that all important money shot. Getting a chance to see this movie in the making feature highlights the craftsmanship and the cleverness that Robby introduces to the adult film. Like the other bonus content here, it is well worth your time.

Final Thoughts:
Something strange happened while watching Repo Girl, something that usually doesn't occur with an adult movie. As all the hardcore moments play out and the story moves on, we actually start to care about Celeste and her bid to get on the straight and narrow. We don't want her in the clutches of the crocked, cracked correctional officer and hope he gets some manner of comeuppance. We hope Claire will really pass the repo test and leave her sordid family behind once and for all. You also find yourself laughing at unusual characters and crazy circumstances and the overall effect is unsettling. You are used to watching a porno, pulling on your person, and getting on with life. But somehow, Robby D manages to draw you into his wacky, wanton world and deliver a story that sells both its sex and itself. With the hot action and the better than average movie making, Repo Girl gets a 9 out of 10 on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter and its obvious subtle approach means that couples will gravitate toward it with gusto. So a Cohabitation Certification is easily granted. Robby D is indeed a talent to watch. Just looking at the trailers of his other titles included on the disc makes you anxious to see his other work. Along with Nic Andrews, he is instrumental in building Digital Playground into a force to be reckoned with in the lost art of the straight adult feature film. With Repo Girl, he shows why he'll be around for a long time to come.

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