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Fetish: The Dream Scape

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/1/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie

Fetish The Dreamscape. An interesting title for an interesting two disc set divided into two very different sections Artcore, which isn't as hard in the sex department (though still very much hardcore) and has a very artistic slant to the sets, music, and cinematography and Hardcore, which is more traditional from a filmmaking perspective but still full of kink. Laurent Sky directs both sections, and the whole project was produced by none other than Michael Ninn. Nicole Sheridan, Michelle Michaels, Mia Smiles, Aurora Snow, Sunny Lux and Ava Vincent star.

Disc One - Artcore

Scene 1 This is basically just the opening credits, but they're handled well and worth watching. The score kicks in and fills the room as images of ladies, and a few guys, decked out in PVC fly off the screen at you. A nice change of pace from the usual bad video scroll credits you see on most adult films.

Scene 2 A pretty blonde is in an industrial lab of sorts, masturbating in a chair that looks like it came out of a doctor's office. A man in a uniform that could have been taken out of Hitler's closet watches, complete with a monocle in his eye. An ambient soundtrack makes the experience even more delirious as she brings herself to a climax first using her fingers and then later a rather large glass phallus. A man in a gimp mask comes out and as she dominates him, the spectator gets up and takes a more personal interest in the proceedings.

Scene 3 A foxy Asian looking brunette in some of those killer black stockings we all love so much struts her stuff for the camera. Her accompanying stiletto heeled boots complete the picture as she bends over and begins to masturbate for the camera as it swirls around her set to yet another ambient soundtrack. A mysterious man enters the frame and she sucks him off with an insane amount of enthusiasm for her work, as if she were starving for it. When the sex finally ensures, it's worth the wait as he pushes her against the wall and pounds away at her from various angles and positions.

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Scene 4 The best scene on this disc finds an absolutely stunning blonde (the 'too pretty for porn' adage has never been more true than in this scene!) in red PVC lingerie works on herself, eyes focused right into the lens of the camera. As she warms herself up she grabs the gynecologists examining equipment and works her pierced pussy into a frenzy. She stretches herself open, prods herself with cold steel tools, and seems to be really into it until a masked man in a giant test tube is revealed. She also finds an alien specimen in the lab as well, which she stares at intently as she continues to masturbate. When the masked man is released, he fucks her very aggressively and she in turn degrades him verbally the entire time. When he comes, he takes off the condom and drags it across her face.

Scene 5 The second last scene on the first disc features a blonde in some fetish wear and clear vinyl raincoat masturbating in a hallway. She starts with her fingers and works her way to the dildo quickly enough. A woman who looks closer enough to her that she could almost pass for her twin shows up and the share each other. Not as aggressive as the last scene, there is still no small amount of enthusiasm between these two girls they give a pretty convincing performance.

Scene 6 A brunette with a ball gag and a red PVC bondage suit sits in an electric chair playing with herself. She has a video camera setup so that she can see herself as she uses her fingers. Another man in a strange mask and goggles arrives on the scene and then a second one does. The two guys work on her set to a bad rap soundtrack that almost ruins the scene. She gives them a double blow job and then spreads her ass insanely wide as she takes one of them inside and blows the other. They alternate a few times until ultimately the double penetration happens, ending the scene and the disc.

Disc Two - Hardcore

This disc is a series of different shots from the first scene on the first disc. For example, in scene one the girl is masturbating but this time there is no soundtrack, just her moans and the commands of the crew behind the camera urging her on. This time the camera gets much closer to her as she works herself and sheds the artistic sensibilities of the first disc in favor of close up hardcore action, not only during her solo performance but when her boy toy comes out to play as well. The rest of the scenes follow this trend as well the same performers from the same scenes working on the same material on the same sets. These were obviously shot at the same time, just from different, more explicit, angles.


Everything was shot on digital video for this set. There are some scenes where compression artifacts kick in pretty hard but other than that, it looks good. A few scenes suffer from some rapid editing, but overall the lighting is good and the colors are well reproduced and look quite natural, particularly the cold steel against the warm flesh of the girl in scene four.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 mix sounds quite good. The score, which is solid in a techno sort of way, envelopes you as you watch the film, hitting the subwoofer with just the right amount of bass, never overpowering the rest of the mix.


There are no extras on the first disc, but there are a few on the second. First up is the Soundtrack section which allows you to listen to five of the tracks from the movie, with a slideshow playing underneath featuring the actors and actresses from the film in action. Next up is a Photo Gallery that gives us a look at the girls from the film. Finally, there is a Behind The Scenes feature that is divided up into three sections. Two of the sections are montages of video shot behind the scenes and the other one is an interview with one of the male performers and two of the female performers from the film.

Final Thoughts:

Not only was this porn hot, it was interesting. Artistic, even. It's not going to be for everyone's tastes, that's for sure. Some of this stuff is out there a bit but it's all done very slickly and professionally and the material on this set is miles above most adult fare these days. If you dig your sex a little bit nastier than you see it portrayed as in more mainstream adult movies, you'll want to check this set out. Highly Recommended.

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