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5 Star Sky

Studio: Vivid » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 4/2/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See review.

Length: approx 2 hrs

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the Scenes", and a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. Since the ten scenes are culled from ten different films, the picture quality and audio is inconsistent. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

My opinion on Compilations: It's my belief that compilations are much better than full features. I mean, think about it. Why do people watch Adult films? Is it for the compelling storylines? How 'bout the Oscar worthy acting? Nope. It's for the sex. Plain and simple. These Vivid compilations serve that purpose. They present you with a DVD that cuts all the bull and gets down to business. 

Scene from "Where the Boys Aren't 12": Sky & Devon
Acts Included: Oral.
On a lovely grass field, Devon is bent over while Sky is behind her, giving her some long, deep licks. After giving Devon a good four minute fingering, Sky lays down so Devon can sit on her tongue for a brief licking before they kiss. END SCENE. This was, literally, a seven minute scene. The majority of which, Sky spent fingering Devon. It was nice seeing too gorgeous females naked and getting intimate, however this scene was TOO SHORT and there was hardly any action. Disappointed.

Scene from "To Catch A Cheat": Sky & Ian Daniels
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggy. Missionary. Scissors.
Condoms: Yep.
Sky doesn't waste any time getting down to business and giving Ian a short blowjob between two pickups. Soon afterwards, she's hiking her dress up and spreading her legs so Ian can give her a brief licking. The next shot shows Ian on the flatbed of one of the trucks and Sky blowing him again. The cameraman graciously gives us a nice shot of Sky's derriere while her head is bobbing. Now we see Ian standing against the truck while Sky is still blowing him. Cut to Sky lying on the flatbed while Ian is licking her. I'm beginning to wonder if there'll be any fucking in this scene. A full 10:35 later, Ian finally has Sky bent over for some doggy followed by scissors and then missionary. I'm sure you're thinking "Wow! Three positions! This must be a long scene." Well, kiddies, you'd be wrong. Those three positions cover the span of a minute and a half until the scene ends with a shot to Sky's mouth. Too much foreplay. Not enough fucking. Sky DID look good though [of course].

Scene from "Debbie Does New Orleans": Sky, Blair & Devin Wolf
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggy. Reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
This scene starts out very promising. Sky and Blair, who are dressed as cheerleaders, have Devin up against a tree. Sky heads south to give Devin a blowjob, and after a quick grope, Blair follows. Cut to Devin lying on the floor getting a blowjob from Blair, while she's being eaten out by Sky. I guess this is another badly edited scene, since we abruptly cut away to Blair riding Devin as he tongues Sky. Thirty seconds later, the trio is back near the tree. Blair is leaning against it, while Sky is getting hit from behind. This doesn't last long as Sky is now riding Devin reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Sky stroking Devin until he shoots on Blair's back. Honestly, the sex in this scene was HOT. I just pray the original scene isn't as poorly edited as it was presented here. 

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Scene from "the Watcher 2": Sky, Julian & Pat Myne
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Doggy. Missionary. Reverse cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
Sky begins by giving Julian a blowjob. A minute later, it's Pat turn as Julian does away with his clothes and starts smacking Sky's ass with his belt. After he leans over to start licking her, the camera angle changes and we see that someone is recording this from the balcony. Both Pat and Julian stand up and Sky takes turns blowing them. A minute or two later, she lays on her back, continuing Julian's blowjob, while Pat gives her some brief missionary. He also bends her over for some doggystyle. It seems as if Sky has some difficulty handling Julian once she gets on top of him for some cowgirl, but after Pat gives her something to keep her mouth occupied, it's no longer a problem. Sky then lays on the floor and spreads her legs wide as the guys take turns giving her some missionary. I have to admit, for some reason, this position looked real good [and i'm NOT a fan of the missionary position]. Perhaps it has to do with Sky ass. Yep, that's it. The scene ends with the guys stroking themselves before shooting on Sky's face. This was a pretty hot scene.

Scene from "Sex At Six": Sky & Dillion Day
Acts Included: Oral.
This scene is basically a seven minute blowjob by Sky as she and Dillion are driving down a highway. They pull over, and the female passenger in the back gets out of the truck. Sky continues with the "roadside assistance" until she makes Dillion shoot on himself. Sky has skills, but I wasn't feeling this scene.

Scene from "Dumb Blonde": Sky & Buck Legends
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggy. Missionary. Reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
As we join the scene, Sky already has her skirt hiked up and is massaging herself with a vibrator. She gets a quick licking from Buck before giving him a noisy blowjob. Cut to Sky laying on a row of seats as Buck is doing her missionary style. Another cut and he's now giving her some anal doggystyle. On a visual note,  he literally looks like a rainbow. His arms and his side are tattooed in a multitude of bright colors. Unfortunately, Sky seems to have been bitten by the tattoo bug also. Ugh. Why do sexy females in porn feel the need to do this? Up next is reverse anal cowgirl, before ending the scene with some more brief doggy [couldn't tell if it was anal or vaginal] until Buck shoots on her face. The sex in this scene was good. The art on their bodies wasn't. For some reason, it distracted me from the action.

Scene from "Blue Monday": Sky, Vanessa & Tyce Bune
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
That Tyce is one lucky guy. I would definitely not mind having Vanessa and Sky tell me to take off my clothes as they throw me down on the desk so Vanessa could begin with a sloppy blowjob as Sky licks and fingers her. Oh wait. This is about Tyce. Dammit. Following this action, we have Tyce giving Vanessa some missionary as Sky rides Nessa's tongue. Next is Sky's turn as she's bent over getting fucked while licking Vanessa, who's now lying on the desk. We follow this up with Vanessa giving Tyce some reverse cowgirl as Sky providing support with her hand. The scene ends with a small shot to Sky's breast. This was a hot scene. Short, but hot. 

Scene from "Blonde Jokes": Sky & Ashley Long
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Doggystyle. Cowgirl. Missionary.
Sky & Ashley take turns rubbing each other in front of a bar before Sky begins licking and fingering Ashley. When Sky's done, she puts on a strap-on and Ashley gives her a blowjob. Ashley gets on a bar stool so Sky can give her some missionary. Some pretty deep missionary. Sky pulls out and her clit gets a quick licking from Ashley before they change positions. Ashley bends over and grabs a stool as Sky does her from behind. After that, they get on the bar and Ashley gets some anal cowgirl until she cums. Gotta admit, i'm pretty hard to satisfy when it comes to girl/girl scenes, but this one brought the heat. The only negative? Sky's tattoos.

Scene from "Downloaded": Sky, Azlea Antistia, Dillion Day & Eric Everhard
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal.
Positions: Missionary. Doggystyle. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
As the scene begins, Azlea and Dillion are in the midst of some heavy kissing. Sky walks over to Eric and starts undressing him. Eventually, both couples end up naked and the girls begin the action by giving the guys some lengthy blowjobs. We then see Azlea with her legs spread wide and Dillion giving her an enthusiastic licking. We also see Eric giving Sky a brief licking, before he slides on a condom for some missionary as Azlea gets the same. There's some sexy reverse cowgirl by Azlea while Sky is bent over for some doggy. The scene ends with each lady getting a shot to their face and chest. This was, hands down, THE hottest scene on the disc. 

Scene from "Student Body": Sky & Devin Wolf
Acts Included: Oral. Vaginal. Anal.
Positions: Missionary. Reverse Cowgirl.
Condoms: Yep.
The scene begins with Sky giving Devin a blowjob on a park bench. Great. I hope this isn't like the scene from "Sex At Six". Thankfully, it isn't - the next shot has Sky riding Devin reverse cowgirl. We're treated to a close-up of Sky licking her breast before the camera pans back and we see that Devin is between her legs giving her some missionary. The scene ends with Devin shooting on her chest. Not bad. The scene could've been longer, but both actors were into it.

Bonus Scene from "Happily Never After": Sharon Kane & Randy Spears
Bonus Scene from "Matchplay": Ataria Starling & Eric Masterson
Bonus Scene from "Set On Sunrise": Wendy Divine & Eric Masterson

Concluding Words: Sky Lopez is a very attractive actress. She seems very talented and it looks like she enjoys what she does. However, for the entire length of this disc, I was wondering why in the hell she would deface her body the way she did. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against tattooing. But, like most vices, there's a point where someone should intervene and say "Stop the madness!". Not all of the scenes feature the current graffiti-ed Sky, but I found her ink very distracting in the ones that did. If you can get past that, then, by all means, this would be a recommended disc. But I feel comfortable giving it a mere rent it.

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