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Down Your Throat #2

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 4/9/04

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Genre: Oral

Director: Zora Banx

Cast: Nikky Blonde, Black Diamond, Liz Honey, Simony, Anita, Yasmine Gold, Lolita, Sheryl, Annie, Asmaret, Barbara Hang, Sylvi, Caroline Cage, Tera Bond, Tiffany Diamond,

Length: 2 Hours 1 Minute

Production Date: December 2003

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Bonus Scene

Audio/Video: The video is presented in full frame color. The quality looks fairly sharp with only slight color defects. The overall picture feels a little dark, but it doesn't really hinder viewing pleasure. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo. The audio track features loud background music. Good luck hearing anything in the scene! Seriously, the audio is conducted in the same manner as couple-friendly adult features. There isn't a lot of moaning or other verbal responses, but instead a damn annoying music track.

Body of Review: Down Your Throat #2 is the second installment of Smash Pictures oral only series. This feature was shot on locations in Budapest, Hungary. Smash brings you 15 girls (DVD cover says 14, but it's 15, trust me) who all are very different. From blondes to brunettes, small breasts to big breasts, homely looking girls to hotties, and so on. While these girls all have their differences, they all have one thing in common, they like to suck cock. In this 13 scene feature, girls get down on their knees and suck away. Fellatio fans prepare to be over stimulated... Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Nikky Blonde
Nikky is a very hot blonde. She looks incredible, wearing a pink one piece dress and fishnet stockings. She is joined by one guy, who eats her out before she sucks him off. The blow job is accomplished, for the most part, without the use of her hands. There's a lot of spit dripping during the deed. The scene ends with a facial. Seeing Nikky's pretty face get stuffed was very exciting.

Scene 2: Black Diamond
Black Diamond
Black Diamond isn't the cutest gal in the world, but she definitely has a very hot body. In this scene she takes on two guys. The blow job in this scene is fairly hand intensive, with Black utilizing her hand to jerk off the guy while she sucks. The scene ends with a facial. This was another good scene. The pace of the oral sex was at a good speed. She looked pretty good as she switched from guy to guy.

Scene 3: Liz Honey
Liz is flat chested and looks very young. She's a very cute girl with that real innocent look. After she gets naked, she sucks off some guy. Liz spends a bit too much time in the beginning of the blow job licking the side and head of the guys cock and rubbing it on her face. Eventually she starts to really suck away, where she uses her entire upper body, versus simply moving her head. The oral sex looks as if she's just moving up and down, not really holding her mouth tight around the dude. The blow job is also conducted in a hand intensive fashion, which isn't done very well. They end with a facial. I really wasn't impressed with this scene. Liz is a cute gal, but her oral skills really need work. Her entire scene seemed more of a hand job and when she was going down on the guy, it really didn't look like much was happening.

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Scene 4: Simony
Simony is a very cute girl. She has a nice looking body, with good sized breasts. She's wearing some fairly attractive lingerie and the camera angle gives a great view of her cleavage. Her blow job is conducted in a hand intensive manner. She also focuses on the head of the penis. The scene ends with a poor attempt at a facial, as most of the stuff hits her face and goes straight to the ground. This wasn't the most impressive oral bit, but Simony looked great. That alone can make a difference, but not in this scene.

Scene 5: Anita, Yasmine Gold
Anita & Yasmine
These two girls aren't what I'd call the most attractive pair. They're fairly homely looking, nothing special. They do have nice bodies. In this scene the two girls are joined by two guys. The both tend to use their hands a lot during oral sex, as well, it's conducted pretty slowly. Anita gives her blow job with a bit of deep throating action, while Yasmine focuses on the head. The scene ends with each of the girls taking a facial. I wasn't really impressed by these two girls. The action was just too slow.

Scene 6: Lolita
Lolita is a very attractive girl, with a great petite body. However, she sucks at sucking. Doh! Lolita takes on one guy in her scene. The blow job starts off fairly slow and remains at the same pace. She uses her hands a lot, stroking the penis shaft with her finger tips, not the palm of her hand. During the oral sex, she takes a lot of breaks from sucking to lick the side. As well, she primarily works on the head. The scene ends with the cum shot on her chest. I really was disappointed with this scene. The oral sex was too slow and pretty boring. Lolita really could have put her hand to better use. I would have also liked to have seen her really put that thing deep inside her mouth.

Scene 7: Sheryl
Sheryl is a pretty attractive girl, with a nice body and decent sized breasts. The oral sex in this scene is conducted hands intensive. Sheryl also does quite a bit of cheek poking, which I have never really cared for. The scene ends with a facial. This was a pretty decent scene. I wasn't overly impressed, but I wasn't disappointed either.

Scene 8: Annie, Asmaret
Do you like maids? Well, these two girls are dressed as maids. Oh, they're cleaning stuff too. You can really tell this is a porno, because neither of the girls are wearing underwear and their skirts are hiked up really high. A dude in a chef's costume joins the two girls and fingers them while they clean. Sexual harassment? The oral sex in this scene is conducted in a very slow manner, with the girls taking turns. The scene ends with the facial being shared between the two girls. This scene was just too slow, which didn't amount to a great deal of excitement. This was a bit of a let down, since the girls looked very hot.

Scene 9: Barbara Hang
This girl is very attractive, with a great body, but her boobs are a bit too much like the head of a torpedo. This beauty had a fairly good scene, with her blow job being conducted at a fairly good speed. Barbara used her hands quite a bit during the oral sex and quite well, I might add. The scene ends with a facial. Overall, I enjoyed this scene. It was a fairly clean and straight forward blow job, with a good speed and a great looking girl.

Scene 10: Sylvi
This girl is really flat chested. She's wearing a ballerina costume with her hair up in a bun. She's pretty cute and has her tongue pierced. This girl starts off with a very slow blow job, but gradually moves up to lighting speeds! She also doesn't use her hands very much, very hot action! The scene ends with an attempted facial. I really enjoyed this scene. Initially I wasn't expecting too much, since the scene started off so slow. I was happily surprised.

Scene 11: Caroline Cage
This scene is a complete teaser, but it's still really hot. Caroline is an extremely gorgeous gal. In this scene she and the dude she's going to suck off, meet in the middle of the road. It's dark out, so they park their cars facing each other, with the headlights on. Once together, Caroline gets down and gives the dude a very hands intensive blow job. The action is very hot, with her pretty face stuffed the entire time. The scene ends with a facial. I was disappointed with the lighting in the scene. Sometimes it was too dark and sometimes too bright. This can be attributed to the fact that the scene was filmed outdoors in the dark. I was also sad that she didn't remove any clothes. Such a tease. However, I was extremely happy seeing the close up of her beautiful eyes.

Scene 12: Tera Bond
This is the best scene of the feature. Tera, a very cute girl with a look like Shannon Elizabeth, meets some guy in the hallway and sucks him off. She keeps on eye glasses, which accent her face and make her even more desirable. I don't have an eyewear fetish, but she just looks great in them. The blow job in this scene is conducted with minimal use of hands. The action is very enjoyable, with a bit of spit in the mix. The scene ends with a facial. I was very happy with this scene. Tera is extremely attractive and really performed well in this scene.

Scene 13: Tiffany Diamond
Tiffany, a very young looking gal, joins up with some dude for ping pong. During her lessons, she gets taken advantage of! This cute girl gets down on her knees and goes for the gold. Her blow job is conducted in a hand intensive manner, with lots of ball licking. The scene doesn't have any deep throating, as the little girl doesn't seem to be able to fit much "depth" down her throat. The scene ends with a facial. Overall, it was a somewhat decent scene, nothing too exciting.

Concluding Words: For those of you who are familiar with the Red Light District's Throat Gaggers series, Down Your Throat is nothing like that. Throat Gaggers features both clean and nasty oral sex, with deep throating, gagging, tons of spit, group work, and much more. However, Down Your Throat appears to be a very clean adult title. There really isn't any of the dirty parts of sex in this feature, while there is a bit of spit, there's not really a lot of it. So for those looking for a Throat Gaggers title, this isn't it. However, if you simply enjoy a good oral only feature, you're in luck. While I enjoyed the content, I was very unhappy with the technical aspects. The replacement of the actual scene's audio with music was very disappointing. Still, despite my dissatisfaction, the content is solid. It's definitely worth a rental. Unless of course, you aren't a big fellatio fan.

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