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Triple X Vol. 5

Studio: Private » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 4/13/04

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Genre: Straight - Compilation

Director: Various

Cast: Various

Length: 1 hour 45 minutes

Date: 1995, 2004

Extras: There are only a few extras on this DVD. Aside from a photobook of production shots, there is a trailer for the movie and a five other DVDs.

Audio/Video: There are multiple language tracks on this DVD, something you don't see on too many adult videos. You have the option of listening to the actors moan in English, French, German, Spanish, or Italian. If that wasn't enough, the film is subtitled in four other languages: Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, and one I couldn't decipher, "Svenska." Unfortunately, the English soundtrack didn't give you an English dub, just the original language. In only one case was that English. The upshot is that there isn't an English audio track. Not that it matters very much, but the DVD case does state that there is an English soundtrack.

As for the video quality, it was not very good. The picture was generally very soft, and in many daylight scenes the picture was too bright, washing out details. There were a couple of videotape tracking errors the quickly scrolled across the screen, and a good number of digital encoding errors. While these didn't stop me from enjoying the movie, it didn't help me either.

Body of Review: Private has done something a little bit interesting. They have acquired the rights to some European adult short films, and strung them together on a DVD under the title Triple X. All of the clips on this compilation disc were filmed in the mid 1990's, so they are getting a little bit old, but sex doesn't age. It was interesting watching these because they style is a little bit different than what we are used to here in the States. The scenes are much shorter, and they try to make up a story to go along with the sex, even when the whole scene is only 10-15 minutes. The women are generally older looking, but their breasts are generally natural. One warning about this DVD, though it's not a big one, is that these European shorts are not in English. They were filmed in several different languages, and in only one scene are the actors speaking English. It is not a huge detriment to the DVD, but it was a surprise. There are six sex scenes and one featurette on this DVD.

Scene 1: Vakentia, Nick Lang, Phillippe Soine, Richard Langin
Acts Included: oral, vaginal, and anal, DP
"Sky High at the Airport" - Vakentia is a secretary at a small airport. While the boss is out of the office, she goes down and seduces the three mechanics. Vakentia is an attractive girl with nice natural tits, and her breasts get a lot of attention from the guys. The four of them go through the usual positions, before they finally cum on her face. The scene wasn't bad, but neither Vakentia nor any of the guys really seemed to get into it. I got the feeling they were just going through the motions.

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Scene 2: Caroline Oceane, Richard Langin, Claudio Meloni, Mephisto, Yves Le Prince
Acts Included: Oral, vaginal, anal, DP
"Christelle" - Caroline is an older looking woman who is watering the grass in her bikini one afternoon when two guys come upon her. She starts seductively spraying herself with water and running the nozzle over her breasts and between her thighs. When she goes to sit down, the pair of guys walks up and introduces themselves. That's about all it takes before she starts sucking their cocks. They finger her and suck on her tits, and then another two guys walk up and join in. Caroline takes it in all her holes, and gets DPed before they all take turns cumming on her face. A surprisingly short scene, this one also had the feel of the actors going through the movements. All of the groans sounded mechanical and no one ever really looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Scene 3: Holly, Frank Versace
Acts Included: oral, vaginal, and a little bit of anal
"Holly" - A man and woman climb up on some rock near a scenic body of water, and have sex. That's about all that happens in this one. There is no dialog, and all the positions are pretty standard ones that you can perform on a large rock. He starts off eating her, but quickly moves up and enters her. The spoon, and have missionary sex, before she rides him. There are a couple of quick bits of anal sex right near the end, just before he cums on her face. The actors looked like they were a little bit more into the sex than the previous scenes, but it just wasn't very hot. You know when you are more interested looking at the scenery than the sex, there's something wrong.

Scene 4: Danielle, Mephisto, Yves Le Prince
Acts Included: oral, anal, vaginal, DP
"Parisian Joggers" a jogger is running through a park when he spies a woman sitting on a bench. He stops to talk to her, and she turns out to be a tourist. So, being a French gentleman, he invites her up to his apartment for an afternoon of sex. This was a bit better scene, and would be good to watch with a partner. There is a lot of foreplay, which was romantic. They take their time getting to the sex, and seem into it when they finally get there. He plays with her pussy and ass a little while she sucks on him and licks his balls. They kiss a lot both before and while having sex. While he's fucking her ass, his roommate comes home and decided to join in. She doesn't bat an eye at the cock hanging in her face, just starts to snarf it. After both roommates take turns doing all her holes, they double penetrate her. They both cum on her face. One of the better scenes on this DVD, the actors were good, and they developed the sex well.

Scene 5: Nicolette, Eva Bond, Phillippe Soine, Alain DeLoin, Richard Langin
Acts Included: oral, anal, vaginal, DP
Railway Station Fuck" - A man introduces his new girlfriend to a trio of his friends, (in what appears to be a hotel suit....I have no idea where the train station comes in,) and they all decide the best way to get to know each other is to get into a big dogpile and fuck. Both of the girls in this scene are very attractive, and they fuck like champions. Nicolette rides her boyfriends ass while sucking on another guy, and they moves up to sit on the guy she's riding's face. Eva is very hot especially when she gets DP'ed while sucking on a cock. Not wanting to be outdone, Nicolette take a guy in her ass and one in her pussy. The three guys cum on the pair of girls. Unfortunately, there wasn't any girl-girl action, save for a kiss at the end, but even without it, the group mixed it up well and created a good sex scene.

Scene 6: Featurette
Acts Included: none
Report from Portugal on the filming of Sex Graduate and Neighbors. A featurette with interviews with the cast of the two movies and shots of the movie being filmed. There aren't any full sex scenes, in this, and it would have been better as an extra

Scene 7: Monika Bella, Nick Lang, Phillippe Soine, Alain DeLoin, Richard Langin, Richard Gun
Acts Included: oral, anal, vaginal, DP
Fireman's Delight - Monika, a tall, skinny, platinum blond drives up to a fire station and in invited in by the firemen there. Once inside, she sheds her clothes and starts to service the men. This wasn't as hot as most orgy scenes. Though Monika was stunningly beautuful, she wasn't a great actress. She went through the motions, but that was about it. The scene was also fairly short, but shorter than I would have expected. Overall, not a bad scene, but it could have been better.

Concluding Words: While it was interesting seeing this slightly different take on porno, I can't say that it was a great. Only rarely did I think that the sex was hot, and it often left me cold. The women all went through the proper motions, but in most cases I didn't think they were really into it. The sex was just a little too mechanical. Unless you already know that you are a fan of European porno, I'd say Rent It.

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