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Into Dreams

Studio: Nectar Entertainment » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 4/14/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Fantasy Straight Compilation
DIRECTORS: Daeshim Tokei
STARS: Ashley Long, Dick Delaware, Sabrine Maui, Loni, Talon, Paulina, Phoenix, Ryan Star, Steven St. Croix, Lana Moore, Chris Cannon, Dolorian, Hollie Stevens, Evan Stone DATES OF PRODUCTION: 2003
LENGTH: 150 mins with bonus material

Fantasy and fetish are such a vital part of sexuality that it's amazing that they stayed underground for so long. Most adult entertainment of the past rarely traded on faux fairytale setups or secret salacious indulgences. When they did, it was usually to pad out the running time for their otherwise typical fuck and suck story. Nowadays, such clandestine carnalities like bondage, discipline and homosexuality are rampant in the repertoire of purchasable porn. But aside from Sappho sanguinity of same sex cinema, most of the really outrageous acts of sexual obsessions ass eating, fun with fruit, golden showers and hot lunches are reserved for smut specific releases. Every once in a while, there is an attempt to mainstream the misunderstood, allowing the casual connoisseur of cunt a chance to see some really freaky shit. The Toss My Salad series from Pure Filth Productions is such an example of the extreme going conventional. And the growth of She-Male movies indicates a dark desire on the part of men to pursue both the pussy and the penis with equal "curiosity'. So when Nectar Entertainment releases a title like Into Dreams, with promises of food fun (the DVD cover), foot friskiness (the bonus "foot"age) and the exploration of taboos, the mind starts to boggle. What insane acts of desire and the flesh will we be seeing? How far will a film that claims to tap into the most forbidden of frigging actually go? The answer, sadly, is about as far as a pay cable channel skin flick. Make no mistake about it: this is a disc full of very hot and very horny body banging. But aside from some podiatric playing in the final minutes, the promised prohibited promiscuity is nowhere to be found.

The DVD:
Into Dreams is obviously intended as a set of scenes and scenarios based on imaginative flights of fornication. It showcases opportunities for performers to act out the commonly shared sex circumstances of lovers everywhere. As an interpretation of such sinful desires, this DVD is rather excellent. Yes, it is merely a cobbled together compilation as there is no narrative thread holding these sequences together. Even the dream theme is occasionally abandoned for some straight ahead sex action. The individual instances of interpersonal intensity involved are as follows:

Scene 1: Ashley Long, Dick Delaware
Fantasy: Motorcycle Garage/ Muscleman
Ashley is a long, lanky blond and Dick is a well-chiseled hulk. They look very good together and there is promise for a really hot scene. As the two approach the motorcycle, Ashley undoes Dick's pants and releases the main "tool" of his trade. She sucks and licks it, paying close attention to his bald bearing balls. After his crankshaft is good and straight, it's time for some internal female diagnostics. Slipping the massive member into Ashley's orifice, the two commence to solid slammin' for a good long while. Then Dick kneels down and drowns Ms. Long's love tunnel with his tongue. After some minutes of moaning and groaning, it's a visit to the corral to get a little cowgirl action going, backwards style. Ashley is rendered saddle sore after the pounding Dick's dong gives her. They move over to the doggie dynamic, but instead of hanging around the fluffy front, it's back door butt action all the way. After the anal exploration, Dick drops his body bomb right into Ashley's waiting mouth. She provides a nice set of lip towels to clean him off.

It's not hard to imagine that, for males and females in the audience, Dick and Ashley represent physical and sexual dream dates. Luckily, for such an archetypical couple, they sure give good slap and tickle. It's always very erotic to see a handsome pair make monkey faces with each other and Ashley and Dick do the ape with a vengeance. This does not mean the scene is perfect. There are a lot of sloppy edits (references to poses and events that have happened before to cover up present problems) and the music is overly loud and too techno (it should be teasing, instead). So while nice to look at, and hot as Hell, the technical restraints tend to mute the high heat. Score: 7.5/10

Scene 2: Sabrine Maui, Loni, Talon
Fantasy: Cheerleaders/Jock
Sabrina and Loni have just finished a hard afternoon of cheering and are taking their time in the locker room. Before you know it, they are engaged in all manner of same sex shenanigans. They kiss each other all over, sucking on necks and nipples. Just when it looks like we are about to get a steamy lesbo scene, in walks Talon, all toned and teeth, offering some meat for this hot Asian Sappho sandwich. Both ladies leap onto this jock's Johnson and trade off blowing his baton. From this point on, it's permutation time. Talon gives one lady a lap full while he caresses the cunt of the other with his massive, Gene Simmons style tongue. Then a switcheroo is in order. Maui is mounted on Mr. T's erect cock - showing her female superior-ity - while Loni takes a clit trip on Talon's tonsils. After a lot of fucking and face riding, the configuration changes. There are instances of vagina to mouth and back again for almost every body part employed: fingers, dick, tongue, and elbows. Eventually, they all three end up doing a weird variation on doggie: Talon is in the back movin' and groovin'; one of our Polynesian pretties is getting her fill of skin flute; the other is on her knees getting some oral service. Ultimately, Talon mugs and grimaces his way through a scene of straight sex with a little scissors action before he gives both gals a guy gland facial.

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Talon has a real evil serial killer look to his persona and he brings that sense of danger into the sex scene. The way he jams that oversized, serpent-pointed tongue of his into these tiny ladies numerous valleys is almost like watching a real life violation occur. And he is all teeth, a menacing mandible of perfectly white and straight dental delights constantly bared for the camera (among other things). During the intense fucking in this installment, he kind of resembles the Alien before he chows down on another innocent victim. To be fair, his hardball histrionics make the scene, along with the ready to be rode hard and put up wet demeanor of Sabrine and Loni. The screwing here is amazingly intense and the amount of sweat this threesome builds up is astounding. It was either a very warm set or the sex really got to them. Of all the episodes included, this is probably the most brash and the best. So if you're looking for some good old-fashioned heavy-handed fucking, give this talented trio a try. Score: 8.5/10

Scene 3: Paulina, Phoenix
Fantasy: Lipstick Lesbians
In a bedroom enclosed in sheer curtains and lace, on a mattress covered in satin pillows, Paulina and Phoenix are getting to know each other in the Biblical sense. They kiss; they fondle; they constantly shoot glam glances and body poses directly at the camera. They eventually get down to some juicy 69 and a long sequence where Phoenix fucks Pauline with a blue jackrabbit dildo (and she really rams that thing in and out of her paramour). We end on some breast play and tit fucking with the faux phallic device. Frankly, this should have been a better scene. While lots of atmosphere and style is generated with the use of slow motion and close-ups, the action feels half finished. It's almost as if one lady wanted to go full force (Paulina) and the other was just taking up twat space (Phoenix). The camera work is also pretty crappy, with the image shifting between straight video and phony baloney processing that makes things look murky and foggy. But the most uninteresting aspect of this Skinemax quality scene is the way these women constantly break the fourth wall and stare directly at the camera. They obviously mean to draw the viewer in, but all it does is eliminate any sensual attachment or chemistry the actresses are trying to achieve between themselves. "This is all a show for you" they seem to say as the camera closes in. Thanks, but no thanks, ladies. This is only an average same sex scene. Score 5/10

Scene 4: Ryan Star, Steven St. Croix
Fantasy: College Professor/Coed
At Nectar University, a young coed visits her professor during office hours and they discuss how she can get ahead in class. The simple answer? Give some head in class. Oh, and fuck the secondary SHIT out of the instructor. After some kissing and fondling, Ryan whips out the teacher's penis and gives it a nice long licking. Showing how much of a pet she really is, our mentor approaches his student from behind and gives her a little salad tossing. He manipulates her pussy with his fingers and occasionally tastes the tempting twat liquor. Next, he flips her over and cleanses her coochie, oral style. It's then time to teach a new dog some same old shit tricks as the hound's favorite humping position is explored. There is some more blow jobbing and then the prairie's preference for pulchritude pounding is embraced. Our talented tutor then lays the lovely lady on her back and pile drives his Longfellow lesson into her while he eats a piece of fruit. He even stops to dribble a little "nectar" onto her tiny, juiceless tits. Then he gets his final act of inspiration. He decides to treat the matriculating Miss like a blow up doll. He mounts her head and stuffs his cock deep into her mouth. He proceeds to face the fuck and fuck her face. Growing bored, he visits the missionaries deep down in the darkest regions of the netherworld before popping his carnal cork all over the now learned lass.

This scene is so silly, with a couple of obvious attempts at camera trick jokes that you really have to appreciate the effort. There is one specific wipe, between an oral sex shot and another act that originates directly from Ryan's pussy. That's right, the action freezes, a small circle wipe begins from inside her cunt and spreads outward, exposing the next carnal setup. It's genius and, frankly, it's amazing no one has done it before. There are many other such cheesy dissolves and fades in this sequence, from edit aiding clock hands to star and heart wipes. And a couple of times, like during the reverse cowgirl, the images are sped up, making the scene resemble some manner of spicy silent film. Between the sudden use of fruit, the face fucking and the final massive money shot (St. Croix must have been bucking for distance that day) what we get here is very interesting and fairly intense. It's both the different technical and sexual elements that make this scene worthwhile. Score 8/10

Scene 5: Lana Moore, Chris Cannon
Fantasy: Soldier/Hooker
A military man on leave looks for a sympathetic pussy to plunge his pole into and Lana delivers the firm booty bedrock. She greets her GI with the standard oral offering and Chris responds by standing to attention, all over. Lana loves to lick and suck his skin saber and there is lots of consideration paid to his pecker. While undressing herself, she gives her tits a little tongue tenderness and then lets her melons do the member massaging. After the breast banging, Chris moves down to the very tips of Lana toes. He suckles and licks them as he works his way up the leg to pussy province. Once he arrives on the snatch shores, he bivouacs into her bush for some tongue training. He also encamps a few fingers in her fleshy folds and frisks her for foreign objects. Once she is good and juicy, Chris gets Lana perpendicular to the floor and then proceeds to pile drive the lustful living daylights out of her. After the penile impaling, it's time to visit Puppy Town where doggie style sexual shenanigans are all the rage. Eventually, Chris can no longer control his crew and he allows his seed to go AWOL all over Lana's face.

There is a real attempt at atmosphere here, from the beaded curtains and fatigues, to the dog tags that Chris wears throughout THE ENTIRE SCENE. Lana doesn't get to do very much except dribble on dick and be drilled from a rather dangerous position. This is Chris' carnal carnival and he is making the most of it. Overall, the scene lacks a real spark, the kind of groin-grabbingly crazy copulation that really moves your motor into overdrive. But still, the interplay between the two is enticing and the fucking is ferocious. Score 7/10

Bonus Scene 6: Dolorian, Hollie Stevens, Evan Stone
Fantasy: Foot Action
Fans of feet...Get your glands at the ready. What we have here is a couple of slick chicks dining on eat others podiatry. As they lick and suck one set of piggies, the other leg-dangling dog is diddling the vagina of the companion. Evan Stone walks in, looking like a pink hippy version of an out of shape Hulk and the woman leap at his lap with oral on their mind. As they blow the boy he suckles their feet. Thus begins a messy menagerie of feet, cunt, cock and mouths. There is even some spanking. But the biggest, boldest move between the gals and their guy is the bottom of the body sole sensating. That's right, one of our fetish females cups Evan's crotch in their feet and masturbates him. She even lip latches onto the toes of the other female as the action builds. There is some more oral with complimentary deep throating, and then Evan is ready to explode. He launches his love juice all over the tuckered out tootsies. For some, the fetish over feet is so uncontrollable that just seeing them handled in any semi-sexual fashion causes spontaneous ejaculation. So the scene here should give all the arch and heal men out there a chance to recharge their outrageous obsession. While Evan Stone is not a favorite of the Dirge, the ladies here really get into the ankle action with him. It's all an acquired taste, mostly for those in the know for toes. But non-foot fans could perhaps enjoy it as well. Score: 5/10

Into Dreams promises a great deal with its erotic cover and claims of fantasy fulfillment. And for the most part, it really does deliver. Everyone here is attractive and talented, selling the sex (or the illusion of passion) with exceptional skill. Indeed, if there is a downside to this package, it's that it really doesn't go beyond the standard sex act vocabulary to capture something novel or new. Oh sure, Steven St. Croix fucking Ryan Starr's face like she's a real doll is definitely something sensational. But many other titles feature such forceful facials. It's like the incorporation of fruit into the same scene, or Evan Stone's sole workout with a couple of toe jamming lassies. Into Dreams is placing a scared sensor into the frightfully frothy waters of really wanton sex acts and is drawing back in alarm. It doesn't want to go the whole fetish furlong and show warped acts of wildness. No, this is safe fantasy sex material, Harlequin romances with real life dicks and snatch. Thankfully, the couples increase the heat, both in their looks and in their performances. The gals all give off the right amount of hot to trotting and the guys understand the importance of being buff (or at least respectably hygienic).

The Video:
Just like the variety of scenes offered here, the quality of the DVD's image is equally diverse. Some scenes are straight to digital video and very vibrant. Others have some postproduction panache added (soft focus, slow motion, the college segment's campy wipes) to treat the transfer. Most of the time, the picture is clear, colorful and exceptionally well lit. But there are a couple of moments (during the same sex romp and the foot finale) where the camera goes crazy and fails to capture the action in focus or frame. Perhaps this is a bow to the MTV rapid eye movement, short attention span generation. But when you want to watch hot honeys humping, the hand-held histrionics can be irritating. Overall, this DVD looks really good and captures a very ethereal, full on fantasy conceit. Director Daeshim Tokei shows a lot of skill with the different styles and finds inventive and interesting ways to showcase the sex. He also finds the proper angles to accent the action. He can get carried away with the effects box nonsense and he tends to let the tone of an entanglement wane from time to time. But overall, Into Dreams provides professional and polished pulchritude with enough hammering hardcore dynamics to get your privates in a pinch.

The Audio:
Sadly, this title has its aural issues. Several of the scenes are recorded in such a manner that almost every sound, from a grunt to a leather creak is amplified and distorted to unlistenable levels. This over-modulation can also make the music miserable. While the choice of sounds is occasionally questionable (too much techno and not enough slow sex jams), whoever remastered the audio fell asleep on the fuzz tone, rendering the lack of loose tunes a moot point. Not even the Dolby Digital Stereo can save it.

The Extras:
Another arena where Nectar under-performs is in the bonus content. The trailers are few and rather flaccid, the slide show is on the skeletal side and the ads for the website, www.nectar.tv, are your standard graphic gunk. But at least they give us a nice behind the scenes featurette, a glimpse at what goes on in the making of an adult title. We get a chance to meet the performers, watch Dick Delaware practice his reverse cowgirl technique and see some of the questionable characters that manage the stars. While most of the material here is funny and engaging, those who are offended by bodily fluids may want to avoid this documentary. A couple of times, we witness performers taking a piss (one of the lovely Asian ladies even "shoots" her pee at the cameraman) and the filmmakers zoom in to catch every urine soaked minute. The Dirge finds such antics quite filthy and if you are of the same mindset, you too will wince when the whiz starts to fly. But if you are into seeing comely lasses coping a squirt, you'll get a couple of gushy examples in this bonus featurette.

Final Thoughts:
A good way to gauge whether any adult title is worth your time and effort is to focus on how much enticement it provides. If you're tempted to touch yourself after seeing a scene or two, then the efforts of the actors and director have been well worth it. Into Dreams does foster such direct digital manipulation. It rates a respectable 7.5 out of 10 on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter and is guaranteed to grow your groin with groping abandon. More importantly, ladies will find this luxurious ludeness nice and moistening, so grab your favorite gal and give Into Dreams a sin spin. A Cohabitation Certification is happily awarded. While it doesn't offer anything extreme (unless you consider foot fucking a rare raunchy commodity) and only breaks the taboo barrier of seeing people pee, Into Dreams does a very sensual service, tapping directly into your deepest and darkest debauched desires. This is a case where every aspect of the film; the cast, the crew and the circumstances match up to make a very erotic DVD. While it may pretend to push the envelope, In Dreams merely makes the most of what are, by today's standards, regular acts of ribaldry.

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