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Nasty Girls 25

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/16/04

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Genre: All Girl

Director: Buffy Malibu

Cast: Jenna Haze, Monica Mayhem, Diamond 4 Ever, Angel, Cheryl Dynasty, Sabrine Maui, Catalina, Jessie Vega, Kimberly, Judy Star, Naomi

Length: 2 hr

Production Date: Anabolic, 2001

Extras: Chapter Selection (basic), Gallery, Trailers (about 20 on side B).

Audio/Video: The Audio was presented in 2.0 and was very sharp. There were minimal discrepencies throughout the film. The voices and noises of the girls came through clean and were nice and rich. At times there was a bit of unnecessary noise such as the fire in scene 2 and the parrot in scene 3 (sheesh). At a few moments the track was not laid correctly and was off. The Video was none other than Full Frame. I found the colors to be crisp. All but one scene was shot indoors, but regardless there was ample light and good strong tones.

Body of Review: Buffy Malibu directs this Anabolic feature of all girl action. And one of the great things she does with this title, is to waste no time with pointlessly long, staged interviews. Each scene opens with a quick rundown of each girl telling the camera what they're going to do and what they expect. Too often we see wasted time with some Joe Schmo behind the camera yaping it up with the girl. Buffy gives us just enough of a tease and then lets us at it.

Scene 1: Jenna Haze, Monica Mayhem
Acts Included:
We are offered a short introduction with Jenna and Monica. Monica is a fair looking blonde, with a nice, full-figured, tan body. They talk about the nasty things they plan on doing with each other and waste no more of our time. Jenna gets down on the floor and starts with some soft licking of Monica's nicely shaved pussy. This leads Jenna to some fingering and sloppy sucking. Monica then pulls Jenna's panties off, and gives her small, real tits some attention. As always, Jenna looks amazing here, with a petite, tight body and young, innocent look. Jenna lays back as Monica tongues at her close-shaved pussy. When the vibrator is brought out, Jenna really gets vocal, and we see some nice closeups. Jenna goes into a doggy position and Monica gives her a quick rimjob as she wets her pussy with her fingers. Jenna then sticks her finger in her own ass, as Monica offers some more work with a vibrator. Then it's Monica's turn. She lays back and Jenna repeats the favors. This was a nice clean scene, with Jenna looking as hot as ever as she moans and squirms around the floor. The only thing that really bothered me was that Jenna kept looking off camera. And although Monica had to take control of her ship at times in order to fully steer it home. Which became a bit of a distraction, but since most of the time was spent pleasuring Jenna, I got over it rather quickly.

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Scene 2:
Acts Included:
Diamond and Angel are outdoors and standing behind a fire. These ladies are French-Canadian, and they have rather strong accents. The two make an interesting looking pair; Angel is about a foot taller and somewhat younger, Diamond has a faded red streak in her hair. Angel doesn't really speak English, and when the two talk they do so mostly in French. Much of it involves Diamond giving Angel directions. After some awkward undressing they lie on a blanket by the fire. Diamond has very huge, floppy breasts with gold nipple rings. This isn't really a turn on, as her body is in about as great a shape as her boobs. Angel, on the other hand, has a decent, tan figure with nice, little tits and a fair mug. They begin with the usual of labia licking, then Diamond gets Angel in a doggy position and offers some anal play with her tongue. Diamond pulls a vibrator fresh from its package and puts inside Angel. After much of this, Diamond squirts some lub on Angel's ass and does a dildo DP. There was a good deal of groaning from Angel, and some times where pain set it and she told Diamond to stop (at least I think, as it was in French). This wasn't a terribly exciting scene. Much of the time was spent drilling Angel with dildo, which is okay seeing as she's the better half. But as Angel is only a fair face to look at, Diamond did nothig but hurt the scene. She's a bit heavy, and I can accept that, but she just screamed tacky. Her fingernails were painted in a silly, bright pattern, and she wore gaudy gold jewelry that made her look trashy. The French dialogue was frustrating, and the crackling of the fire could be consistently heard.

Scene 3: Cheryl Dynasty, Sabrine Maui
Acts Included:
The next scene is an Asian couple. Both are cute looking women, with okay faces. Cheryl has short dark hair and Sabrine has long brown hair. They have cute smiles and are excited to be in front of the camera. They start with some oral on a staircase. Cheryl goes down on the partially shaved Sabrine. She claims this is the first Asian pussy she's had on camera, and regardless she's happy to do the work in front of her. Sabrine takes a dildo in her pussy and when she gets in doggy we see what a nice, round butt she has. She reaches climax with two toys as Cheryl watches and rubs her pussy. When it's Cheryl's turn to get off, she starts with a big, black dildo and even takes some to the ass. During much of this we only get shots of the side of her butt, when a good penetration closeup would've been nice. A secondary camera comes into the shot unexpectedly near the end, and at one point the soundtrack is so far off that both girls have their mouths shut and we hearing moaning continue for over five seconds. Very annoying. This was only a fair scene. Sabrine is a cutie and Cheryl is fair looking, but she makes silly comments and at times seems to be just hamming it up for the camera.

Scene 4: Jessie Vega, Catalina
Acts Included:
These two girls open the scene by telling us the first time they had an experience with a girl. Jessie is a good looking dark haired girl with a nice full body. Catalina is one of those girls with a shit load of frizzy hair on her head, so much that it's all you can look at. So they both are talking about getting their pussys eaten, but they sound like kids trying to form sentances for the first time. Granted, they could be reading lines, or going for that innocence aspect, but they just come off as silly. "The way I like my pussy eaten is, I like from a girl to have my pussy eaten with her tongue on my clitt," says Catalina. Huh? Anyway, both girls have what has become pretty standard so far in the film, nice, real, perky breasts. Catalina licks at Jessie's pussy for a while before taking a dildo to it. Before we know it, the dildo is in Jessie's ass and Catalina has resorted to going solo on her pussy until she comes. Jessie then lies on the floor and is on the receiving end of a strap on. Jessi has a smoking body and looks sexy lying on the floor taking the soft hits from Catalina, but it's a slow crawl to the end and not much happens along the way.

Scene 5: Judy Star, Kimberly, Naomi
Acts Included:
This may be what we've been waiting for. Here is a hot looking gaggle of gals. Kimberly and Naomi are dark haired honeys, and Judy has some blonde streaks. They waste no time in getting undressed and spreading out on a bed for some threeway girl on girl. Nothing but good old girlie-girl cunnilingus here. All three have nice, tight bodies and a very natural, next-door-girl-look about them, which was big turn on. While nothing out of the ordinary happened, there was some fun action. The girls moaned and groaned, but also laughed a great deal which made it kind of cute. The French dialogue was annoying (again), as I didn't know what was being said. One of the better parts of the scene was when Kimberly and Naomi lie on the bed and Judy Star fingers them both and we get a nice aerial view. After this the girls go into a sexy triangle of pussy licking and ass fingering.

Concluding Words: This was a fair title from an otherwise strong company. I've always enjoyed Anabolic in the past, and considered them one of the forerunners for what men seek. But this film was lacking in many ways. Mostly in action. There was some nice good tongue and dildo play, but there seemed to be a restraint to it. Penetrations were not always on camera, and many times we cut to shots where toys were already inserted. And although the editing and camera work was smoothly done, the unexpected leap of a dildo from the pussy to the ass is usually more exciting when shown on camera. Regardless, the scene with Jenna was what makes this film worth renting. Since many of the other girls are only decent and the action mediocre I have to say Rent It for Jenna if nothing else.


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