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Hot Cherry Pies

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 4/16/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Compilation, Lesbian.

Cast: See review.

Length: 4 hours 5 minutes

Extras: Gallery, Bonus Scene.

Audio/Video: As with most compilations, the picture quality varies from scene to scene. Some scenes had compression artifacts, while others were saturated in reds and oranges. There were two scenes that had a hazy picture [scenes sixteen and eighteen], and one that was very bright [scene fourteen]. The audio fares slightly better. For the most part, it's a clean and clear stereo presentation.

Opening comments: Let me be honest. I really didn't want to review this disc. I put it off for as long as I possibly could. Why? Well, it has nothing to do with Adam & Eve. In fact, the first disc I reviewed from this company, Tell Me What You Want 2, was pretty damn good. No, I didn't want to review this disc because girl/girl scenes bore me. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a good girl/girl scene, but an entire disc full of them tends to get monotonous for me [especially if there are no toys involved]. 

My opinion on compilations: It's my belief that compilations are much better than full features. I mean, think about it. Why do people watch Adult films? Is it for the compelling storylines? How 'bout the Oscar worthy acting? Nope. It's for sex. Plain and simple. This Adam & Eve compilation serves this purpose. It presents you a DVD that cuts all the bull and gets down to business.


Scene One - "Behind the Mask" featuring Tianna Kai & Jana Cova
Acts Included: Oral.
This scene, in a letterboxed 1.85 ratio, begins with Tianna and Jana wasting no time getting naked and running their tongues over each other's bodies. The ladies spend the next ten minutes licking and fingering each other in a variety of positions. Both ladies are extremely attractive and I enjoyed watching them frolic in the bed. If this is an indication of what this disc has to offer, I may have to eat my opening comments.
Scene Two - "Amateur Angels" featuring Alexandra Silk & Jasmine Klein
Acts Included: Oral.
Once she gets those pesky platforms off, Alexandra immediately starts licking Jasmine's shaved pussy. Later on, Alex uses a vibrator on Jasmine while licking her ass. The scene ends with Alex using the vibrator on Jasmine while she's lying on her back. The action in this scene wasn't bad. However, it was one sided since Alexandra was the only one who did any work. 
Scene Three - "Erotic Intentions" featuring Angel Long & Ashley
Acts Included: Oral.
Angel & Ashley take turns pouring liquor on their bodies and then licking it off. There isn't much tongue/pussy interaction as they spend the majority of the time licking each other's small, natural boobies. A purple vibrator makes a brief appearance towards the end of this short scene. Meh. The girls looked good, but there could've been more action.

Scene Four - "the Collector" featuring Kari Windsor & Chelsea Blue
Acts Included: Oral.
These girls brought the heat. I thought the brunette, with her cute face and natural chest was really attractive. The blonde wasn't too bad either, and at times, reminded me of Amber Lynn [after her first silicone job]. Both of these ladies were very much into the scene and, unlike the girls in the previous scene, they wasted NO time muff diving. Hold up. As i'm typing this, the brunette is now fucking the blonde with a strap-on [missionary & doggystyle]. This final act just knocked this already hot scene up a couple of stars. HOT.

Scene Five - "Angels Of Mercy" featuring Stormy & Allysin Ohaynes
Acts Included: Oral.
Stormy, who reminds me of Nikki Nova, is lying in bed with her legs spread while Allysin is licking between her thighs. Three minutes later, Stormy gives her tongue a workout. There were some pretty hot positions in this scene, especially when Stormy was bent over on her knees as Allysin was fingering and licking her from behind. This was a pretty hot scene. I don't know if it's because i'm used to having some sort of conclusion between a male and a female [read: a cum/money shot], but these scenes seem awfully short and unresolved.
Scene Six - Naked Hollywood 14 featuring Nina Hartley & Amber Michaels
Acts Included: Oral.
Wow. She's still got it. 

Nina Hartley has one of the best asses ever to grace the porn industry. And while the implants might be new [to me], the ass remains the same. [wasn't that a Led Zep song?] 

-- sponsored by --

As we join this scene, Amber, who's ass isn't too shabby either, is dancing for Nina. While gyrating on a nearby couch, Amber motions for Nina to join her. There, she removes Nina's pants and stands her up. After admiring Nina's ass [believe me, she wasn't alone], Amber bends her over and starts grinding up against her from behind! I found this to be incredibly sexy and was hoping one of the crew would've thrown Amber a strap-on. Alas, it was not to be. Amber merely finished stripping Nina down before diving between her thighs. They switch places and Nina takes a turn giving her tongue a workout on Amber's pussy. Unfortunately, this is the final bit of action before the scene ends. Another HOT scene. It was great seeing Nina again, and the action between these ladies was extremely hot. The only negative was the poor lighting and the over saturation of red during the scene.

Scene Seven - "Weekend Getaway" featuring Jewel De'Nyle & Jade
Acts Included: Oral.
After frolicking in the pool, these two ladies get down to business. Jewel begins working Jade over with a blue vibrator until it's Jade's turn to work Jewel over with an even bigger dildo. As Jade's doing this, Jewel is sticking a vibrator in her ass. Jewel's thick ass and thighs looked very good bent over as she was being probed with both the vibrator and dildo. Both ladies were very attractive, but this eight minute scene was disappointingly short.

Scene Eight - "A Midsummer Night's Cream" featuring Shay Sweet, Cheyenne Silver, Amber Michaels, Nakita Kash, Ginger Paige & Nina Hartley
Acts Included: Oral.
As we begin this scene, the five ladies have already started licking each other [Nina is merely observing]. In fact, each tongue is occupied simultaneously. After the ladies are done grinding pussies, there's a brief group masturbation before the scene ends. This could've been a much hotter scene. Unfortunately, it's short and the cuts are so quick that, by the time you've invested any hormones watching one couple, it abruptly switches to another. It could've been much better.
Scene Nine - "Pin-Up Girls" featuring Jody Moore & Nina Ferrari
Acts Included: Oral.
This was a hot scene that would've been even hotter had there not been an over saturation of color. It starts out kinda slowly, and with a few too many long, wide shots for my liking. But, once we get closer, the action heats up. Jody does the majority of the licking, and at once point she holds a vibrator in her mouth while Nina rides it resulting in some mighty fine heat. It's not long lasting, and Nina uses the vibe to give Jody a short workout before the scene ends.


Scene Ten - "Wet Fantasies" featuring Venus & Taylor St. Claire
Acts Included: Oral.
As Venus is auditioning for Taylor, it quickly turns into a game of "Taylor Says...". First Taylor tells her to take her skirt off. Once that and her panties are off, Taylor tickles her with a feather for a bit before telling her to spread her ass. After telling Venus she'll have to get over her nervousness, Taylor bends down and gives her a quick licking before sitting back on the couch. After finding out that Venus has never been with another girl, Taylor gets excited and opens up her shirt releasing her fantastic tits. She pulls out a vibrator and begins using it on herself as she tells Venus to lick it. Once Venus is done licking and smacking Taylor's pussy, she gets on top and takes Taylor's face for a ride. A vibrator joins the festivities since Taylor decided she needed some vaginal stimulation while Venus was riding her face. Once she's done, she gets up to give Venus a quick licking before switching positions and riding Venus' face. The ladies spend some more time giving the vibe a workout before the scene ends with Taylor telling Venus she's hired. This was a HOT scene. I supposed i'm biased since Taylor hit a lot of personal fetishes of mine during this scene, but this has been the best scene on the disc so far. 
Scene Eleven - "Angels Of Mercy" featuring Lezley Zen, Summer Storm & Summer Haze
Acts Included: Oral.
After the ladies undress Summer H., they begin giving their tongues a workout all over her nearly naked body. Lezley heads straight for her pussy, while Summer S. licks and sucks on her breasts. Then, while Summer H. is eating Lezley, Summer S. is behind her licking her ass. Each girl does a fair of amount of licking and they do it well. All three ladies have sexy, "processed" bodies and they definitely bring the heat to this scene.

Scene Twelve - "Amateur Angels 9" featuring Dreamy & Katie Morgan
Acts Included: Oral.
I can tell i'm not going to like this scene. How, you say? Well, look to the left. See that screencap? Well, she just does not interest me physically. Perhaps the sex between these ladies will be SO earth shattering that i'll just forget whatever prejudices that i've already admitted to. Doubt it, but who knows?

This scene begins with Katie licking and fingering Dreamy, who returns the favor with a brief fingering before a vibrator is introduced. The girls sit down on the ground as they continue working each other over with the pair of vibrators. This scene ends with both girls kissing. I am NOT going to complain about this scene's length. It was mercifully short.

Scene Thirteen - "Girl Time" featuring Malitia & Simone Pryce
Acts Included: Oral.
Malitia and Simone take time to enjoy each other out in nature. Malitia begins by giving Simone an eager licking before using a vibrator on her. Cut to both ladies wearing latex gloves as Simone is fingering Malitia. Before we know it, Simone is lying on her stomach as Malitia is working over her ass with a vibrator and her pussy with a dildo. Unfortunately, the scene ends shortly after this action begins. Simone has a tight little body and I think if her hair was down, she would've been much hotter.

Scene Fourteen - Secret Suburban Sex Parties featuring Koko, Adara Star, Cherokee, Honey & Olivia Saint
Acts Included: Oral.
Five sexy ladies who eventually end up naked and begin fingering, licking and using vibrators on each other. Sounds hot, huh? Well, this scene doesn't generate nearly as much heat as it should. First of all, the camera work was disappointing. To the point where I almost to the medicine cabinet for some dramamine. In addition to the jerky camerawork, I felt there should've been some more wide shots so the viewers could see ALL of the action taking place. 

Oh, and one more thing. Cherokee has one of the sexiest bodies i've seen. Just, please, never let her open her mouth to talk. Ever.

Scene Fifteen - "Stripped: Carmen Luvana" featuring Carmen Luvana & Alisson Wyte
Acts Included: Oral.
Wow. What a waste of Carmen. 

This four minute [???] scene takes place in a strip club and features a brief 69 between the ladies and some vibrator action. Disappointing. Besides the length, this scene suffered from an over saturation of red [from what I assume was stage lighting].

Scene Sixteen - "Duchess" featuing Laurie Wallace & Natasha Dolling
Acts Included: Oral.
These ladies were very hot. Part of me wishes that Natasha kept her stockings on, but once both ladies stripped down and started ravishing each other in the tub, it didn't bother me that she didn't. Both ladies have talented tongues and they even take turns with a pink vibrator. Hot.

Scene Seventeen - "Amateur Angels 7" featuring Felix Vicious & Sammy Bright
Acts Included: Oral.
I didn't think i'd enjoy this scene, and I was right. 

I found the girls to be moderately average looking and the action was weak. Not even the variety of toys these ladies used [purple vibrator, white dildo] could save this scene. Next.

Scene Eighteen - "Enchantment" featuring Mary Carey & Lezley Zen
Acts Included: Oral.
As we join the scene, Mary's lying in bed rubbing herself as Lezley examines a nearby flask of liquid that we are to assume Mary's sipped from. The action begins as Mary hikes up her skirt so Lezley can get to work on her pussy. The positioning of this action, with Mary on her back and Lezley on her knees with her red thonged ass in the air, was extremely hot. Eventually they switch positions  and Mary does away with Lezley's red thongs before giving her a licking. The girls spend a brief amount of time licking a crystal clear dildo, before Mary begins penetrating Lezley with it while she simultaneously tongues her clit. The action switches as Mary just about straddles Lezley's face before being penetrated with the dildo. As Lezley is holding the dildo near her face, Mary rides it 'til she cums and the scene ends. I found this to be a scorching hot scene. While I don't think too much of Lezley's face, her body is fantastic. Mary, on the other hand, pushed all my buttons. I can't believe Californians would rather have an Austrian body builder in charge of their state. What are you guys thinking?!? Mary could govern our state any time she wants. Shit, I think I need to check out more Mary flicks.
Scene Nineteen -  "Pillow Talk" featuring Shayla Laveaux & Lezley Zen
Acts Included: Oral.
Another old school actress, Shayla Laveaux
[with her tan lines intact], makes an appearance during this scene. She and Lezley get busy on a bed surrounded by candles. We get some 69 action, and once again, we get to see Lezley's fine ass in the air as she's giving Shayla a licking. Towards the end of the scene, Shayla uses a clear dildo on Lezley, who returns the favor with a black vibrator in Shayla's ass before the scene ends. Another hot scene. Again, I don't find Lezley's looks that appealing, but she has a hot body. Shayla has the same tight, natural, body that she had in the 90's and it was good seeing her again.
Scene Twenty - "Vixxen" featuring Kaylynn & Michelle Michaels
Acts Included: Oral.
As this scene begins, I can't get over how much Michelle resembles Pam Anderson. Only, she's NATURAL! A BIG plus in my book. During the scene, Michelle was on the receiving end of most of the action since Kaylynn ate her before using the jelly looking dildo in the screencap on the right. The scene ended with Michelle giving Kaylynn a workout with the dildo. This brief scene wasn't that bad. Michelle is someone I wouldn't mind seeing again.

Bonus Scene - "Erosity" featuring April & Holly

Concluding Words: See, I don't have a problem admitting when i'm wrong. And I was wrong. My hesitation and preconceived notions about this disc were misguided and Adam & Eve sure did set me straight. They've put together a Highly Recommended disc filled with a fantastic variety of scenes and a wide assortment of attractive actresses. My only gripe would be concerning the picture quality. But, I guess that's to be expected since they've crammed close to four hours of content onto one disc.

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