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Pornological 4

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/21/04

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Straight

Director: Shane

Cast: Bobbie, Charlene Aspen, Envy, Kaylynn, Jezaree, Mariah, and some uncredited guys.

Length: 1hr 26 min

Production Date: Shane's World, 2000

Extras: Chapter Selection without act selection, Gallery, Cast Bios, Internet Spam

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in standard 2.0. Sounds were clean and well done. There were no noticeable hisses or inconsistencies. At times the shots from the still camera could be hear, which made for some distraction. The Video is as expected, Full Frame color. Images are nice throughout, with the expected color qualities. Some scenes were a bit over lighted, but for the most everything was done well. Some camera flashes from the stills camera may annoy some people.

Body of Review: Pornolgical 4: Life is an Experiment sets out to do many things. It spoofs TV shows, puts in some crazy computer graphics and gives us some hot couple action. The women here range from the young teeny look to the young married wife. But everyone is a pretty face and a nice body, and the movie has a clean amateur look to it. I think this is an older production, from several years back that is being released on DVD finally. There were no credits, so I'm not sure who some of the guys were, which can be frustrating, but the Bios lists the girls.

Scene 1: Jezaree, Robbie
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy,
Condoms: No
Jezaree and Robbie have been 'married' for seven months. Jezaree is a very cute girl. She has long bleached hair and a round face. There's an average quality about her, the kind of look you would find in anyone on the street. But this isn't to say that she's not attractive, because she's very sexy. And has a great smile and personality, laughing much of the time. She has a belly piercing, with a funky tattoo around it, which is hot. Robbie is an average Joe, with a good-ol-boy image. Sounds like he might have a little bit of a southern twang. They talk a few mintues about what a great marriage they have, how they always work things out and never go to bed anrgy with one another. But, when this doesn't work, they rely on the "Ultimate Fucking Championship," a competition where the first person to cum loses. The two put on a pair of padded helmuts as the game announcer tells the rules (no biting off penises or vaginas). The game begins with Jezaree sucking on Robbie, spitting on his shaft to lube it up. She does a great job of fumbling his sac and the two are very natural together when they start with the sex. Everything is well done, and there's well paced acts, although once or twice there is a quick cut when Desire looks a little uncomfortable. But adds to the amateur look. Robbie loses the game with a pop into her mouth.

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Scene 2: Mariah
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,
Positions: Missionary, Spoon, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Standing
Condoms: Yes
Mariah is a petite, dark-skinned cutie. With long brown hair, and pink bikini-outfit she starts with some sloppy sucking. The guy pushes her head down his cock for some nice deep throating. The scene gets wet with spit, dripping off her chin and his dick. At one point he spits down her mouth, which she takes smiling. He picks her up and tosses her onto the bed and lifts her ass in the air to work his tongue on her pussy and ass. They do an assortment of positions that are all nicely done. At one point, he takes off Mariah's sneaker and gives her foot some sucking. He then has her do some anal winking for the camera, and we see her asshole flexing. When she goes into cowgirl, she complains that it hurts, but sticks with it like a trooper. This lasts for a while, but never really tires because there is plenty of changing positions. She takes a load on her ass.


Scene 3: Kaylynn
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,
Positions: 69, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy,
Condoms: Yes
Scene three comes from a spoof on FOX; "When Porn Stars Attack." In walks a good looking, unsuspecting mailman (he looks like Julio Iglesias). Today he's delivering to a new home on his route. What he doesn't know is that Kaylynn is hiding in the bushes waiting to ambush him. Kaylynn is a pretty girl, long brown hair and great legs. She's wearing a short red dress and when she attacks the mailman she jumps on his back revealing that she forgot her underwear--this girl means business. She wrestles him to a ground ( a towel magically appears) and the couple go into 69. They come out of this and she does some oral on him and a good deal of tugging while he plays with her pussy. Kaylynn's round ass does a lot of jiggling when she takes a doggy pounding. There is a wimpy pop to her ass, which was dissapointing, but the overall scene was pretty strong.


Scene 4: Envy
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy
Condoms: Yes
Envy introduces herself to the camera as from Canada. She has a strong accent and looks pretty amazing. She says she is 25, although she looks a little bit older. Regardless, she's a hot momma. She says that anal is her favorite sex and she could do it all night long. With the white tights, blonde streaks and fake tits, Enevy has that made-up, rich house mom look about her. When she pulls off her pants we see a little devil tattoo on her right cheek. She gets to work on another fine fellow. After a few minutes of this she takes some vaginal plunges. Although she mentioned that this wasn't her favorite type of sex, she sound likes she's enjoying herself. But you can tell anal is just around the corner because she can't keep her finger out of her ass. Which is what comes next, and really gets hot when she goes into doggy. Ends with a solid pop to her ass and cum dripping down her pussy. A very hot scene that was well shot with good attention to each act.


Scene 5: Bobbie, Charlene Aspen
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal,
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Cowgirl
Condoms: Yes
This threesome involves two dark haired beauties and a pretty buff guy. Both of the girls have lean, tan bodies with small real breasts. They begin with an oral triangle. One of girls sucks on the other's foot for a while and then gets her to stick her big toe in her pussy. Which she does, giving some foot action. The girls then gang up on the guys member, making sure it's hard and ready for the rest of the scene. Once it is, he does the most annoying thing in adult film, by putting on a condom. Granted he's off to the side of some kissing girls, but still visible. The sex here is great, clean and hot. But it's not always a threesome. Occasionally one of the girls stands to the side and becomes more of a distraction than a part of the scene. Couldn't she do something? At times the girls do some talking and joking (at one point the girl isn't wet enough and point this out). This is distracting because it's not uniform with the rest of the film--consistency is always key. Ends with a pop to one of the girl's stomach. Another nice, well shot scene, with just a few low moments.


Concluding Words: At first this film seemed to have a great deal of promise. I thought the opening sequences where kind of trippy, there's a rocket explosion (really just an amateur launch pretending to be the real thing, but hey still kinda fun) and the rebuilding of a guy ( I guess the astronaut that died?) into the first pornological man. But this opening held no relavence to the rest of the film. Nor did any of the other scenes have any sort of connection with one another. The "Ulitmate Fucking Championship" was pretty funny and I liked the FOX spoof, but would have liked to see each scene have done the same. Because of that "Life is an Experiment" kinda felt just that, an experiment, with varying ideas and skits. Regardless, what's important is the sex, and it's pretty hot. Couple Alert: I would pass this on as a rental title for couples. My girlfriend dug the amateur look of the scenes and that most of the actors were pretty natural and not trying to be anything they weren't. The acts are clean and tasteful. We spend an ample amount of time on each one and there is a lot of repositioning, which avoids the possibility of getting bored. The two skits were fun and might add a little bit of laughter to the mix. I would say rent it because I don't think the replay value is that high, and there are nearly zero extras. Rent It



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